People Who Hate Britain Should Leave Britain

by Anglo Saxon

Anyone, from anywhere, who comes to live in and often off, our country, who then refuses all civilised British values, should be assisted to return to their own country, where they will be happier.


The British Democrats consider this fact to be self evident and I urge all who wish this democratic, civilised country of ours to survive as we know it, to join the British Democratic Party today.

3 thoughts on “People Who Hate Britain Should Leave Britain

  1. Well said Anglo Saxon. Many come here for the as they are aware they will have a standard of living much higher than in their native countries… But always revert to cultural type, and often become very demanding in the process. The realities of why this is, continue to escape the mental capacity of liberals, as does the negative social and economic impact of accepting so many people from these third world regions.

    I have just posted the form to renew my membership for the British Democrats… and I would encourage anyone who wants to preserve our traditions and culture to do likewise. We are running out of time, and sitting on the fence is no longer an option.

    There are no other patriotic Party’s that have an untainted good name, and there are none that have the respected Nationalists at the top who you could confidently rely on to give a good account of our cause when it comes to the scrutiny of the media… you cannot underestimate the importance of these attributes.

  2. When in Rome, as they say, but it just does not work out that way does it ? I never blame the immigrants themselves, even when don’t conform to our way of life, because the people who are responsible are the ones who persuaded them en-masse to come over, with everything on offer, naturally they all took up the offer. The political elite should have known what to expect, and don’t say they were not warned by the brave Enoch Powell!!!

  3. I agree ES. Immigration is enticed or even coerced. The coercion is partially as MPs back foreign military intervention.

    It is hard to measure whether someone agrees with British Values. We know those who don’t through their words and actions.

    Anglo-Saxon is corect, we Britons should do more to help ourselves and “urge all who wish this democratic, civilised country of ours to survive as we know it, to join the British Democratic Party today.”

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