The Implications of No – Go Areas and a Possible Future for Britain

By Tim Haydon.

Visitors to this site will recall the article, ‘Born under foreign skies’ – How Britain is heading for ‘Zones Urbaines Sensibles’ – Muslim areas where the police do not go for fear of arousing the hostile sensitivities of the inhabitants.

In these areas, Sharia law is often a feature and the social norms are Islamic and customary, not British. Transgressions of these laws and customs are dealt with internally.

This article attempts in the limited space available to think through the implications of this development and the possible future for the white British in a country dominated  by Asian Muslims and other ethnicities.




The Self–Containment of Ethnicities

Apart from the fact that the police aren’t wanted in these areas,  these communities are self – contained in other ways.  The Bury Park area of Luton for example has a mosque (one of 10 or more in the town) which is a social focus as well as a religious centre.

Many businesses in the area are run by and for Asians.  The local shopping area, Dunstable Road, is full of Asian food shops, Halal butchers, clothing stores specialising in Saris and so forth.

Asian children attend Asian – majority state schools. (Some schools are 95% Asian) and religious schools where little is taught but the Qur’an.  Asians have their own radio and TV channels, newspapers and film shows.

The New York Times on ‘Pakistan – in – Britain’

This self-containing pattern is repeated elsewhere.  This is what Steve Erlanger of New York Times had to say about an area of Birmingham, a city which is now 21 per cent Asian (14th February 2014):

‘Alum Rock, a neighborhood of Birmingham, looks the way Pakistan might, if Pakistan were under gray northern skies and British rule.

The streets are lively but orderly, with shops that provide the largely South Asian population with most of its needs. The huge Pak Supermarket, with its 10-kilogram bags of spices and rices, is matched by the nearby Pak Pharmacy. Nearly every face is South Asian, and people wear a vibrant mixture of clothing, from Western styles to head scarves, knitted caps and full-face veils, or niqabs’.

Ethnic Cleansing of Whites from Urban Areas

The Left-liberal media glories in such communities as indicative of a Britain which is increasingly ‘vibrant’ and ‘diverse’. Scant attention is given as to where the white people who previously inhabited these areas have gone and why they have left.  How often does the BBC, which is not slow to tell us all about the hardships said to be faced by immigrants in this country at the hands of the ’racist’ British (why do they come, why do they stay?) broadcast a remotely sympathetic documentary on this theme?  In fact, many of the native British  have effectively been driven out by public housing policies based on ‘need’ favouring immigrants with their large families rather than a waiting list, which favoured existing residents. This has broken up long-standing white working class communities in inner cities.

Whites’ Ethnic Preference also  promotes White Areas

Others, seeing how their areas were being transformed, have managed to move out.  Few ordinary native British people would want to live in areas like Dunstable Road or Alum Rock , if they had a choice.  As one woman in Luton said about the call to prayer from a neighbouring mosque, ‘I’d like to pull the plug on that caterwauling.  I go to work, and I have two small children.  It’s just not fair on non-moslem families around here.’  Where your writer lives, it is not uncommon to come across people who have fled immigrant  areas with their families  for that very reason, a fact which contradicts the ludicrously sunny view  of ethnic relations which is promoted  by the cultural marxist propaganda of the BBC or which one comes across in  Neo Con media such as  Fraser Nelson’s ‘ Spectator’ magazine

The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain

As the immigrant population rises through continuing inflows, partly as a result of Asian arranged marriages with cousins back in the sub-Continent and with high birth rates, it seems  inevitable that the internal self-sufficiency and isolation from wider society of the respective ethnic components of Britain can only consolidate, deepen and widen.  That increase, especially of the muslim population, is startlingly high (See ‘Muslim Population “Rising 10 Times Faster than Rest of Society”’, The Times, 30 January 2009).   The Muslim population grew at an annual rate of 6.7% between 2004 and 2008. Since it stood at 4% of the population in 2008, an extrapolation of these figures would mean a Muslim population in 2020  of 8 percent, of 15 percent in 2030, of 28 percent in 2040 and finally, in 2050,  in excess of 50 percent of the total population.

The  Central Line Tube: A Paradigm of White  Displacement.

As the immigrant descended population creeps out from the inner cities,  the  white  population is being  driven further and further out,  a  process strikingly evident over the years along the  Central Line Tube and Railway lines out of the East End of London into Essex.   As one travels in the Tube, the proportion of white people in a  carriage is likely   steadily to increase from being a small  minority as far as  Stratford, where people going to the Olympic stadia and the Westfield Shopping Centre get off, to being a majority in the outer areas as ethnics get out at stops further  into town. Not so long ago, the furthest reach of immigrants out of the East End was Leyton and Leytonstone.  Leytonstone High Street was recognisably an English High Street only a few decades ago. Now it is lined with ethnic restaurants and if a white goes into a local pub, he or she is likely to be confronted by a sea of black, curious and not particularly welcoming faces.

