Party Launches Improved Facebook page

facebookThe Party has set-up a new, more modern and professional looking Facebook page. The plan by the Party is to embrace social media much more. Moreover, advertise our Party and movement to the widest possible audience.


Social media is key tool in switching many of the 'masses' who wish, or are on the verge of embracing moderate, progressive and forward thinking patriotic movements. We must be at the forefront of this.    


Therefore, we urge all urge members, supporters and followers to 'like' and 'share' the new page with family and friends to help spread the word. Our new page can be found



Onwards and upwards as they say – we must keep spreading the word and moving forward. Future generations depend on our success!



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  1. This is an excellent idea My wife has just finished a Facebook advertising campaign for a Company for a spend of £120 she reached an audience of 94,000 people ! That has to be money well spent. These adverts start from £4 a day in blocks of three days and the great benefit is that you can pick the area , age group and even the gender of your target audience, a small spend can promote our Party Nationwide.

  2. It is to the credit of the British Democrats that it tolerates views held by members that are not necessarily part of the main beliefs of our party. An example of this is in the twitter I sent out today. It reads:

    No! to bureau-bound lib-left # EU. Yes to Confederation of fellow European sovereign states bound by common stock, culture & history.

    • Yes, the party needs to be tolerant of those who have views which are a bit different from the mainstream of the party. Virtually all political parties which are succesful are like this. It is true to say that a party which is in total agreement on all issues is very likely to be so small it is akin to being like the ‘one man and his dog’ scenario. Both Tory and Labour have only managed to remain large parties because they allow people like this to stay in their parties and contribute to them rather than driving them away.

      • ( Party Official ) Yes , Steven , we sure do ! You have constantly written AGAINST everything WE STAND FOR and we publish your HATRED of NATIONALISM all the time !

        • I think you need to read my posts a great deal more carefully. If you did, you would find I agree with the VAST MAJORITY of the policies/general stances of this party. Your way of thinking will ensure the party never becomes credible and electable which I am sure most of us wish to see considering the failures of the past!

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