The False Patriotism of David Cameron

The false “patriots” and jingoists of the Tory right have hailed David Cameron as a “hero” for refusing to agree to changes to the Lisbon Treaty—but they have said nothing about the £51 million per day that British taxpayers cough up to the EU every day.

It is true that Mr Cameron’s unexpected veto at last week’s meeting in Brussels has avoided greater  economic commitment to the EU and euro experiment for British taxpayers—but the reality remains that Britain’s continued membership of that utterly pointless organisation remains a massive burden on each and every British family, to the tune of  £51 million per day.

This figure was recently calculated from numbers released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which showed that the UK’s gross contribution to the EU rose to £18.4 billion in 2010.

Money which came back into the UK in one form or another, through subsidies and the like, amounted to £8.1 billion—which means that Britain’s net loss for membership of the EU last year was £10.3 billion.

It is thus laughable that Mr Cameron pretends to “defend Britain’s interests” by vetoing even more outrageous changes to the Lisbon Treaty, but has repeatedly said in the past that it is “in Britain’s interests” to be in the EU.

The only solution to the problem is in fact withdrawal from the EU, period, There is absolutely no reason why all the nations of Europe cannot cooperate on matters of vital importance—such as trade, military affairs and bilateral relations in general (in fact, such co-operation is a necessity in the modern world) but there is no justification at all for a super parliament and a massive bureaucracy which seeks to replace all national parliaments of all EU member nations.

Each country already has its own parliament, for which taxpayers pay—why on earth have yet another one which costs even more?

Yet such is the logic of the false Tory patriots—what Mr Cameron’s “victory” actually means is that we are “only” being forced to pay £0.3 billion a year into the EU, instead of a few million more. Hurrah for that. . .

It is not all bad news from Brussels though. Mr Cameron’s veto in Brussels is likely to provoke his Liberal Democrat coalition partners into a paroxysm of despair and infighting.

Already, Mr Clegg has announced that he was “bitterly disappointed” over the veto. Speaking on the BBC, Mr Clegg said he had “made it clear to the PM it was untenable for me to welcome it.”

This means that even if the coalition does not break apart now, internal pressures will build up which will make it nearly impossible to carry on. A split might come as early as next year, where a new EU treaty emerges to try and patch up the rocky outcome of last week’s meeting.

Tory backbenchers will soon be demanding an EU membership referendum, which will also be opposed by the increasingly appalling Liberal Democrats. This will be further fuel to the fire.

It is therefore become urgent that British nationalists coalesce quickly from their current state of disorganisation and present a credible front to the British public—otherwise the establishment sock puppet UKIP will be the beneficiary of an electoral fallout.

16 thoughts on “The False Patriotism of David Cameron

    1. He choice no choice. Thanks to the mad globalisation mania, we are now overly reliant on the City for the national income.
      And he would have had to face a massive revolt from Tory backbenchers.

      As it is, he is now draped with ‘honours as being ‘courageous’.

  1. The ‘veto’ is good news for Nationalists. It means an EU referendum is back in the main debate of British politics. The whole issue of the European Union will be in the main debate. The bad news: the real patriotic Nationalist view is on the fringes because we are not united and organised.
    A General Election could be forced by the collaspe of the coalition.
    UKIP has an opportunity to grab the bull by the horns. If ‘Nigel Farage’ had the ‘balls’ and unleashed the ‘Genie’ out of the bottle, one simple statement would send them into a different league in British Politics: the mass Immigration from Eastern Europe and the Third World, along with the enforced policies of the European Union are the explanation to the economic and cultural decline of our Nation.

    1. I agree that if all Nationalists were to unite we would be a political force the ‘establishment’ would have to take notice of. The problem being is how do we do it all under one banner? I can guarantee that a certain Mr. N.G. would not be prepared to give one inch. It also seems to me that all prominant Nationalists have their own version of what they think Natonalism is. They all seem to be prepared to see what differences they have than using commonsense and looking at what they have in common. We desperatly need a leader to step up, a new Enoch Powell. So far I see no one to fill that roll. However God moves in mysterious ways.
      If that were to happen the current political system would tremble.

