Two Events Have Recently Taken Place That The Mainstream Media Have Hidden From You

by John Shaw

In Small Heath, Birmingham, over 100,000 people met for an Islamic meeting and rally June 2017.

Football Lads Alliance Anti-Extremest, Anti-Terrorist March London June 2017


In Small Heath, Birmingham, over 100,000 yes 100,000 mostly Pakistani people met for an Islamic meeting and rally.  Pictures of such a massive domination of our second city would worry even so called moderate people, so there was a news blackout!


Secondly, and this is most encouraging,  thousands and thousands of football fans held a march in London. Fans from several clubs supported the anti-terrorist, anti-extremist event.



There is no way the multi-cultural media was going to show our people starting to unite in protest at the awful losses our society has suffered due to multi-culturalism, SO THEY DIDN’T.

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  1. Having watched the film of OUR PEOPLE , I would not say it was entirely us , but they sure are heading the right way. It reminded me of the heady days of the N.F. when we were blamed for much of the Football Violence in the Newspapers. WHAT ACTUALLY USED TO HAPPEN was N.F. away fans would meet up with the home supporters as the Party Branches enjoyed seeing one another. Often EVERYONE ELSE WAS FIGHTING. The Party was a unifying force ! At one time the dreadful , lying media blamed the N.F. for the ZULU WARRIORS ! You could not make it up , as they say , BUT THEY DID !

  2. ”Unite Against Racism” was one slogan at the beginning…Once they are dancing to the ‘we are not racists’ pipe-tune and using it as a disclaimer… then they are accepting the enforced multicultural agenda.
    This appears to be a less rowdy version of the EDL.

  3. Well it is good to see Brits protesting against Islam, it’s better than doing nothing about it. . OK sadly no union flags on show .

    The attacks were committed by evil cowards who had been given a better life here, and this was the way they repaid it. Once again showing the failure of muliculturism and shame on the idiots who created it.

  4. BREAKING NEWS : The Mayor of a Paris suberb called Levallois – Perret say’s he actually saw a BMW car drive into a group of Soldiers , badly injuring six.HE HAS NO DOUBT IT WAS DELIBERATE. ( whatever the BBC say about us not jumping to conclusions ) Civilised Countries need to all adopt a Policy of the EMEDIATE DEPORTATION of anyone who HATES THE COUNTRY they are living in ! Straight back to where they came from should be the tactic , whether it’s Hatred of France and the French People , or Britain and the British People. The message should be , if you Hate us , then your gone and we will not WAIT FOR YOU TO COMMIT A VIOLENT ACT AGAINST US EITHER !

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