'Remain' Tories Hide Migration Figures

John Bean says


eu out (mod)A number of  Government reviews on immigration are being held back until after the June 23   referendum. The Remain (stay-in) conglomerate know that public concern over the ever-rising rate of immigration is the major concern for many who will be supporting Brexit (leave).

Important as the effect on housing prices, pressure on wage levels, and traffic congestion reaching ever increasing levels are, it is the downward pressure on education levels that concerns so many parents.


It is over a year ago that  Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, set up an analysis of the pressure primary schools face in teaching children who do not speak English. It is also examining how immigration  has affected the number of school places available. But the full results of the Department of Education’s study will not be published, as originally  planed, until after June 23.


For the reasons I gave last month, I shall be voting to ‘leave’. Those doing likewise must not forget that if this vote is successful we shall still be facing large numbers of  Afro-Asian immigrants who still outweigh the numbers of fellow European migrants from the continent.


New World Order

As well as pursuing a consistent campaign against the exaggerated claims made by most global warmists,  Christopher Booker has long been a critic of the bureaucracy and fiscal incompetence of the EU. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph of 17 April 2016 he claims that the expanding rules being set by global organisations “ now make the EU irrelevant”. He says that one after another, groups campaigning to ‘Remain’ have been claiming as benefits of membership of the EU things which have been handed down by the fast-emerging network of global governance. Some of us refer to it as the ‘New World Order’.

Among the examples being claimed as benefits coming from the EU is ‘abolishing phone call roaming charges across the EU. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) which stems from the United Nations, used a lower ranked global body, the International Telecommunications Union to ensure that the roaming charges were being abolished across the world, with the EU right at the back of the queue.

Next we have much talk on how the EU is playing a key part in ending wholesale tax avoidance by multinational corporations. But one reason why they have been getting away with it is that the EU had enshrined in its treaty that right to the “free movement of capital” originally laid down by the OECD.

One reason why the EU is able to boast that is has been cutting back on its tens of thousands of directives ad regulations  is simply that it has been replacing them with new rules handed down from higher bodies such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the International Standards Organisation, the International Maritime Organisation and scores of others, most based in Geneva, not in Brussels.

We must not be misled by the good that some of these New World Order bodies appear to be doing. For them, long term the EU has served its purpose, and good European nationalists grew to accept it. When the NWO announces that all countries will now be directed by a World Government we won’t be given the choice of voting to ‘Remain’ in or to ‘leave’.

8 thoughts on “'Remain' Tories Hide Migration Figures

  1. We can win and will win Obamas America means nothing to Me nor does the doomed EU getting rid of the LibLabConRoyals couldn’t happen sooner

  2. Obama has passed his opinion about what we should vote in the referendum.
    This is an example why we ought to vote out- being told what to do by foreigners.

  3. Of course the figures they are delaying are the official one not the actual ones, which bear no relation. Blair claimed not to know , but was the demon that opened the flood gates to eastern Europe, as if taking in the rest of the worlds masses were not enough.
    One day perhaps the truth will out. be not whilst the banksters mafia own our politicians.

  4. The increasing pressure on schools because of mass immigration are clearly highlighted in the following article http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/365. If we get to leave the EU the problems we face are still mounting regarding third world birthrates in our cities. Crime in London rose in the past 12 months by just over four % – or an extra 29,192 offences. Violent crime is up 5%. Brexit is just the first of many steps in reclaiming our once great nation.

    1. And of course JJM crime figures are massaged down all the time and have been since 1997.
      Plus if no description of offenders is forthcoming, I tend to think ‘I wonder why ?’

    2. ( Party Official ) Yes J J M. ” Brexit is just the first of many steps in reclaiming our once great Nation “. The first domino to fall and when it does it could start a fantastic move towards NATIONALISM in our Country , with FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR PARTY.

  5. I am also of the opinion the BREXIT bunch as seen on TV are the Clown Alexandre Call me Boris Johnson and Gove, two very unattractive persons. Nerds best describes them.
    Or am I being paranoid or paralytic .

  6. ( Party Official ) Something else that is being held back is the dastardly plan to seize our high powered kettles and toasters ! An article in the Telegraph says ( I am told ! ) the SUPERSTATE IS GOING TO LAUNCH A CRACKDOWN ON OUR HIGH POWERED ( REALLY ? ) KETTLES AND TOASTERS DUE TO EMMISIONS. End the MADNESS , VOTE LEAVE AND KEEP THEMOUT OF YOUR KITCHEN !

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