White being driven into Redoubts

Whites are being progressively squeezed into redoubts more and more remote from urban centres which are increasingly dominated by immigrants and the immigrant descended. These are suburbs and  towns ringing major conurbations like Romford,  Basildon and Southend on the Eastern fringes of the London area, the villages,  market and county towns and the more rural areas.  There will be  islands of  whiteness in the housing estates  to which the native British who were ethnically cleansed  from more central areas were  first consigned and whose inhabitants cannot move away because of the unavailability of public housing elsewhere and because they lack the financial resources to buy housing privately.

A possible Future for White People in Britain

Let us hope that the British people wake up to the scale of their betrayal and oppression by their own political class, unexampled in history except by those other marxists, the mass murderers of their own people in the Soviet Union. Let us also hope that they can do something effective, politically or by other means, to reverse the takeover of the land of their ancestors by immigrants and the immigrant –descended.  But what if they can’t?  What then? Are they doomed to second class status under an Islam-dominated hegemony in their own land, the new ‘Native Americans’ of Britain?

Britain is a City-State

Let us take inspiration from what Britain is today and a leaf out of the book of the utopian neo-Cons of David Cameron. Britain – England – today is effectively a City State. In ancient Greece,  in Renaissance Italy,  even in pre-unification Germany, a dominant city like Florence or Athens or the small states of Germany  had what the Italians called its ‘contado’  ie ‘ the countryside surrounding, and controlled by, the city state. The contado provided natural resources and agricultural products to sustain the urban population.’  London is dominant in our country to such a degree that the rest of England anyway could be described as its ‘contado’.  What if this arrangement ‘rolled out’ across the Britain of tomorrow so that large towns across the land each had its ’contado’?  There would then be the possibility of the native British, who are already grouping together in their own communities as are the other ethnicities, being free of Islamic or other domination.

The Decline of London is assured

Of course, such a future would require London very much to decline in size and importance to allow space for these other centres to develop. That might seem unlikely at the moment, but its present expansion is due entirely to continuing immigration. The long term trends are very much the other way. Why so? This is due to the technological developments which the Globalisers hope will bring about One World but but which will ironically allow for far greater localisation.

Technology will encourage Localisation

The internet allows just about anyone to work away from a megalopolis like London, and many already do, at least part time. Increasingly such factors as transport and other costs will overcome others   focusing around work as a social and status activity to become the norm.

3-D Printing is the Future

This doesn’t just apply to office work.  Many people, if they know about it at all think of 3-D printing as an irrelevant novelty. But it is more than just a device to produce cheap plastic toys. For example, it can already produce functioning guns. It can be made to produce metal parts through a process known as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).  Items can be produced that involve intricate geometrics and fine detail. Yes, one can make a plastic gun, but one can also use 3-D printing to build a gun from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, cobalt chrome, bronze, titanium, aluminium and nickel alloy. In fact a 3-D printed gun already exists which has shot in excess of 50 rounds. And a group of ecologists are now in the design phase of building an automobile, the Urbec 2, using 3-D technology

Printing off your next Car at the local Garage

Very soon, one will be able to make anything one pleases locally using 3-D printing, from guns to toys to automobiles to replacement hips. This technological development spells the end of the dominance of giant factories, wherever they might be situated. It spells the end of the industrial cities required to service them and a vast amount of international trade as well as the transport and transport costs involved. It signals the beginning of the age of localisation, rather than Globalisation as it has hitherto been conceived of by the neo Cons and the Left.

The Far-Reaching Political Consequences of Localisation

The localising of daily life will have enormous effects politically. It will make the development of small, ethnically –based  City States, whose foundations are as noted already being  laid in our country as we have seen, not just possible but in the scenario  of the  Britain sketched above, even more desirable and even probable. In this localised Britain,  the need for a massive, overarching  government apparatus , dominated inevitably by Islam, will be seen to be  a hindrance  not just to a European, Christian and prosperous way of life but to civilised and peaceful living.

The alternative is likely to be endless ethnic strife including quite possibly Syrian or at least Lebanese style armed struggle.

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  1. The BBC has just begun another series on the experiences of immigrants into Britain, called ‘Three pounds in my pocket, this time about the ‘pioneer’ Asians coming to Britain.

