The Destruction of Germany and the Establishment’s Role in the Process

New census figures have revealed that 44 percent of all children in Germany under the age of 5 are of Third World origin, a situation which will see Germany ethnically cleansed of Germans within three generations.

This shocking statistic, contained in a report published by the Deutsche Welle news service, has underlined the treasonous role that the German establishment has played in steering that nation down the path to oblivion.

The British establishment has, of course, played a similar role here at home and their reckless disregard for the future will, if left unchecked, destroy Britain and indeed all of Europe.

The appalling abuse of Germany’s immigration laws has been actively encouraged by the German establishment. In 2007, more than 16 million people in Germany were of non-German descent (first and second generation, including mixed heritage). As the total population was some 82 million, this represents some 20 percent of the country’s population.

Germany has also been a prime destination for refugees from the Third World, primarily because its constitution long had a clause giving a ‘right’ to political asylum.

The German constitution, adopted after the Second World War, compelled the country to accept virtually any refugee who was fleeing political or social violence in their home countries.

As most of the Third World is continuously in strife, this was easy enough to prove, and millions of non-whites, fleeing their self-created chaotic countries, entered Germany in this way.

The massive Turkish influx has generated another issue in Germany: that of the creation of a numerically strong Islamic base there.

The largest source of non-white immigration into Germany has been from Turkey, although the liberal asylum laws that country had until the mid-1990s encouraged several million other non-white immigration waves from Africa and Asia as well.

To add insult to injury, the German chancellor Angela Merkel simply told Germans to “accept that immigrant youth have higher crime rates” than native Germans.

In an official video released by her office just prior to a meeting with German Home Office officials in Frankfurt, Ms Merkel discussed immigration.

In a display of idiocy which we have come to expect from all establishment figures, Ms Merkel first claimed that “sport clubs” would help secure the integration of immigrants into German society.

Besides that, she added almost as an afterthought, Germans must just “accept” that immigrant youth have a higher crime rate.

This is an understatement. Figures released by the German government in 2007 showed that 43 percent of all violent crimes in Germany were committed by people under 21 years of age, and that more than half were by foreign-born youth.

When the figures are adjusted to include the children of Third World immigrants, this figure climbs even higher.

This is reflected in the prison population, where, as early as 1997, some 27 percent of the prison population in 1997 was non-German.

No figures have been made public on prison inmates who are second or third generation descendants of Third World immigrants, but, given the statistics from elsewhere in Europe, no imagination is needed to draw the obvious conclusion.

The statistics make the mission of the British National Party and its nationalist colleagues from across Europe even more important than ever before.

Simply put, no nationalist party has the time to engage in self-destructive internal feuds. Those who are able to do the job, must get on with it, and those who are unable to do it, or who are hindering the cause, need to step aside.

4 thoughts on “The Destruction of Germany and the Establishment’s Role in the Process

  1. Bolsheviks (Communists) always swore they would destroy Western Civilisation, and the immigration of low IQ Africans and demented, totalitarian Islamists is the best way to do it, permanently.

    Anatoliy Golitsyn. Google him. He’s a KGB defector, and he told of the Soviet plan to destroy the West by sending out “defectors” to bring their children up to take over political parties in every Western nation, and change the immigration laws, ruin them financially with socialist spending programs, transfer their industry to foreign lands and so on. Most of his predictions have come to pass. He said it was a plan.

    How many of our (and European) political leaders are descended from “defectors” from the Soviet block or are “ex” Communists? The answer is almost all of them. Think about it.

  2. ‘ … the German chancellor Angela Merkel simply told Germans to “accept that immigrant youth have higher crime rates” than native Germans.’

    What a cheek!

  3. How about a 3 strikes and you’re out rule? If you commit 3 serious offences, including theft, you are barred for life from any social benefits, welfare or public pension.

    Law abiding Germans and Brits wouldn’t mind, but the invading Turks, Paks and Afghans might up and go home.

  4. Does anyone else ever feel like just getting the hell out of this ridiculous continent?

    I love my country and my people, I find it so hard to reconcile this with the weird and purposefully destructive behaviours of our governors. It seems that they are bound to these behaviours through their pathetic lack of courage – they know they need to change urgently, they’re just scared of breaking left-wing taboos.

    I can’t take it anymore, going to Asia ASAP while still relatively young.

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