  2. “There is absolutely no reason why all the nations of Europe cannot cooperate on matters of vital importance…”

    Yep. It was called the Foreign Office and the Foreign Secretary.

    But all this transference of our Sovereignty is in fact High Treason, assuming we still obey the Constitution.

  3. What is the Queen’s status in respect of the EU?

    I understand (rightly or wrongly) that she is a “citizen of the EU”.

    That being the case then how can she be both sovereign and subject?

    Surely, if the Queen has accepted EU citizen status then not only has she betrayed her Coronation oath to be our sovereign (and subject to no foreign “princes”) but has, in fact, abdicated.

    Anyone know the Constitutional situation/implications of this?

  4. As Mrs Merton might have put it, why is the half Russian (on one side) and quarter Dutch (on the other) Nick Clegg so keen for Britain to lose its identity in Europe and through mass immigration?

    She might also have put the same question to the (wholly) Jewish Ed Milliband.

  5. As we have suffered from mass immigration because of our membership to the EU it seems to me they should pay for our demise. It would be unfair to blame those immigrants for taking advantage of benefits system. The £51m paid daily to the EU should be stopped and all those that have entered this country should be repatriated. Each should be paid £20,000 to leave from this EU payment. Even paying for the fares of these people we could repatriate in the region of 750,000 per year.
    Enoch for God.

  6. (Party Member) The impending appointment of Jean – Claude Juncker is a fantastic victory for those of us determined that Britain escape the clutches of the European Union Superstate. The hard line Federalist will not connive with David Cameron to pretend to give our Country’s Parliament any of it’s powers back. David Cameron’s plan was to get some very minor concessions from the Superstate and thus present the case for staying in the European Union as it was reforming ! This plan is now in tatters and when the new hard line President pushes through even more draconian powers, then the British people will finally say, enough is enough !

    1. David Cameron is someone who has received an expensive education way beyond his natural abilities to take full advantage of. It is either he is this (ie thick) or he is deliberately trying to paint a false picture of what powers the EU is prepared to repatriate to us. In his heart of hearts, he must know that the EU is only going to give us back the most superficial powers and that therefore his stance on so-called EU ‘reform’ is stuck on the drawing board and is not ever going to amount to anything substantial. Simply put, this country has the choice of either staying-in with virtually no real powers for Westminster to exercise or coming-out with REAL powers coming home.

  7. ( Party Official ) This older , thoughtful Article from our Party is well worth a re-read. The title is apt for another reason. The Prime Ministers families previous TAX AVOIDENCE ARRANGEMENTS are in the news today. Whilst perfectly LEGAL , they go against the SPIRIT of the LAW and more importantly against our People and COUNTRY. Several business people that I know have told me in the past that although they knew how to do it , they would NEVER ENGAGE IN ONE OF THESE SCHEMES FOR patriotic reasons.

    1. ( Party Official ) Talking about PATRIOTISM , People in OUR PARTY would NEVER ENGAGE in one of these schemes. They go against the SPIRIT of everything we NATIONALISTS stand for and believe in. The Cameron family would therefore have NEVER been ALLOWED TO JOIN OUR party AS WITH ATTITUDES AND BEHAVOUR LIKE THIS THEY WOULD BE DEEMED UNSUITABLE.

      1. ( Party Official ) Further to the previous comment regarding tax arrangements and what it means to be a NATIONALIST and MEMBER of the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , our head office can confirm that the Prime Minister , nor any member of his family have applied to JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY ! However , YOU CAN ! ! !

        1. Although it shouldn’t as people should always concentrate on the issues at stake in a referendum, let’s hope these revelations further damage this discredited and undemocratically elected ‘government’ (most British people voted AGAINST them in 2015 but they got in due to our absurd and undemocratic voting system) and people take the opportunity to VOTE LEAVE on June 23rd 2016.

          1. On a further note, it may be quite good that Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour’s leader and not a Blairite like Andy Burnham. Mr Corbyn comes from the Left of his party and is probably luke-warm at best on the subject of EU membership so he may not be too passionate in saying we should stay in it during the referendum campaign. Hopefully, this will mean some of the ‘Old’ Labour voters take their cue from this and will vote to leave.

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