Shakespeare or Shakespeare Style – 'That is the Question'

Cumberbatch-large_trans++_Qt1iuvWth76e9d_IW2U0VAHdSI2U9DaX-Uc4wx-H1oIn the recent BBC presentation of the Hollow Crowns, it was implied that viewers would see much of Shakespeare’s plays on Henry VI that dealt with the main characters in the unfolding of the Wars of the Roses. It did not take long before we realised it was  another opportunity for the BBC to brainwash viewers into believing that Africans were prominent in Britain and France by the 15th Century – and in high places at that.

I toyed with the idea of writing a letter to the Daily Telegraph, but soon realised I would be wasting my time by indulging in such ‘racism’.  As I was impressed by the acting of the African woman Sophie Okonedo (particulalry where it called for hysteria) and also that of Benedict Cumberbatch, I confined my letter as follows.

“SIR – Without wishing to belittle Serena Davies’ splendid review of the Hollow Crowns, it is a pity she keeps company with those who have projected it as an exact performance of extracts from Shakespeare’s trilogy of plays on Henry VI. At least half was delivered in a Shakespearian style of dialogue. And wonderful was the delivery in the performances of Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III and Sophie Okonedo as Margaret of Anjou, a woman of great force and impetuosity, but certainly not a ‘warrior’ Queen.

“It should be noted that she did not appear in Henry VI, Part 3 and had ‘retired’ to France several years before the Battle of Bosworth.

“The excellence of Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance was no doubt inspired by the utter villainy he gave to Richard Hunchback’s indulgence in every aspect of crime. Many historians of the past would have thought this was probably unjust.
For example, Professor Cyril Ransome in his Short History of England, 1887, said “He was an unscrupulous man, who slew men freely if they stood in his way, but not a tyrant.”
Yours faithfully,


John Bean”


Needless to say, my letter, although politely acknowledged, was not published

7 thoughts on “Shakespeare or Shakespeare Style – 'That is the Question'

  1. My niece is a keen actress who has studied drama and been in plays. Unless you get lucky and/or know the right people acting is neither a reliable or consistent way of providing an income for yourself.

    She did inform me of something her agent had spoken to her about, namely the current pressure on reflecting ”diversity” and the inherent failure of this artificial measure. I had to stifle a laugh as she told me of a discussion with her agent who had recently been to a Shakespeare play where eight of the cast were black and it had quickly turned into a farce, with substandard acting from most of the cast.

    When the pressure is to display ”diversity” at the expense of the quality of the acting, then you know it becomes an impossible juggling act. How can we keep everyone happy ? According to the agent, the pressure to reflect ”divesity” is like never before and it is going to get worse before it gets any better. If only I could be so optimistic.

    1. Some blacks are very competent actors JJM. One just has to watch these daytime programmes where they convince councils of their need of housing. But then spend their housing allowance on anything other than the rent it is meant to pay. And also getting folk to invest in Nigerian scams.
      Whether this is because of good acting, or stupid folk running councils is of course a moot point.

  2. I guess Fagin would not be Jewish in modern forms. Dickens like Shakespeare is not regarded well by a certain tribe . I have been told in certain areas in America ( the land of the free) these two authors works are banned.
    I also guess Othello would now be black rather than a blacked up Lord Oliver. So I think in certain respects modernisms tick the PC boxes, of the bed wetting self haters.
    Those of a normal disposition , well most walk though life without a care. until the day the thought police smash down their front doors, What a surprise that’ll be

    1. Yes Baz4545.
      A fellow Party member and mysf were travelling back from a job last week and due to the glorious weather many of the pubs had large groups of drinkers spilling out of the doors .”Is it only us Nationalist worry about the state of the Nation ?” I asked him ” Look at them Immigration or the EU are the last thing on their minds” they are oblivious to the Terror that Islam will unlease on the Indigenous population if they eventually take control.Sadly this seems to be the order of the day for Whites ,enjoy yourself its later than you think.

  3. Heh, heh…Not disputing that some of them are good actors whether it be down the council housing offices or occasionally up on stage…however, giving them a part in a play/tv programme purely to reflect ”diversity” can only lead to a lowering of standards… the individuals abilities are no longer the priority. We all know that.

    It’s the same with the Met Police, a discriminatory ruling that prevents ”too many whites” joining the Met is the Out Of Town Ban : people outside the capital are not eligible to join the Met, thus increasing the proportion of applicants from ethnic backgrounds. The purpose of this cynical tactic is to appease high crime communities that claim the police are ”racist” …Former Mayor Boris Johnson approved the Out Of Town Ban.

  4. By introducing what might be called “cultural changes” to Shakespeare, thereby making his plays more “politically correct”, I think that the UK has taken a big step towards establishing the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s prophetic novel “1984”.

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