Shock, Horror and Shame (With A Genuine Fear Of Speaking Our Minds)

by A Traditional British Citizen

No single act has brought home the fact that this country is institutionally multi- cultural, than our Prince announcing that he is to marry a lady of mixed race from another country.

British nationalists have been officially monarchists since the forming of the National Front in 1967, albeit reluctant monarchists, having always felt let down by the ‘First Family’.

The duty of the Monarchy was decided, long ago, by Oliver Cromwell and Charles the first and whilst our democratic governments come and go, under a system copied throughout the world, the idea is that the ‘First Family’ represent the people and country, faithfully and decently.

I believe that things like traditional culture and heritage are the backbone of our country and guarantee the unique, independent future of the British people.

This forthcoming marriage flies in the face of all that I believe in and therefore with the greatest respect to the lady in question, I cannot in all conscience, approve or celebrate.


8 thoughts on “Shock, Horror and Shame (With A Genuine Fear Of Speaking Our Minds)

  1. The situation is not being welcomed by the Left either, as they are staunch anti monarchists and dont want their mad diversity ideals being hijacked by everything which symbolises wealth. Lets face it, the people celebrating are the media, who will make a fortune from all the hype!

    1. Globalists of both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are celebrating though. If this wedding happens it means yet another reminder of our national history/national continuality is destroyed. Britain doesn’t have a electorally succesfull party that has the nation’s survival and advancement at the centre of its politics like virtually all other countries in Europe do. We have the Labour Party which is only interested in class warfare and out-of-date economics neo-Marxist economics and then there is the Conservative Party which used to pay lip-service to our nation but now doesn’t even do that and has a weird philosophy of open-borders globalist liberalism orientated towards the interests of the 1% and extreme globalist libertarian economics which have wrecked our industrial base.

      Some Royal courtiers probably think this wedding will get the Royal Family some PC Brownie Points amongst ethnics but I doubt it. They won’t be satisfied until the Monarch or their consort is one of them and many on the Left won’t be either since they oppose the Monarchy on IDEOLOGICAL grounds of them being ‘rich toffs’ who ‘live the life of Riley’ and also because ONLY a member of the Windsor family can be our Head of State thus denying the possiblity of an ‘ordinary Joe Bloggs’ from being able to get into that position In short, NOTHING the Royal Family do or say will EVER gain the approval of Republicans and change their stance of wanting Britain to become a Republic. This wedding will merely increase Republicanism in the longterm and those who have been the strongest supporters of the Monarchy ie most nationalists/patriots/traditionalists will now found it much harder to counter Republican attitudes. The Royals are basically weakening their support levels amongst our group but not gaining any real increase amongst others.

  2. This is not 1967, we do not have the calibre of the Patriots whom attended that meeting to form the National Front,we still had a some respect from other Nations and we were not swamped with Third World aliens therefore we need to rethink and engage with todays citizens most of whom I feel, would support a British Republic

    1. That’s all for sure , Graham. We NATIONALISTS were right about it all then and we are right about it all now. I wonder if we had had a decent , Patriotic Nationalist ROYAL , who had advocated the cause all these years , would we have won the day ? PROBABLY ! The Spanish King was allied to the wonderful General Franco and they saved Spain from the Communists and Anarchists. They then saved the Spanish People from the Slaughter of the Second World War , by remaining Neutral. Franco made sure the Monarchy would survive after his death.

  3. It will be used non-stop by the media, make no mistake about it, but what will it change in society ? absolutely nothing. Will it mean everyone of different cultures will suddenly start to like each other? Well I think we all know the answer to that one.

  4. What a beautiful picture…but it no longer symbolises what it once did. It does not represent the British people. Unfortunately the Royals are now volunteering themselves to be used as another cog in the wheel of the Cultural Marxist propaganda machine.

  5. I have never cared for the Monarchy to be honest and believe We should be a federal Republic with written constitution to enshrine our sovereignty and freedoms

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