Party Brexit Campaign in Loughborough

Loughborough_ParkThe Party has officially started its campaign for a ‘Leave’ vote from the EU in Loughborough. To add weight to the argument of leaving the EU, activists have put out one leaflet highlighting the costs of EU membership and another on the migrant crisis engulfing Europe.    The first ward to get such literature in Loughborough is Shelthorpe, as ward comprising of both traditional council and newly built housing. It is one of the seats traditionally held by Labour in Loughborough, a town for the most part dominated by Labour. This ward has historically given patriotic candidates decent votes dating back to 2006, when one patriotic party polled just under 29%. This against a backdrop of multiple smear leaflets from extremist third parties, who were aided by the local Labour party. Moreover, the British Democrats contested this area in the last ‘County’ elections when Kevan Stafford beat the Liberal Democrats and the Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts.

There is without question a genuine need for an effective political voice to represent the majority of voters who want Britain to leave the corrupt EU, halt destructive mass immigration and protect our culture and values. It is unlikely pro-immigration UKIP will ever fully subscribe to protecting our culture and national identity.

If anyone is interested in any literature or helping out please email:

8 thoughts on “Party Brexit Campaign in Loughborough

  1. ( Party Official ) Having a decent and respected NAME helps ! Our leaflets will be mostly read , resulting in support or at least some sympathy. UNLIKE two or more major ‘ rivals ‘ , with similar policies , whose name is so bad that their leaflets are ripped up on sight. With that bad an image , they could not get votes with a policy of FREE BEER !

  2. I now believe if we vote exit. the vote will then be fixed in a way to ignore it . Just as other inconvenient no votes have been overturned. by a latter vote . Or indeed we might be lied to entirely. Such is the system in place via postal voting, and voting by those not entitled.
    Personally I think only indigenous folk should vote. Those imported of late from the four corners of the EU could indeed have a vested interest in us staying . Fear of being re patriated playing a part ,even if promises are given that they will not be removed . Personally all those illegally here and those who have criminal records should be deported damned quick.

    1. Yes, the postal voting fraud instigated by the Labour Party in 2003/2004 to stop a nationalist party from winning then WITH FULL SUPPORT from the Tories in parliament will by used by the Tory government to keep us in it! Indeed, only Britons should be allowed to vote and not people who have only been allowed to be in this country thanks to their own countries recently joining the EU.

  3. I think that if the party is not forever going to be restricted to a very few areas of the country, it is going to be necessary to come together with other sensible British Nationalists in other groups. The original idea of building the party from the ground up, as I have said before, is going to be far to slow if its works at all.
    Very few people are pioneers who are able to build things up in their areas from scratch.

  4. All the EU has succeeded in doing is turning Britain into a dumping ground for immigrants who ponce of our country, benefits, council houses, and all the while, hating us in the bargain. We need a civil war, and a movement to bring that to reality. We are running out of time, it is hell out there.

  5. Was leafleting around North London earlier, what a tragic spectacle that once thriving British area has become, it seems all that cultural ”diversity” has driven 80% of the whites away ! The Brexit campaign is a good opportunity to get the name of the British Democrats out there. The EU is THE issue and mainly because of one thing : IMMIGRATION.

  6. ( Party Official ) The message from the European Union Superstate is clear. We must STAY , PAY and do what they SAY. Well the message from our Party and the British People will be clear soon ! NO THANKS , WERE leaving !

  7. ( Party Official ) Well done Kevan , working hard for our Party in Leicestershire . Also CONGRATULATIONS TO LEICESTER CITY ON BEING CHAMPIONS !

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