The Hypocrisy of Tory Politics: Con MP Complains about his Own Party’s Policy

The increasing insanity which has gripped Westminster politics was highlighted once again with an attack on EU immigration policies by a Conservative Party MP, who appeared not to realise that these policies are those of his own party.

Dominic Raab, MP for Esher & Walton, wrote a vitriolic column in the Telegraph titled “Failed immigration controls have brought rise in crime.”

In the article, Mr Raab discussed the fact that new figures have shown that the number of crimes committed by EU nationals in Britain has trebled within four years.

(Amongst the figures released was one which revealed that in some areas, up to a third of all drunken driving offences were committed by EU nationals, despite only making up around one percent of those regions’ populations).

Referring to the trebling of the crime rate by EU nationals, Mr Raab said that this is “an under-estimate, since it only includes offences resulting in a conviction.”

Mr Raab went on to rant against what he called the “fettering” by EU law of member states to deport foreign national criminals.

Mr Raab said he recalled the “failure to deport Learco Chindamo to Italy following the murder of head-teacher Stephen Lawrence – and expanding restrictions on deportation under the Human Rights Act.”

The Tory MP went on to blame the previous government for this situation—but there, of course, his logic broke down upon the rocks of hypocrisy.

Although the most recent EU influx did indeed take place under the previous Labour regime, the fact remains that it is also Tory party policy to embrace and remain in the EU.

Hence, it is monstrous hypocrisy on the part of a Tory MP to claim that the current situation is the result of the Labour Party. In reality, the overrunning of Britain’s criminal justice system as a result of EU immigration is the fault of all those parties who supported the creation of the European state — and that includes Mr Raab’s party.

The confused Tory MP went on to bemoan what would happen should Turkey join the EU—once again forgetting that it is his party’s official policy to support and encourage Turkey’s ascension to EU membership status.

“The coalition has inherited a perverse regime,” Mr Raab concluded in his column.

No, Mr Raab. The coalition did not ‘inherit’ a perverse regime. It is part of it, a vital component and active ingredient. If you had the courage of your convictions, you would leave it.

3 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Tory Politics: Con MP Complains about his Own Party’s Policy

  1. And no doubt, come next election time, the CONservatives will talk tough on immigration like in almost every election I can remember going back to the sixties and no doubt the same people who moan about immigration for the intervening years will toe the CONservative blue line to the ballot box to vote for their own replacement.
    Raab, we’ve heard it all before.

  2. Raab wrote a very good book slating modern governments for their attacks on liberty. ‘The Assault on Liberty’ is well worth a read. But like many of the other well meaning idiots, he understands the prolem, but is part of the system supporting the cause of the problem, the LibLabCon.

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