The French and Poles Love David Cameron Apparently!

cameron-french-polish2With so much depressing news on the radar it is, perhaps, an opportune time to report on something amusing – European attitudes towards fellow Europeans.

The Pew Research Centre has recently published a survey, based on responses from participants across Europe, into this very subject and its findings raise a chuckle or three.

Asked “which is the most arrogant country in Europe” the consensus was Germany – which took pole position, but only just ahead of France. Interestingly even the French consider themselves to be the most arrogant, whilst the Germans consider themselves – at least according to the survey – to be the least arrogant. H’mmm.

Asked “which country is the most trustworthy” the overwhelming winner was Germany – with only a single country (Greece) in disagreement. Greek survey participants apparently believe the most trustworthy country in Europe is – well, em, er – Greece! Not a view, we suspect, shared by the nations they owe money too!

As to “which country is the most compassionate” opinion was extremely mixed, to the extent that there was no clear winner or even credible contender. However, Germany won the wooden spoon as “Europe’s least compassionate country” – a view, as it happens, endorsed by the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) nations bailed out using vast amounts of German taxpayers’ hard-earned; well that’s gratitude for you!

And, as is so often the case with European Competition (Eurovision Song Contest for instance) it was “nul points” for Britain across the board.

However there was some joy for David Cameron in the survey, in that both the Poles and French love him, even if no-one else does.

According to the Daily Telegraph;

“The only European leader rated highly by their own voters was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who received a 74 per cent approval rating. Prime Minister David Cameron was next highest with a positive score of 37 per cent among the British public, although he can take some comfort from the fact that 58 per cent of Poles and half of all French people think he is doing a good job.”

French and Polish voters believe that David Cameron is doing a good job! Just one more reason why we should quit the European Union.


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  1. The sooner we leave the European Union the better for Britain. The EU soaks up billions of pounds that could be better used in our own nation, for our own people. Obviously, just like the Germans, no other country in the EU has any appreciation for all the money that Britain is contributing. We would be so much better off out of the EU, where we could trade freely with the rest of the world as we did before. We do not need to be in the EU for our prosperity as a nation. As an Island people we naturally feel very unsettled when we see our sovereignty flowing away to a foreign overseas power. The BDP must join the push for an in/out referendum to be held now, not in three or four years time.

  2. Yep – totally agree we need a vote on Europe now – not four years time – maybe, possibly.


    This is hugely important to the other side of the two pronged fork we are impaled on – immigration from outside Europe.

    If anyone suggests people leave it arouses a banshee screech. Well here is an example of the fact it could happen and potentially on a large scale. The fact that even some leave willingly undermines the psychology of the ‘unthinkable to ask anyone to leave’ angle.

  4. What a lying scumbag Cameron is. This so-called law to have a referendum in the next parliament is a load of tosh. He knows perfectly well that the Limpdems & Labour will vote it down, & he also knows that no parliament is bound by its successor – a fact they conveniently forget when it comes to an EU treaty, but will surely remember when it suits them.
    They have all committed Treason, & those who go along with these treaties have committed misprision of treason. But hey, they abolished the penalty for treason, didn’t they?

    • They abolished the death penalty for treason. This itself was a treasonous act but fortunately it can be brought back retrospectively.

    • French and Polish voters believe that David Cameron is doing a good job! Just one more reason why we should quit the European Union.
      Since Cameron’s ancestors are Polish Jews maybe he could stand for office there
      but then he’d start giving Brits Polish workers jobs.

  5. Its just another Tory con-trick to win back some support pre-general election from Farage’s own little con-trick party. You know you can trust the Tories – To stab you in the back.

  6. Seeing how the Poles love David Camermoron could I suggest that he does both them and us a big favour and relocates to Warsaw???? He may get a little lonely though considering how few Poles must be left in that country!!!! PS is there any truth that Walsall is the new capital of Poland???

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