Sold Down The River!

by John Shaw

A Conservative Prime Minister in Florence, Breaking Our Hearts Again.

Conservative minded people as well as the vast majority of traditional British citizens waited in hope for the Conservative Party to ‘come good’ and deliver the Brexit that was voted for and indeed promised.  Instead they are letting us all down again, badly.

We realists in the British Democrats know that people vote for purely economic reasons at general election time, but urge you all, after this final betrayal, to join us.

We are a classless patriotic party who are drawing support from Conservative and Moderate Labour people, who are sick and tired of mass immigration, political correctness and a misleading media.

Although most British people never actually join a political party, we urge all sensible patriots to think of themselves and their families by joining us and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

6 thoughts on “Sold Down The River!

  1. Since I wrote this article about the Florence let down , we have had the Manchester Conference let down. Talking about the Conservative Conference I was amazed that all speeches that discussed HOUSING , managed to forget to mention the fact that Mass Immigration is the cause of the Housing Problems. People who come here need to actually LIVE SOMEWHERE ! Stating the obvious , Yes , but this simple fact has escaped the Conservative , Labour and Liberal Parties !

  2. The majority of Third World people that have been invited here en masse by the political elite have caused the housing crisis/drain on public services. It’s the demand which we are unable to cope with, and the politicians who oversaw this act of betrayal are the last ones to admit it!

    1. Regarding the Housing crisis and drain on Public services , search for our ‘ We have the most expensive Strawberry Pickers in the World ‘ article

  3. There were some excellent leaflets left on a bus from a group called Better Off Out. Danger Brexit Betrayal! In the referendum we voted to leave the EU and take back control of our Borders, Laws, Money, Trade. However, some politicians are now plotting to keep us in the EU in all but name.

  4. Why oh why when these politicians state that the hospitals are full of old people do they not also state that we let in too many immigrants to sustain the NHS NOT old people we paid for it!!!

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