Poole Pottery shop closure – We Must Protect Our Traditional Local Industries

Poole Pottery was founded by a builder’s merchant and ironmonger in 1873 and since then has remained at the original site

Poole Pottery will close its doors for the final time at the quay after owner Denby said it failed to reach an agreement with the landlord. Denby said it was continuing to try to find alternative premises for the 144-year-old business. The closure of the shop, which also includes a studio and kiln, will mean 33 jobs will be cut.

Poole Pottery formerly ‘Carter’s Tiles’ can be see throughout the town.

A petition by Poole Pottery Collectors Club to keep the shop open gathered more than 4,000 signatures. Sue Smith, of Poole Pottery Collectors Club, said: “The loss of Poole Pottery is going to kill the town, totally.  “One million people a year go through that shop.”

‘Lasting mark’

Carter’s Tiles fronting the Poole Arms

Julie Worthington, who worked as a glaze sprayer at the manufacturer in the 1970s and 80s, described Poole Pottery as “the heart” of the town and brings so much tourism to the area.  “The town is already on its knees – I think this will finish it.”

She added that Pool Pottery had left a “lasting mark on the town” and that “Carter’s Tiles, which became Poole Pottery, can still be seen on lots of buildings in the town.”

Town signs made in Poole Pottery






Denby said it had been trying to reach an agreement with the landlord of the property for months and added it first made the town council aware of the difficulties Poole Pottery faced in 2014.  Borough of Poole Council previously described the move as “disappointing” and said it had offered support to the firm to find new premises.

We are unable to find out what support the Borough of Poole Council have offered since 2014, when they were made aware of the problem, and what actions they are taking now at this late stage, to ensure Poole Potteries retain a presence in the town.

33 Jobs will be lost should Poole Pottery Close




Poole Pottery was founded by a builder’s merchant and ironmonger in 1873 and has remained at its original site since.  Production of the pottery will continue at Middleport Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, where it has been carried out for the past five years.

10 thoughts on “Poole Pottery shop closure – We Must Protect Our Traditional Local Industries

  1. I used to visit Poole in Dorset , from the mid seventies onwards , many weekends a year from Birmingham. They say People make places and wow is Dorset the place to be , even to this day ! Many People are escaping the Multi Cultural Nightmare and moving to the South West from London , Birmingham , Leicester ECT. IT IS CALLED WHITE FLIGHT.

  2. Let’s hope they can save the business, and keep all their employees in a job… Too many traditional British businesses are falling victim to this kind of greed.

    1. YES , JJM , The real Pride of Poole is Sunseeker Boats. They are the largest employer in the area and a massive exporter of the most fantastic boats you can imagine. A couple of years ago , this wonderful company was sold out to a ‘ Hong Kong ‘ based outfit. This fantastic British Company is no longer ours , just like everything else nowadays. People still travel to Poole Quay to see these magnificent Vessels , being built across the water , but for how much longer. Look up the older article , written at the time , for the whole sad story , to date. Lets HOPE the final blow isn’t that the Company is leaving Dorset for Hong Kong !

  3. Talking about fantastic ( still ) Poole , the People are so friendly. In the summer there are thousands on Poole Quay , either admiring the vast range of boats or having just got off one. All types and a very happy throng. Some eating outside one of the many restaurants and some drinking outside the Pubs , admiring the view. Not one Policeman in sight , not even a traffic warden as the area has been pedestrianised. ‘ HIDEOUSLY WHITE ‘ we may be , but we are Happy on the WHITE FLIGHT COAST !

    1. How much longer will that be the case? A nice, law-abiding British community town at present but under the party Poole votes for the most heavily ie the CONServatives it WILL become a failed, lawless, Third World cesspit and Labour-voting place. The CONServative Party isn’t known as Britain’s ‘stupid party’ for nothing when it continually imports people who WON’T vote for them to any really significant extent. I also live in a Tory stronghold and I consider myself lucky to live here. Like many other Tory-dominated places ie Poole it also has a population with a high number of white Britons

      1. For someone who says he is glad to live in a Conservative area , you sure do have a chip on your shoulder regarding ‘ tories ‘. the labour party are ten times worse !

        1. I don’t. I just regard them as MORE DISHONEST in their globalist anti-British values than Labour. A Labour man will stab a fellow white Briton in the front but a Tory would loudly proclaim his alleged patriotism and then sneakily stab you IN THE BACK.

          I don’t know about you, John, but I think the globalist CONServative Party is STILL, despite all the evidence to the contary, Britain’s least suspected grave digger. I DIDN’T say they were worse just more dishonest hence they get votes from people who ARE GENUINE patriots but shouldn’t and that is a problem for people like us!

        2. In a few limited but still important ways, TORIES ARE WORSE, ie they tend to not give a damm about the enviroment. They are, at present, despite election leaflets to the contrary, nibbling away at Green Belts all over the country and they have mad road plans that will destroy what little decent countryside we have left.

          As a nationalist, I want to preserve the remaining beautiful places in Britain NOT wreck them and especially not do so because of our ever increasing population caused by mass immigration which the Tories HAVEN’T BOTHERED to control.

  4. We in the British Democratic Party maintain that our ‘ no standards ‘ society is falling apart and we want to stop this. Even in lovely , close to Poole , we are told this week ‘ Bournemouth Social Worker ‘ Dies of HEROIN OVERDOSE ‘. Pardon ? Just think of that. In any area , let alone Bournemouth. Whilst very sorry that this happened , the man worked in the CHILD PROTECTION TEAM and one of his hobbies was REGGAE . I do not know but my instinct tells me that this Welshmen was either Hard Left or a twisted liberal type , both have very bad opinions and neither type SHOULD EVER WORK FOR ANY COUNCIL , in the interest of PUBLIC DECENCY !

  5. Yes, as well being renowned for their creative talents, there is a comparatively low crime rate in these areas… No need to socially engineer the police for ”diversity”, as there is currently a big fuss now because the average UK police force ‘only’ has five Black police officers… all these futile efforts to appease high crime communities!

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