The second taboo

by Mike Newland


mediterranean-migrants-1Everyone now knows how decades of propaganda have made it risky to suggest that immigrants should be refused entry to Britain. Try that in the office! There will be someone who calls you out as ‘racist’ or, at the least, hints at it. Not worth the risk. Better keep quiet. Job done.


In nearly every case you’ll find a hidden motive fuelling the attack. Usually money in one way or another, which may mean money in a very direct way as with those wanting cheap labour, or indirectly among those looking for advancement within the system. Common Purpose course anyone?


The bombardment of shut-down-debate propaganda has been endless and at its worst in newspapers like the Daily Mail which plays a double game. One minute it complains that immigration is out of control and the next runs a story about outrage at some suggestion or other that something should be done.


Let’s call the above the first taboo and talk about the far less recognised second taboo.


Once someone is in the country as an ‘immigrant’ it’s near unthinkable that they should be required to leave. This is constantly implied by talk of human rights, family life (they bought a cat), and an assumption that since persecution has led them here it is guaranteed that circumstances at home will never change.  The IMF, for example, says that the Somali economy is now growing rapidly and it expects that to continue. Has anyone suggested that Somalis given asylum should return?  Would they not be better off in the end back in their homelands? But let’s not single out any group as the same applies across much of the board.


Immigration is spun as a one way path which cannot rightly be reversed. This,  of course, betrays what is really going on – a policy of population replacement.  Immigration means adding to the population. Replacement of the population within their homeland is an entirely different affair. Unsurprisingly, the system never admits that this is what is occurring even when Britons are reduced to a minority in an area of the country.


The case of an Iranian who turned himself in at a Manchester police station saying that he was an illegal and that the city was so horrible that he wished to return to Iran points up what is going on. In fact, he had indefinite leave to remain and was not an illegal. Note that ‘indefinite‘. The second taboo at work! If he himself can contemplate returning then there is no call for his stay to be deemed indefinite with the right to remain permanently built into the pie.


Every year vast numbers are admitted to Britain to work here. What for? All it achieves is to enlarge the population of a tiny country with one of the highest population densities in the world. Few of them are genuinely filling any kind of shortage of vital skills and any genuine shortages are the simple effect of an irresponsible failure to train.


Those who come here to work will often return home. Not everyone stays permanently. But as soon as the word immigrant enters the debate (usually employed interchangeably with asylum seeker) the thought that they might leave becomes forbidden.


Let’s go back to our Iranian friend. We are full up and if he wants to leave then a free air ticket would be far cheaper than paying him the benefits he said he was claiming. Rush forward government officials to arrange things! Well no actually. The police told him he’d need to find his own way home.


It’s high time the second taboo went the way the first is gradually going. There are vast numbers of people who have been admitted to this country and given rights who have no reason to remain whatever the genuineness of their original claim. Their departure would make room for those genuinely fleeing persecution and where there is no obvious other destination as in the case of refugee areas close to Syria which the Government is partly funding.


Leave to remain should always be subject to a time limit and review. Where people wish to leave they should be assisted and encouraged. If that is not always entirely convenient then nor is the position of the British people who are being systematically replaced and diluted.


A part of the second taboo is the unspoken assumption that it is unfair for anyone to be required to leave if that would mean a fall in the level of their income.  What that actually means is that most immigrants are effectively defined as economic migrants does it not?  We are supposed to permanently accept people who want higher incomes. So that’s a few billion more with ‘rights‘!


No one should be entitled as of right to claim permanent settlement in Britain because of their home circumstances.  Britain should help but not at the expense of its own existence as a homeland for its own people.


Lord Mandelson famously said that New Labour sent out ‘search parties’ looking for more immigrants to bring in. That is a very different matter from accepting people in genuine fear of persecution. The more in numbers the better – for the benefit not of the migrants themselves but for the political benefit of his system. The Tories are doing the same and the entire contraption is conflated into ‘Britain’s moral duty’ with the two taboos tacked on and employing the weasel language politicians love.


Cameron has now informed Europe that economic migrants posing as refugees should be returned. He could make an excellent start with the reputedly one million illegal immigrants living in Britain who seem at present to have been granted a de facto permanent leave to remain.


Britain requires a repatriation agency and it should be funded from the gigantic foreign aid budget.




19 thoughts on “The second taboo

  1. ( Party Official ) Well said , Mike. In line with our Policy document and indeed what I have advocated myself. Our Party believes in the repatriation of Foreign Criminals after sentence served. This would be a good start and while we are at it could our feeble Government announce that NO ONE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD WILL BE ALLOWED INTO BRITAIN , FROM TODAY !

  2. The illustration which accompanies this article would make a brilliant front for a leaflet on the theme of this article (PS there is a typo in the lower right star text). It’s a case of a picture being worth a thousand words. I would be more than happy to shove this, as a leaflet, through peoples doors – as it says exactly what I think. Well done that man.

