Shock News: “Confidence in MPs Plummet”

By Southwest Nationalist. A survey conducted on behalf of the Committee on Standards in Public Life has warned that public confidence in MPs has plummeted in recent years. No shock there then.

A catalogue of broken pledges, expenses cheats out early after slap on the wrist sentences, illegal wars on the go, a country in tatters, a political culture where sound bites take precedence over substance, we could go on forever here.

Just 26% of people now believe that MPs are dedicated to doing a good job for the electorate, down on 46% from the last survey in 2008.

Again, 26% of people think that MPs are competent at their jobs, a fall of 10% from the last survey.

Whether they tell the truth – well, you know the old saying you can fool some of the people…’s down from 26% to 20%. If their lips are moving then beware might be sound advice for the remaining 20%.

Only 15% of people believe that MPs are in touch with the public, down from 29%.

Much of the fall in public confidence is attributed to ongoing fallout from the expenses scandal, but it is far more than that as mentioned earlier.

It’s, well, everything to be honest.

There is something fundamentally rotten with the system, and with politicians, and the result is lost public confidence and huge voter apathy.

Between the three main parties there seems little to choose, they’re career politicians with minor cosmetic differences, no real substance to any of them.

Like or loathe Lib/Lab/Con a few decades in the past, at least they had some distinct identity from one another. Now, they all seem to have converged, and they’ve seemingly met on all the points that will continue to do Britain harm.

It’s like we’re going through the motions, just trading faces in high places with little in the way of tangible benefits for the British people.

The three party political system has become farce where the only question at an election is who are going to be the faces that continue Britain on the road to ruin, and who is going to enjoy a cushy five years with their hands deep in the expenses swag bag.

Decades of Labour and Tory playing trading places, with the Liberal Democrats – at least until now when they’ve got the one and only bite of the government cherry they’ll ever get – as the always third place party, has failed, and total loss of public confidence in those whom we must trust to run our nation is the result.

Uniquely, we’ve seen in a few short years all three of those parties in action holding the reins of power – the disastrous Blair/Brown years for Labour, and now the comatose coalition of ConDem – and we don’t like what we see.

It’s no wonder Britain has no confidence in politicians, and we’re unlikely to regain any until we stop going through the motions and keeping on electing the usual suspects.

We know they’ve let us down time after time, we know nothing will change with them in power, how can we have any confidence in that?

3 thoughts on “Shock News: “Confidence in MPs Plummet”

  1. Until quite recently the BNP could justifiably point the finger at the LibLabCon in terms of bringing politics into disrepute. But then, of course, Griffin burst upon the scene – meaning that the BNP’s former moral high ground has been leveled and we are justifiably exposed to accusations of hypocrisy.

    As an aside I notice another massive Griffin own goal. Within days of trying to crucify Panorama hacks on the issue of paedophiles operating within the BBC we learn from the media that an head office approved official in the Midlands (I assume a “Griffin loyalist”) has been arrested for alleged paedo activity. No doubt Panorama will now return the favour. Nice one Mr. G – where would we be without a “leader” like you?

    I would write more but my mobile just bleeped – oh, what a surprise, another DONATE text from the usual suspects.

  2. When you walk down the street in any town of size now, every black, brown face or yellow face you see tells you that you don’t live in a democracy where the people’s wishes are truly represented.

    Because they were, those be faces wouldn’t be there.

  3. ( Party Official ) With the appalling state of our Country and the despair amongst us Nationalists , I thought reading the above article about the low opinion of people regarding our M.P.’S might cheer us all up ! THERE IS HOPE and there are plenty of signs that people are moving towards NATIONALIST THINKING. Things CAN change quickly for the better. To any doubters I would like to point out that there has been massive changes in the last couple of years. Labour lost nearly every seat they held in Scotland. Ukip went from a couple of hundred votes in most constituency’s to getting 3 million 9 hundred thousand votes. With our respected name this could happen for us ! Join Today and let us make it sooner rather than later !

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