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Letter from Andrew Brons To Telegraph

The EU is still insisting that negotiations about future trade relationships between the UK
and the EU cannot begin until the UK’s fee for leaving the EU has been agreed.

The Current State of the Nationalist Movement

Just as the nature of Britain depends on who lives here, so the nature of UKIP will depend on who its members are and what they believe. If we cannot replace UKIP, at least in the short term, we must be instrumental in changing it by influencing its members.

Nationalists Discrediting Nationalism

We must be on the look out for lunatics in our ranks and if they are potentially dangerous lunatics, they must be removed using constitutional powers correctly.

New Year Message

Electorates throughout the White World have never before, at any rate in recent times, been so alert to the dangers or so aware of the opportunities. The vote to leave the European Union in the UK, the increased votes for the FN in France, the FPO in Austria, Alternative für Deutschland in Germany and the Dutch Freedom Party in the Netherlands and, of course, the election of Donald Trump in the United States are all graphic examples.