  2. With respect to the part of the article which mentions the Central Line and railways out into Essex, I live in Brentwood in Essex which is right next door to London. I fairly frequently travel on the railway into London and about ten years ago noticing immigrants beyond Ilford was still a bit of a hit and miss affair but now you can easily notice them as soon as you hit Chadwell Heath and then after that it is surprising you don’t get asked for your passport if you are to progress any further on your journey! Also, when I am in Brentwood Library I can see them when a few years ago it was very rare to see them either in there or in the town. Brentwood is a VERY Tory town (its their 30th safest seat) and no doubt the fact that Brentwood was virtually immigrant-free contributed to that and the fact we aren’t as ‘diverse’ as other places in the country also helps the Tories retain the seat by huge majorities. I personally think we are having ‘asylum seekers’ forced upon us. There is no doubt in my mind that we as a country need a credible and moderate nationalist party to be successful in elections soon or we will sadly lose this country for good.

  3. Very sensible article. A recognition that the newcomers are numerous and increasing, and well installed in our country.

    Although we are a very small country, something along the lines of City States may be the only hope the indigenous people have left.

    Our people are still asleep to the danger their children and grandchildren face.
    One can only hope they wake up to these dangers, as our numbers shrink and the newcomers numbers goes through the roof.

    The question which I dare say crosses many nationalist’s minds as well as mine. Are we doomed to the same fate as Carthage?

  4. The BBC rubbishes the British who objected to the immigrant takeover of their country (ie at least half of the poulation according to opinion polls in the last few years) as ‘racist’ and goes on about the raw deal immigrants have got here in the past, and yet somehow also manages to paint a rosy picture of ethnic relations in Britain.

    It’s what happens when you are completely and totally biased.

  5. An excellent article by Tim. As an elderly Englishman who has witnessed the advent of the evils of “Political Correctness” – (and who remembers a time when politicians were expected to act on behalf of their countrymen, not against them!) – I find the compulsory submission to the takeover of my country by alien cultures, alien religions, alien populations and alien habits, to be totally heartbreaking. I myself – as an English voter – find that I am now actually very glad that I shall die of old age quite soon, before the conquest of my homeland country is fully completed. This is what our politicians have done to me! What is happening in Britain is utterly disgusting and an affront to the proper British natives (i.e. the descendents of the pre-1945 inhabitants of Britain.).

  6. To be honest, Tim, I think the BBC should be given a last warning ie either be truely unbiased when discussing ALL issues of public concern as your Royal Charter orders you to be or be shut-down if you find it impossible to do that. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country who is sick and tired of the BBC’s continual framing of ANY debate about mass immigration and its effects within strict PC limits.

    • The BBC is so rotten that it is beyond saving I would suggest we wind it up and create a new People Broadcasting Corporation and whilst we are at it limit the TV consumption to the hours of 6pm to 11pm ie do away with this daytime rubbish as the need will no longer be there our people will be at work creating wealth for themselves and the State. We also need to shut the anti British newspapers that continually spew out anti indigenous poison, replace these with a newspaper that concentrates on great things the Nation is achieving, rising output in our factories, our rising birth rate with free childcare for all, banner headlines announcing the cutting of Foreign aid, what a joy to read uplifting news instead of depressing rubbish.

  7. The only thing which will stop mass immigration is when this country and others go bankrupt. And that could be sooner than you think. This country is living on borrowed time when it comes down to borrowing.

  8. The only problem with that scenario, Billy, is that we the indigenous British people will be made to suffer for it AGAIN like we normally are. It really is about time the British people stopped voting for total traitors like the anti-British globalists of Lib/Lab/CON. It should be crystal-clear by now that Lib/Lab/CON really despise the natives of this country.

  9. Didn’t the charming Ms Harriet Harman once set about, in 2008, to prove that there were no such thing as no-go areas in Britain by touring her Peckham constituency. She seemed to feel the necessity to wear a kevlar-reinforced stab vest though. When criticised for doing so she responded that the neighbourhood police team she was with put on their stab vests and gave her one to wear as well. Well, that certainly convinced me that Peckham was a very safe place for us all to wander around. Who says there are such things as no-go areas?

  10. (Party Member) Yes Geoff, I remember that. She was a laughing stock until people realised that Peckham was even worse than they had thought it was. They stopped laughing then ! ( and still they didn’t vote for us.)

  11. (Party Member) Iraqi Christians are fleeing Mosul after Islamic militants threatened to KILL THEM unless they CONVERT to Islam or paid a PROTECTION TAX. A statement issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant was read out in the city’s MOSQUES. It called on Christians to comply by midday on Saturday or face DEATH if they did not leave the northern city.

  12. im worried for the future, pc tring to take the fight out of us. im ready for when it goes pete tong, advise you all to be ready becuse its only going one way, no surrender

  13. im so worried for the future, will be unbearable, they try with political correctness to shut us up. get out your comfort zone and get ready, the time is near when the white english man has to stand up and be counted. thats for himself, his family, and fellow country men.

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