The words “EXTREME RIGHT WING” are simply hate speech for British Nationalists

Letter to the Yorkshire Post From Andrew Brons





22nd June 2017


Dear Sir

A spokesman for the National Police Chiefs’ Council was quoted as saying (Yorkshire Post 22nd June):

“Tackling the threat from extreme right wing ideology has long been part of policing’s commitment to fighting extremism in all its forms”.

It is not currently the legal responsibility of the police to counter any ideology – right, left or centre. It is the function of the police to prevent criminal offences and to initiate the prosecution of those committing them. If the police have been countering ideologies that they do not favour, they have been exceeding their authority and misusing scarce public resources. That they have been doing this with the permission of the most senior police officers in the country, only makes the matter infinitely worse.

The word terrorism has a statutory legal definition and the police must combat terrorism from whichever part of the political spectrum it comes, without fear or favour.

The words extreme and extremism have no legal definition. Sometimes they are used to refer to violent political behaviour and its perpetrators. However, here it refers to ideologies rather than actions – ideologies that are disapproved of by the most senior police officers or by their political masters.

Police officers, individually and collectively, are prohibited from treating people unfairly on the basis of personal or collective prejudices. However, we now have a clear admission that that is exactly what our most senior police officers have been doing for years.

The words extreme rightwing are simply hate speech for British Nationalists.


Yours faithfully


Andrew Brons


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  1. Great letter, it should be printed in every paper the length and breadth of Britain.

  2. The problem is that the other nationalist orgs do not have the kind of brains at the top that this chap writing the essay has, if they did things would be different, and there would be more maturity and cooperation between groups.

  3. The State and its agencies; police, judiciary, BBC, and military are committed to neo-liberalism. In this respect it is no different to the Soviet Union or the Third Reich. Democracy is an illusion. Britain – in or out of the EU – is owned and controlled by big business.

  4. The polatitions can only educate fools or idiots and the easily led..when u come across I highly educated university man like Mr brons he can only express what is correct not twisted or made to lean his way..that’s why what he said rightly makes u look like the nastazi that they are ..well said Mr brons

  5. Michael L.Woodbridge

    Unfortunately such a decline from the principle of free speech and free enquiry are an inevitable consequence of our declining racial quality caused by the gradual mongrelisation of the British population. A nation’s institutions, such as the police force, will only ever be as good as the people who run those institutions.

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