Stuart Agnew MEP Puts The BBC Straight On Brexit!!

YOUR BREXIT  regularly publishes the latest Brexit-related news and opinions from their own team of bloggers who are passionate about our exit from the European Union.

In the following video, published on the ‘Your Brexit’ Website, UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew puts BBC reporter straight on Brexit.

Your Brexit’ says “An interview with the BBC is always going to be bias towards the left, however, Aggers knew this and was prepared”

The interview has amassed over 127,000 views in a matter of weeks.

Check out the video below.

Some users wrote:

“Great interview!  Confidence in those figures that he was firing at the interviewer. It made me think of Diane Abbott and her dismal interviews and by Christ don’t throw a number at her!!!!!”

“Well put real facts Stand up against DEMANDS from the EU commission. No accounts signed of for over 20 years Davis should walk away Simple”

“Well said. If they feel like punishing the UK for leaving, it hardly says much for their principle of free movement!”

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  1. Very well said from Mr Agnew…we know what to expect from the Leftie BBC!

  2. Yes , Biased and lefty indeed. The Bolshevic Broadcasting Corporation should lose all it’s compulsory license money and stand on it’s own two left feet ! It will fall over , and good riddance to a NATIONAL EMBARRASMENT !

  3. A man who knows the facts, about the EU and the bbc. Well said Aggers!!!

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