Swivel-Eyed Loons and the Contempt of Tory Intellectuals

cameron-swivel-eyedby Tim Heydon.

As it dawns on Tory Party members that their own leadership despises them, the question arises; why is it that intelligent, educated people, of the kind who lead the Tory Party and the other left-wing parties often have views which diverge wildly from those of ordinary folk and why is it also that these ‘intellectuals’, like David Cameron who chooses people as advisors   because of the ’quality of their minds’ ie one suspects, if they think like him, are so often wildly wrong ?  And why is it that the ordinary folk they like to despise as ‘swivel eyed loons’ etc are so often right?  Right,  for example, about the inevitable, probably violent failure of the multicultural, multiracial project forced on them by their intellectual superiors (As these latter like to think of themselves)?

The question really answers itself. Encouraged ultimately by Cartesian mind / body dualism, ‘Intellectuals’ are seduced by intellectuality, merely because it is intellectuality and they worship the mind, to the point that they have got to thinking that human beings are walking intellects. (Since they are ‘intellectuals’, this gives them a warm glow of superiority as they bask in the ‘knowledge’ that they are so much more  intelligent and capable than others). Of course, with –it people will always agree with them because their reasoning is so superior that they must. (Or so they think). If they don’t there must be something seriously the matter with them.

But this view of man as merely a reasoning entity opens up the notion that his behaviour can be altered at will by feeding him the ‘right ‘ideas and altering other aspects of his environment. This is great for leftist intellectuals (and leftism is an intellectual project if it is anything) who just love the idea of bossing intellectually inferior people about, That means the rest of us. For our own good, naturally.

But man is more than just or mainly a reasoning entity. It is this fundamental misunderstanding of human nature which makes the whole edifice of leftist thinking a house of cards. This chasm between how leftist intellectuals tend to see man and man as he actually is, is what prompted George Orwell to remark, ‘What sickens me about left-wing people , especially intellectuals, is their utter ignorance of the way things actually happen.’  Ordinary people though do know ‘how things actually happen’.

The evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, who is Reader in Management at the London School of Economics and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London, points out (‘The Intelligence Paradox. Why the intelligent choice isn’t always the smart one’) that far from being solely reasoners, human behaviour is rooted in our evolutionary past. The core Principles of Evolutionary Psychology, which contradict those of leftism are that people are animals; that there is nothing special about the human brain; that human nature is innate and that human behaviour is the product of both innate human nature and the environment.

If leftists / liberals are as they like to brag, on average more intelligent than right wing people, why don’t they give this impression in peoples day to day experience of them?. Why are they much more likely to say and do stupid things and to hold to ridiculous beliefs and ideologies which stretch credulity?  Such as that races are merely ‘social constructs’ or that they are on average equally intelligent or that  no one culture or religion is of more intrinsic worth than another when it comes to human flourishing, for example?

Bruce Charlton, Professor of Theoretical Medicine at the University of  Buckingham and former Editor in Chief of Medical Hypotheses suggested in an editorial in that magazine (December 2009) that leftist / liberals and other intelligent people are ‘clever sillies’ who incorrectly apply abstract logical reasoning to social and interpersonal domains. But why do they make this mistake?

Kanazawa argues that general intelligence –the ability to think and reason- probably evolved as a domain –specific psychological mechanism to solve evolutionary novel problems, whereas, for all  evolutionary familiar problems there are other, dedicated psychological adaptions. Everyone   -intelligent or not –is evolutionarily designed to have the ability to solve such evolutionary familiar problems as mating, parenting, social exchange and personal relationships with the other evolved psychological mechanisms.

Charlton suggests that the totality of all the other evolved mechanisms (all of human nature except for general intelligence) represents what we normally call ‘common sense’ Everyone has common sense. More intelligent people, however, have a tendency to over apply their analytical and logical reasoning abilities derived from their general intelligence incorrectly to such evolutionary familiar domains and as a result, get things wrong.

In other words, the intelligence of liberals and leftist and other intelligent people is self-vitiating in day to day situations. They tend to lack common sense because their general intelligence overrides it. They are what was known in our armed forced by the common-sense lower ranks as ‘Educated idiots’. They think in situations where they are supposed to feel.  In evolutionary familiar domains such as interpersonal relationships, feeling usually leads to correct solutions whereas thinking does not.

It could be argued that Right Wing intellectuals may be subject to the same confusion as left/ liberal ones, but if they are, the tendency is much less because right wing ideas are founded on common sense in the first place. Thus left wingers are subject to the moralistic fallacy, which has it, eg, that ‘Because everyone ought to be treated equally, there are no genetic differences between groups of people’. The corresponding right wing fallacy is that what is good is natural; that what is , ought to be.

