Revealing Our News Controllers

By John Bean


Kamal Ahmed

Kamal Ahmed, the BBC’s new Editorial Director of News, was born in the UK with a Sudanese father and an English mother. A graduate of Leeds University in 1990 with a degree in politics, it is not surprising he later worked on The Guardian  and then became political editor of  The Observer. It was here that he was criticised by fellow journalist Nick Davies for publishing numerous articles that contained ‘significant falsehoods or distortion’.


In December 2013 his appropriate record meant he was snapped up by the BBC as business editor of BBC News: then on to economics editor. His latest appointment is editorial director of news. In this role Ahmed will be responsible for shaping editorial strategy, ‘focusing on storytelling (I am not making this up) and explanatory journalism, providing the link between audience research and BBC output’, the corporation said.


Kamal Ahmed

What is particularly important about this appointment is that Ahmed’s new position was created by Fran Unsworth, a long term supporter of multiculturalism within the BBC. In December 2005 Unsworth appeared on the BBC’s Newswatch program facing accusations of double standards in BBC News reporting of racial crimes when white people were the victims.  Complaints suggested the  BBC buried stories such as the racist murder of Kriss Donald in Glasgow. This 15-year-old Scottish lad was brutally murdered by a gang of Pakistani men, some of whom fled to Pakistan after the crime. Unsworth admitted  the case had not been covered sufficiently and that there had been space to do so.


In 2011 BBC News was criticised  for referring to looters in the 2011 London riots as ‘protesters’, even two days into the violence. In response to 62 complaints about the matter, Unsworth conceeded that the BBC had been wrong to do so. In November 2012, Unsworth was appointed Acting Director of News  while Nick Pollard prepared his report into the BBC’s non-coverage of the burgeoning Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal.


ITV and Sky


We do not have to watch BBC TV or listen to BBC radio, but British nationalists and patriots in general  will find only few improvements with the  competitors.


Geoff Hill

ITN, responsible for ITV and Channel 4 News, were recently run by John Hardie for nine years. He was previously Managing Director of Walt Disney TV in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The latest editor of ITV Network News is Geoff Hill.  An indication of  multicultural feelings is the fact that at    one time he was director of coverage at CNN International.  For those not familiar with America’s leading TV company is that CNN is looked upon as the equivalent of the BBC.


Well, you don’t have to listen to the BBC or ITV for your news.  There’s also Sky UK, who possibly don’t present so many untruths as the BBC. But the part-connection with Rupert Murdoch is still there, as also Disney, and ownership is really by 21st Century Fox.

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  1. Interesting how bias and political opinion shapes mass media. Much media could be considered as considered factual by public.

    What media sources are truly independent or even nationalist?

  2. Thanks for writing this article John Bean. The BBC have become a national embarrassment.

    Their mollycoddling of “diversity” means they routinely filter all news and “information” according to a rabidly PC agenda, which includes cover-ups and “user friendly packaging” for inconvenient truths they can’t completely cover up, in short…. race propaganda.

    the “Beeb” ensures Whites will continue to expiate everything they have, including their country and taxes, in return for a surfeit of guilt cooked up by a scheming gang of Frankfurt School devotees.

    The names mentioned, and the many others in league with them, have not a an ounce of shame between them.

  3. An excellent article that highlights the utter contempt that we Nationalists hold towards the mainstream media is completely justified.

    The late John Tyndall devoted an entire chapter on the subversive antics of the mass media in his political masterpiece ‘The Eleventh Hour’. Mr Tyndall sums it all up perfectly in the final paragraph, page 285, chapter 12 entitled ‘The Role of the Media’-

    “In conclusion to this chapter dealing with the mass media, there is one final thing left to be said. When all has been debated, we are left with the truth that there is no higher right belonging to a nation and a people than the right of self preservation. If the leadership of any people is faced with the existence of an influence within the national body that is serving as nothing short of a fifth column eating away at the very vitals of that body and promising with certainty to destroy it if not checked, then that leadership, by failing to root out the influence, is showing, not’moderation’,’restraint’,’tolerance’ or ‘broad-mindedness’, but sheer craven cowardice, irresponsibility and lack of will to govern. This is the principle upon which we must base our policy to rescue the mass media from the hands of the liars, subverters and corrupters who now control them – to restore them to the property of the nation to which they rightly belong”.

  4. I loathe the BBC and left wing press with a passion get rid of the BBC now & it’s licence fee

    • Adam, I too loathe the media institutions that purport to report the news;I resent the degradation of the word British: language and meaning of words is corrupted beyond recognition.
      The Sudanese driver who recently caused terror at Parliament was immediately described as a ‘British’ citizen- technically true; and therein lies this egregious treachery by the political slime, who (tragically) claim to represent the people.

  5. Following the recent attack at Westminster by the 29 Sudanese man every broadcast prefaced the above with ‘ A British Citizen of Sudanese origin’s. Indeed.
    Taking place is a soft genocide and the BBC in media terms is at the tip of the spear in ‘re-educating’ the indigenous people of the British Isles.
    Corrupted output of information and also simultaneously corrupt the language so the meaning is then radically altered.

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