  3. Well firstly its not legal to deport those here illegally . One must first prove it in a court of some kind . Lengthy appeals are not a prerequisite of that I am sure .
    But it all boils down to that verboten word RACIST and I constantly squirm every time I here folk in this movement deny it . Then accuse politicians of lying every time they move their lips.
    Far better to admit it, that throws them entirely . Admitting you are in their eyes, worse that a paedophile. Which of course a fair few of the extreme left persuasion, are.
    Then hit them with the fact they support racism to the n’th degree, if the racists are non white.
    Hold ones head up, do not play their game, it always ends in true patriots back peddling.

    1. ( Party Official ) Well said , Baz 4545. I too wish to defy them. To a Commie or liberal type , I am a low down Racist. This is because I don’t believe in flooding our small Country with people who mostly hate us and our way of life ! Also I don’t believe in class warfare , I actually want the best for all our people ! The irony is it is them who do not respect other cultures as they wont admit the differences !

  4. I was reading the letters page of a popular daily, a couple of weeks ago. There were eight letters regarding immigration, out of a total of nine or ten. All eight letters were anti-immigration in sentiment, some mentioning issues such as unsustainable population growth, housing shortages, nhs overload and high immigrant birthrates. My impression was that, despondent as we get to apathy amongst our people, that many of them do know the situation, and don’t like it one bit.

    1. ( Party Official ) A very good point , JJM. There are many signs like this to show that the British People are waking up at last. With OUR GOOD NAME , we are well placed to gain the support our Common Sense Policies deserve.

  5. How predictable the current Tory Conference is turning out to be.Huffing and puffing about Immigration, cheap foreign workers nicking all of the low paid jobs, unbearable pressure on the NHS and Housing supply. Somebody is panicking about lost voters to UKIP .You can bet that after all the hot air has dispersed it will all be forgotten.Promises , promises ,promises but no action.

    1. ( Party Official ) Well said . Further comment to follow but suffice to say the insincere Conservatives are STEALING OUR THUNDER , YET AGAIN !

    2. This time around they are doing the huffing and puffing AFTER an election! Usually, the CONServatives do it JUST BEFORE one! How can you tell a Tory is lying about immigration ‘control’? When their lips are moving!

  6. Teresa May has been reading my article haha! She is now saying that resourced arrangements need to be made to send immigrants back in large numbers and that permission to live here should not be permanent. If things change in home countries people should leave.

    Of course it’s all PR blather and the numbers will be tiny if any, and spun to make it look as though a big change has taken place, but it’s put down a marker which makes sanity less easy to demonise.

  7. According to one Tory… Tuesday is always ”National Front day” at the conference. This was in response to Boris Johnson’s sister taking offence to Theresa May’s speech. The Tories must surely know how few non whites vote for them, and that more immigration only benefits the Left, if the Left can mobilise their vote as was always the plan.

    1. Do they? The Tory Party does, after all, have a reputation for being Britain’s ‘stupid party’! Tottenham in North London used to be a safe and fairly ‘well-to-do’ Tory seat in the 1950’s but has now turned into being one of the most rock-solid Labour-held constituencies in the entire country (even including places like the South Wales valleys and Liverpool ect) Yes, migrants normally gravitate to the parties of the ‘Left’ in most countries. This is a well-known political fact. Labour couldn’t make much political progress with large sections of the British electorate so they imported a new one!

  8. ( Party Official ) Another GREAT ARTICLE from our Archives ! Having read it I think it is fair to say that it is time to get off the fence and JOIN US TODAY. THANKYOU.

  9. ( Party Official ) Just read an article on a ‘ rival ‘ website of a ‘ rival ‘ Nationalist Party complaining about Donald Trump and his comments regarding Immigration. Yes , COMPLAINING AND CRITISIZING ! He thinks ‘ it’s a distraction ‘ ! Donald Trump has done us NATIONALISTS a real favour as , despite the size of the lefty and immigrant petition , MILLIONS more agree with him and say we should do the same here ! Join the B.D.P. as we at least know what we are talking about !

    1. ( Party Official ) Further to my previous comment it can be said that Mr. Donald Trump’s comments have helped the Nationalist cause even FURTHER because he has opened up the DEBATE ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND HOW WRONG IT IS , SO THANK YOU Mr. TRUMP from BRITAINS THINKING NATIONALIST PARTY ! JOIN US !

      1. ( Party Official ) Almost without being noticed the ‘ OLD PARTY ‘ has stopped using the word REPATRIATION ( send them back ! ) Read our wonderful NATIONALIST policy document and even if a member of another party , do the Patriotic , right thing and JOIN BRITAIN’S THINKING NATIONALIST PARTY.

      2. ( Party Member ) It is NO SURPRISE to me that the STUPID ARTICLE , complaining about Donald Trump saying much that we say , WAS WITHDRAWN AFTER A COUPLE OF HOURS. NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Motivated by sheer envy in a class hatred sort of way , these people do not understand that the NATIONALIST CAUSE IS NOT SOME SORT OF OLD FASHIONED CLASS STRUGGLE. British democrat Patriotism needs to and does , represent ALL OUR PEOPLE

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