However, while the left wing fallacy is almost invariably wrong in its outcomes because it tries (and fails as it must) to shape reality to ideology, the right wing fallacy, although a fallacy, almost invariably at  least approaches correctness in its outcomes because it is founded on reality in the first place.

Man is part of what is natural and nature cannot be chased out completely. The attempt can have sometimes dire results.


13 thoughts on “Swivel-Eyed Loons and the Contempt of Tory Intellectuals

  1. It is written that a fool always considers himself to be wise man, whereas a truly wise man always knows himself to be a fool.

    1. Cameron is all mouth and no trousers or, as my father used to say, “It’s an empty pot that makes the loudest noise.” He will do nothing to halt immigration. Indeed his bedfellow Clueless Clegg wants to increase Muslim immigration into Britain.

  2. Left wing intellectuals have often missed the wood for the trees in their reasoning, and as the article states they have an arrogance and inability to see their own false reasoning. What always seems to be lacking in left wing intellectuals is the ability to listen to ideas that are based on true nature, and not on their perception of what human beings should be, in their opinion. What typifies right wing intellectuals is their much greater humility and ability to accept human nature for what it really is, warts and all.

  3. Why worry about the Tories. They share the blame for flooding the UK with immigrants and borrowing £1.2 trillion. They will probably get wiped out at the next election.

    1. Unfortunately, Bill, to be replaced by NuLiebour, who simply reactivate their plan to totally destroy the country.

  4. Like many I am often deeply perplexed at the apparent insanity of cultural marxism. This article provides me with a step in the right direction for better understanding the spread of this malicious ideological software virus.

  5. The answer to the question in the first paragraph of this excellent article is superbly covered by the old One-Liner.
    “The greatest enemy of common sense is education.”

  6. The attraction of radical schemes to reshape human nature and society into a claimed utopia is the power required even to make an inevitably failed attempt.

    This attracts people with personality disorders plus a coterie of inadequates and careerists. The disease now infests the ‘conservatives’ as much as the left. Can anyone see any difference? Cameron’s objective is as much the total dismantling of our country as it is of the left.

  7. The audacity of the Liberal-Left is to claim that almost all philosophers and intellectuals in general share their persuasion since the Age of Enlightenment. Thus they will falsely claim the blessing of such great minds as that of Voltaire (friend of Frederick the Great) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
    In 1755 Rousseau completed his 2nd major work “Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men” Rousseau believed in the moral simplicity of humanity, popular sovereignty and positive liberty. Such views are hardly left’. Nor is his dictum: ” A home for everyone is home for no one.”

  8. Intelligence and membership of the Tory Party do not go hand in hand. Some of the most stupid and self-centred people I have ever met were Tory Party councillors. If you could package and sell ignorance then they would all be millionaires!

  9. One of the consequences of the left-wing fallacy in an ideology which thinks that the intellect is all and also believes in the equality of all, is that while racial differences in physique are not taken much notice of, any suggestion that there are intellectual or temperamental racial differences are fiercely, even hysterically denounced..

    This is the case even when those scientists who produce evidence demonstrating that (for example) the mean IQ of blacks in whites societies is 15 points (One standard deviation) below that of whites and has not increased in the USA for generations notwithstanding decades of affirmative action (ie racial discrimination) in their favour, are of the highest standing

    To admit that IQ measures something real and that the IQ of the different races differ, would mean the end of modern leftism and also important to leftists an end of one of their primary emotional props..

  10. We are now looking a void in politics and UKIP are the Dolly Mixture party.In Kent down in Thanet they took 5 seats,all ex Tories,but in Swale,Mike Baldock is an ex Labour lefty.So the political views and ideology are at two different ends of the political spectrum.Our chances are enhanced by asking them at proper hustings to explain there policies.
    On immigration Farage is more akin to Milliband rather than a natural Tory,yet only on Europe which is peoples main hate are they on par with the old BNP policy.If we in 2006 had put up more candidates our position would of been stronger,remember Farage put us in the frame and worked that angle.He is a showman,a chancer and self styled narcissistic person.
    We must work at putting the branch system and organisation in place to start taking advantage.

  11. ( Party Official ) Our Prime Minister , with the help of the media , are still treating us like fools. They keep on saying that David Cameron will try AGAIN to get a vote through Parliament to BOMB I.S.L. in SYRIA. This is NOT TRUE as the previous vote REFUSED him permission to BOMB PRESEDENT ASSAD ! He is hell bent on REGIME CHANGE IN SYRIA so if he wins this vote you can expect MISSION CREEP ! Watch this space as the British Democratic Party have a proud record of BEING RIGHT !

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