Priest killed In French Church Attack – Marine Le Pen’s statement

Marine Le Pen’s statement to the press of 26th July 2016

The victims of the latest Islamist terrorist attack carried out this morning at the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray are in all our thoughts.  Father Jacques Hamel died after his throat was cut, while horrified nuns and parishioners were forced to watch.

We are in a state of shock.  The savages who publically proclaim their allegiance to this murderous ideology have gone too far by attacking a Catholic place of worship and committing such atrocities against peace-loving men and women.  The very heart of our nation’s cultural identity is now under premeditated attack.

Faced with the frightening increase in the number of attacks carried out on our soil, there is one a week these days, and the intolerable ratcheting up of the degree of savagery, we say to the government and the President of the French Republic that inaction is no longer an option.  The French people, for whom I am merely a spokeswoman, demand that at long last the government should take the necessary steps to bring to an end the decades of wilful blindness and weakness that have brought France to this pass.

There must be a political response.  If the rule of law, to which we are committed, is to be maintained, the first step is to apply the existing laws and impose the punishments that they prescribe.

Yet in the two most recent presidential terms of M. Sarkozy and M. Hollande, the slide towards Islamism has known no obstacle, and the rise of the criminality that serves as its breeding ground has speeded up.  We now know what consequences the inaction of successive governments has had.  We will no longer be content with fine words, but expect that the present government will act at once.

Might I remind the government of our principal proposals, which they can put into effect.  The closure of extremist mosques, the expulsion of hate preachers, proper border controls, an end to immigration, a veto on the German policy of welcoming immigrants to Europe, the deportation of immigrant offenders after they serve their prison sentences, internment of those on the security service’s watch list, strengthening the police, the intelligence services and the army, the reform of our law of nationality, harsher punishments for crime, actually making criminals serve their sentences[1], building more prisons.

The social contract upon which our Republic was founded vests the right to use force to protect the people in the government alone.  History will condemn this government if it continues to fail to take actions, so harming national cohesion or, worse still, public order.

(Translation by Adrian Davies)

[1]  the murderer of Father Hamel had been released from prison on licence

Further great tweets from Marine Le Pen

“All those who have misgoverned us for thirty years bear a heavy responsibility for what has happened.  It disgusts me to listen to their silly chatter.”


And from her niece Marion Le Pen:

“They kill our children, murder out policemen and cut our priests’ throats.

Wake up!”

3 thoughts on “Priest killed In French Church Attack – Marine Le Pen’s statement

  1. Been in hospital a while hence no post of any quality or otherwise. I think its a shame the BDP takes religious sides in this scenario .After all the Catholic church in Europe and our own C of E in Britain have been in the forefront of chastising us for not welcoming these so called refugees by their millions.
    In a way the slaying of Fr J Hamel is ironic to say the least. For I’m sure he followed the zeitgeist proclaimed as just and moral by the churches. When the churches declare in favour of their own parish folk, then I might have a little more energy supporting then. But as a believer in a strong secular future .religion of all flavours is just of no interest. Apart of course our continued vigilance at one particular flavour.

    1. Baz, As far as I can see, the post was not about the BDP taking sides but rather about informing us about Marine Le Pen’s statement to the press on this particular issue.

      Having said that I don’t have any issues with the BDP supporting Christian values, after all this is still a Christian country and Christianity may well be Islam’s achilles heel.

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