Right to Family Life Means Nigerian Rapist Can Stay in UK

By Southwest Nationalist. Britain continues to be the laughing stock of criminals the world over with news that European Court of Human Rights has ruled that we cannot remove a Nigerian man convicted of rape because it would violate his rights to a family life.

The 24 year old Nigerian, known only as AA, was convicted of rape at the age of 15. Since then he has apparently been rehabilitated and is described as only posing a low risk of re-offending.

Because he lives with his mother in England, deporting him will violate his right to a family life the Strasbourg court ruled.

The court’s ruling cited the fact that the UK government were required to provide further evidence to support their contention that the Nigerian man was likely to engage in further criminal activities.

The government failed to do so, nor submitted any documents which were sufficient to support such a contention with the court.

The case had been taken to the court by the Aire Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe), for whom a spokesman commented that “There has been the most spectacular rehabilitation of a juvenile offender. The blanket approach taken by the UK was totally inappropriate”.

That’s fine then. Commit a terrible crime, but get a few qualifications and the backing of enough people who will say you are rehabilitated, and you can stay in the UK.

Whether or not someone is likely to re-offend or not surely should be an irrelevance.

They committed a nasty crime to begin with, that should be enough. If their right to a family life and desire to remain in Britain was so important to them then they should have chosen not to commit the crime.

Shame is, in idiotic Britain, they don’t really have to worry that much about being kicked out — between human rights and an army of do-gooders and lawyers — deportation is a hollow threat seldom carried out.

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” very much appears to have been rewritten to read “if you can’t do the time then play the human rights card”.

[Ed’s note: The Conservative Party promised to revoke the Human Rights Act in their election manifesto. Not surprisingly, they have failed to implement this undertaking].

2 thoughts on “Right to Family Life Means Nigerian Rapist Can Stay in UK

  1. The Conservatives promised to revoke the Human Rights Act but Clegg says (at his Party jamboree today), “It is here to stay.” Clearly the tail is wagging the dog! Anyone got a sharp knife?

  2. If he came from Nigeria then he should have been returned there immediately after serving his sentence. He is described as only posing a “low risk of re-offending”. Surely, if there is any risk of him re-offending, no matter how small, it is unacceptable for him to be allowed to stay and endanger the population of Britain. Therefore he should be sent back to Nigeria, where he belongs. As he is now being allowed to stay, if he carries out another rape in the future then the European Court of Human Rights and the British Government are going to be who we should all blame. Do the human rights of his past victim mean absolutely nothing?

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