Prevent? More Like Pretend

By Southwest Nationalist. Those poor young vulnerable Muslims. Not only are they vulnerable to being persuaded to blow themselves up in terror plots in the UK, they’re also being snooped on by a hateful state.

University staff are up in arms about being asked to pass on details of young Muslim students who may be ‘vulnerable’ to so called radicalisation.

The National Union of Students have told officers that they do not need to provide details to police unless presented with a warrant.

And, oh so predictably, they have to drag the EDL into it, naming them as a ‘hate group’.

“After the rise of hate groups such as the English Defence League, and the recent massacre in Norway, why are Prevent not also telling us to refer on students who have an irrational hatred of Islam?” says James Haywood, president of Goldsmiths college student union.

Perhaps because a lone nutter with no tangible connection to anything, and some street protests, don’t really equate to 7/7, train bombings, suicide bombs aimed at Christmas shoppers, need we go on?

Still, we all know that there’d be far less qualms about shopping someone who didn’t dare to show enough reverence for the mulitculti ideal, who had an ‘irrational hatred of Islam’, than there would be about having to report a potential Muslim nutjob.

In this day in age, in modern Britain, daring to say anything bad about the religion of peace is considered an irrational hatred, it’s the sacred cow that is beyond all criticism.

Aren’t there Muslims aplenty who have an ‘irrational hatred of’ the West, of our freedoms and way of life? Dare you to say that James Haywood, tell the truth, don’t qualify it with small minority either, other groups aren’t accorded that caveat in the same way Islam is.

Out comes the old chestnut about stigmatising Muslims as well, this time courtesy of Professor Ted Cantle of the Institute of Community Cohesion.

They’ve done a good enough job of that themselves. With government reports saying at least 40 UK universities have a ‘particular risk of radicalisation’ that seems to be evidence enough.

Who is it ‘radicalising’ them and why are they so receptive to this? Perhaps it is Muslims and Islam itself to blame?

Of course that will be dismissed and it will be said that they are not representative of Islam. They never are, but that same courtesy is never afforded to, for example, the EDL or the BNP, where one member committing a crime in the UK, or even a non member anywhere in the world who happens to mention either of them, is enough to condemn all.

Membership of these disapproved organisations is enough to earn the ire of the self appointed rulers of the PC creed, how’s that for irrational hatred on their part?

The one thing we can agree with though, and that is that the Prevent strategy is utterly flawed.

It’s window dressing to soothe us as the angry upstart Islam begins to achieve dominance in the UK, a sop to try and scoop up the most ‘radical’ elements who might intrude upon public attention with an atrocity, it does nothing to alter the fact that Islam is growing in power in the West and is increasingly flexing its muscles.

It does nothing to alter the fact that, compared to Western values, Islam itself is radical, it’s in its nature.

All it Prevents is people from realising the truth of what the West is facing from Islam, it does nothing to Prevent the future which the UK, and other Western nations, are facing.

It does not create that most absurd and impossible of things, an integrationist Islam, it just attempts to Prevent the most visible and vocal elements from intruding on our attention.

Islam is Islam, it does what it says on the tin – there’s no way of Preventing that, one way or another it seeks to achieve dominance, not integration.

Society aids and abets that by insisting that Prevention is possible, at least when we’re not worrying whether daring to mention a problem violates Muslims rights.

Prevention isn’t possible, not with half measures and Islam held up as a sacred cow which is immune from criticism, and not with all the excuses and buck passing which has become the West’s latest folly as we walk towards a Sharia future.

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