Party launches 'Voice' brand localised leaflets.

By Leicestershire Correspondent


One key component of a successful party is having a good brand awareness and getting out into the cities, towns and villages and spreading the work. One of the best ways to promote a party is leafleting.
Over the years we have seen how parties have used local leaflets to a great success and one element to this success is recognition. From the BNP we had the 'Patriot', Lib Dems we get 'Focus', Conservatives in Touch, Labour 'Rose' and so on.
As part of the expansion of the Party, we will now be putting more emphasis on dual political campaigning by incorporating more localised issues coupled with national ones.
In one of the Party's campaign areas in Leicestershire, we have recently put together a new styled leaflet under the brand 'Voice' in this case 'Thurmaston Voice – in reference for the Party giving ' the silent majority' a voice and platform away from the merely mouth platitudes uttered by the old -gang parties. 

We must now grow and develop more local organisers and promote more localised campaigning and relate national issues to local problems people face day in day out.
The current NEC has a different tactic to the previous one. Instead of staying in a few select areas we believe in growing our Party and movement nationally into the regions. 
After May more people will discover the real agenda of the Trojan horse UKIP. This is the time to put our remit and agenda back in the minds of the masses.  



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  1. ( Party Member ) Dorset in general and Poole in particular will have ‘ VOICE ‘ BRAND leaflets, NOW that people are fast moving in our direction , we must stick to our principles and Policies and KEEP TRYING !

  2. Worked wonders for the Lib Dems, looks great.

  3. This is a good leaflet and the “Voice” should become a party brand.

  4. I wholeheartedly endorse this approach. We need to construct a credible alternative to UKIP from the grassroots upwards. Localised leaflets of this kind are essential to attaint this object.

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