“The Unkindest Cut of All”

By William Spearshake. “This was the most unkindest cut of all”–William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. When is a government cut not a government cut? When it is a piece of political face-saving black propaganda, which in everyday life is generally called “a barefaced lie.”

And, lo and behold, this multi-discredited poor apology for a British government has tried yet again to fool all of the people all of the time with their latest barefaced lie – and as usual, has failed miserably!

Having already decided to increase the waste of bankrupt Britain’s finances by flushing ever more taxpayer’s money down the sewer of foreign aid, the coalition politicians have agreed to balance this by savagely cutting the budget of what, to them, is a pointless and unnecessary relic of the country’s outdated and politically-incorrect past – our armed services.

The news of this stupendous act of national betrayal was presented to the public this week in two versions, which it seems has now become the normal procedure for anything handled by Messrs. Cameron and Clegg. The first version was arranged by their highly paid publicists, the second version which somehow also inadvertently slipped out was the actual truth.

According to the politicians, the British military is to be enhanced by a spend of £1.5 billion spread over the next ten years. It seems, even in the face of scrapping our Harrier fighter squadrons and the Ark Royal carrier a few months ago in order to save money, they expected the general public to actually believe this news and accept it at face value.

However, due doubtless to some freak ministerial oversight, the truth also emerged at about the same time. What is actually going to happen is that the regular armed services will be cut by some 19,000 personnel, and the £1.5 billion is earmarked for spending on increased training for the volunteer reservists of the Territorial Army, to prepare them to replace regular front-line troops who are being axed.

The Territorials are a fine force, make no mistake, and I have immense respect for them. I myself used to be a lieutenant in the Territorials way back in the 70s. However, from their founding in 1908 by the secretary of State for War following the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act of the previous year, their main value and purpose was to supplement the regular forces during periods of conflict.

Now, it seems, the government has decided to use them instead as financial pawns in order to camouflage the shameful radical pruning of our regular armed forces personnel.

Defence secretary Dr. Liam Fox admitted to the House of Commons that by 2012 the volunteer Territorials would actually comprise at least 30% of Britain’s army.

This will result in the cutting of around a fifth of Britain’s entire full-time army and will cut the army by a bigger number of professional soldiers larger than the entire current deployment of all UK forces in Afghanistan.

As Sky News has reported, with a fine eye for historical fact, this plan of Cameron’s and Clegg’s poor excuse for a government means that the British Army will shrink to its smallest size since the Boer War some 110 years ago, with a total strength of just 82,000.

The money saved overall, even accounting for the extra £1.5 billion over 10 years required to train the Territorials for the extra duty, means that the Treasury can now agree to allow the Ministry of Defence to increase its equipment budget by 1% per year over the same period.

This includes the purchase of 14 more Chinook helicopters, which is slightly confusing because we have been reliably informed by the same Government that British forces now at last have no shortage of helicopters, as they did earlier in the Afghan war.

 The Ministry of Defence has anxiously been looking for a good way to fiddle their books since the highly critical defence review of last October.

Now it seems they have found a way to do it, and just in the nick of time, because Liam Fox also had to inform the Commons that apart from the unaccountable vanishing of £38 billion in a “black hole” which was already discovered in the MOD accounts during that review, a further amount of £5 billion has now also been discovered to add to it.

According to Sky News, a “senior defence source” has stated: “We’re pleased to have come to an agreement with Number 10 to fill the gap. Following protracted, lengthy discussions with the Treasury, we will see the departmental black hole wiped out by 2012. This is the first time in the modern age the books will have been balanced.”

 Well, that’s all right then. Cameron’s government has obviously got its priorities in order. As long as the Ministry of Defence can cover up its fiddling and finally balance its books, who cares if the British army is reduced to its smallest number since the reign of Queen Victoria?

The only people who do care are the rest of the population of Britain, and we obviously don’t count as far as Cameron and Clegg are concerned!

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  1. Why do we need an Army when we have already surrendered? Immigration and Muslim and African birth rates will turn us into an Islamic Zimbabwe in 20 to 30 years time. It’s called Colonisation.

    Now is the time to act if we are to prevent this in any kind of reasonable way. The Communist Party, sorry, the LibLabCon Party, are acting as an enemy to the British people in everything they do. Our destruction is inevitable if they remain in power.

    Start dishing the dirt on Boris Johnson now, before he makes his move to take over the Tories if Hackgate brings Cameron down. For a start, he has no problem with Britain becoming an Islamic State. This is what he said in September, 2009, at the East London Mosque:

    “I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbour and break your fast at the local mosque. I would be very surprised if you didn’t find that you share more in common than you thought.”

    That’s the probable new Tory leader.

    Had enough yet? Or do you want to go the way of the Whites in Rhodesia?

    • I agree with you about Boris Johnston. Many people think he is a typical upper-class Eton College-educated buffoon and this is very amusing. It is certainly a good act he puts-on but behind the act is actually a clever and devious person with some unpleasant thoughts. Certainly, if he were PM the British people WOULDN’T BE LAUGHING.

  2. True Nationalists must stand together, we are a stoic island peoples, the useful idiots will soon turn tail and run!

  3. (Party Member) The morale of our armed forces personnel is like most of the British People, very low. Our Party is committed to the restoration to raising the quality of life for our people and this includes the men and women of our armed forces. I hope that we adopt the policy of restoring the Regimental system based on Counties. With our plans for superb accommodation, membership of these wonderful regiments with their fantastic history and ties to various parts of our green and pleasant land, would once again be something be something to aspire too.

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