The real UKIP in Bradford – pandering to Islamists and Respect

Picture 1: UKIP election address in Bradford West in Arabic/Urdu

UKIP Article 1
Picture 2: Mohammed Boota – Bradford West (born in Pakistan, claims he is a 'proud' Muslim) meeting and on friendly terms with Islamist Respect leader George Galloway. 

Picture 3: Owais Rajput Bradford East (lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, Muslim, former Labour Party member) near to Jason Smith (second from left) UKIP Bradford South candidate.

UKIP Article 2

The question is do UKIP really oppose immigration? Are they really that different from the Lab/Lib/Con. It appears not, going by these pictures!

9 thoughts on “The real UKIP in Bradford – pandering to Islamists and Respect

  1. I urge all Nationalist , do not vote UKIP at the forthcoming election. These pictures for me confirm what many of us have suspected for a while ,the Muslims are every bit intent on establishing themselves and eventually taking control of UKIP as they have the Liebour Party and the Lib Dems , the Tory Party is courting wealthy Muslims and will fall next. Forget the grass roots KIPPERS they are of no concern to the corrupt leadership Ukip was allowed to flourish for one reason and one reason only to destroy the Nationalist vote that was posing a threat a few years ago.

  2. That is absurd, who else are we supposed to vote for, the BDP has one candidate. We all know actually what UKIP are about they have been around long enough, however, its all about tactical voting.

    1. I tend to agree albeit it with a heavy heart. One of the best things that could happen as a result of a high UKIP vote would be renewed pressure to change our archaic and patently undemocratic and unfair electoral system. UKIP is likely to gain many votes but have few MPs to show for it. Now, this has happened to the Lib Dems for decades now but the 'Right-wing' Tory press just laugh about it. What will be the reaction of UKIP-friendly papers like the Daily Express when UKIP polls millions of votes and obtains just 1-5 MPs? Will they have the same attitude towards the undemocratic nonsense of First Past The Post then?

      1. UKIP at the moment look like polling MORE votes overall than the Lib Dems and yet because the Lib Dems have been perfecting the art of 'pavement politics' and sinking local council roots in various parts of the country/building-up local councillor power bases and because historically the Liberal Party never totally died-out in some places they will likely end-up with a considerably higher number of MPs than UKIP despite gaining many less votes overall nationwide. What a total farce the election result is going to be then along with the SNP sweeping the board in Scotland  on less than 5% of the GB-wide vote.

  3. I totally agree with Jenny’s comment. Unless you happen to live in Bradford East then UKIP is the only game in town. I want to use my ballot to register an anti-immigration anti-EU protest vote. I am not voting UKIP but I am using UKIP to register my protest. There’s a difference. I suspect a great many other people will be doing the same thing. At the end of the day we all know what UKIP is about but for the time being they serve a purpose.

    1. Genuine nationalists should vote for UKIP ONLY IF there is no nationalist candidate standing and then ONLY on the understanding that a vote for UKIP is 'LENT' to them rather than given to them.

  4. I agree with Graham that a vote for UKIP is a vote for more of the same.The British Democrats would have had more GE candidates, yet most of the patriotic activist base has done a runner. Many are now sitting on their backsides willing UKIP on, a Party that despite the claims of many isn’t anti-immigration. People can protest by not voting or spoiling their ballot paper (people don’t have to vote).

  5. Its all part of the way Islamist work
    They attach themselves to “X” party. It doesn’t really matter if they lean left or right . For their purpose is to gain a foothold, and represent themselves.
    What’s worrying is UKIP allowing it . They suddenly,in a bid to be everything to every body. Become mainstream party # 4.
    But never the less worthy of a patriotic vote, in areas no patriot is standing . For they will by accident, break the political hold and mould of the Elites.

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