PFA’s “Rooney Rule”: Affirmative Action of Anti-White Racism?

By our football correspondent. The announcement by the Professional Footballers’ Association that it wants to force clubs to have black managers just because they are black, is nothing short of outright anti-white racism.

No amount of whining about “affirmative action” or “representation” can disguise the fact that such a move is based purely on racial considerations, and nothing else.

Who in their right mind would seriously claim that the football clubs are all somehow “racist”? Some 25 percent of players in the Football League black, and there are two black managers already.

The hysterical outburst last week on the topic by PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor, after meeting with the Cyrus Mehri (who blackmailed the US’s National Football League into hiring blacks with threats of “racism” accusations) is merely one more symptom of the growing anti-white racism which is spreading throughout the Western world.

It is, ironically, the liberals, who supposedly decry racial discrimination, who are the biggest supporters of this policy.

When there are no racial issues to raise, these same liberals will cry endlessly for “equal opportunities for all”—but as soon as there is a racial choice, these same liberals will squeal the loudest to promote any non-white over a white.

Mr Taylor was quoted in the media as saying that “the PFA spends a lot of money training players for the future and one of the most obvious areas of interest is coaching and management. For some reason the number of black people who actually get a chance in this area is very small.”

In other words, Mr Taylor is saying that the PFA already spends an inordinate amount of money on affirmative action programmes, but “for some reason” blacks just don’t seem to be interested in taking up coaching or management positions.

Instead of accepting the obvious—that possibly the career does not appeal to blacks who might prefer the better-paid glamour role of footballers—Mr. Taylor has fallen in line with the twisted liberal assumption that it is all whitey’s fault.

Somehow, somewhere, it is all the fault of “white racism.”  When black people do poorly at school, it is because the “teaching system (i.e. whites) is racist.”

When black people do poorly on the economic ladder, it is because the “employers (i.e. white people) are racist.”

When black people get stopped and searched – and arrested – by the police more than any other racial group, it is because the “law enforcement system (i.e. white people) is racist.”

When black people are jailed more than any other racial group, it is because the “legal system (i.e. white people) is racist”.

And so it goes on. It is always whitey’s fault, as if there is some gigantic worldwide conspiracy amongst white people to bring down every other race on earth.

The time has come for the truth to be told: there is no worldwide white racist conspiracy.

In fact, if anything, the record shows that white people have bent over backwards, several times over, to promote, provide subsidies to, give advantages to, and generally genuflect before all other races on earth.

It is simply nonsense to allege that British football clubs do not have black managers simply because of “racism” any more than it is “racism” to point out that the British Olympic swimming team is majority white and the track events team is majority black.

Britain – and indeed the white west – will need to shake itself free of the liberal self-blame death ideology, if it is too survive.

2 thoughts on “PFA’s “Rooney Rule”: Affirmative Action of Anti-White Racism?

  1. Let’s Kick Racism Out Of Football!!
    There has barely been a murmur of opposition about this but look at the coverage given to Ron Atkinson’s comments a few years ago.
    People should boycott all games where a manager has been appointed on the basis of skin colour and boycott all games where the make up of the teams is not representative of population.
    Proud to say I haven’t been to a game for 22 years.
    What a waste of time, money and energy.
    Greed and prima donnas has killed the game here in anycase.

  2. It is a great shame the way the peoples sport has been used for purposes of profit making and political correctness. I myself go to see my local team Droylsden, a couple of non-white players (it is a virtually all white area) but there is no sky sports, no exorbitant ticket prices and best of all FIFA is a long way away.

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