Once Again, Whites Blamed for Black Academic Failure

White “institutional racism” has been blamed once again for black academic failure, despite all statistical evidence showing that achievement levels among racial groups varies considerably.

The latest “blame whitey” assault came from the far leftist National Union of Students (NUS), which last week issued a report saying that “a large number of Black students have experienced racism within the British education system.”

The NUS report, which is says took two years (!) to compile, claimed that “one in six” black students had “encountered racism in their current institution.”

Furthermore, the NUS report said, “one in three did not feel confident in their institution’s capacity to handle complaints over racism effectively” and that a similar proportion “felt their learning environment prevented them from sharing their perspective as Black students in lectures and tutorial meetings.”

Finally, the NUS report said, many blacks did “not apply to enter one of the elite ‘Russell Group’ universities, because they felt their poor record of recruiting black students meant it was more likely they would experience racism there.”

The report is fairly typical of knee-jerk leftist reaction to the perennial problem of black underachievement.

Rather than face up to the statistical reality, it is “easier” and more politically correct just to blame whites and “white racism” as if all universities are seething hotbeds of racial hate.

Of course, the academic institutions are anything but, and the continual accusations of racism by black students must be particularly puzzling to the liberal academia, who generally fall over themselves to accommodate “nonwhite” students of every hue.

So what are the facts?

Official statistics from the Department of Education show immediately that “white racism” cannot be the cause of black academic underachievement.

If “white racism” was the reason why all “nonwhites” fail to perform academically, there would be a uniformly low educational standard across all “nonwhite” racial groups.

This is, however, not the case. According to Government figures, pupils of Indian and Chinese origin tend to do very well, out-performing both the average and the scores of white pupils.

Pupils of Pakistani origin show a very varied pattern of achievement with some doing very well and others relatively poorly.

Pupils of Bangladeshi origin, mostly under-perform compared to other groups.

Black boys of “African and Caribbean origin” perform the worst, time and time again, no matter what “corrective” measures are taken by the educational authorities.

Even more significantly, black behavioural patterns are markedly different to those of all other pupils. In 2000/01, 38 in every 10,000 Black Caribbean pupils in England were permanently excluded from schools for violent behaviours, the highest rate for any ethnic minority group.

Indian pupils had the lowest rate, at just three in 10,000 pupils. White pupils were expelled at the rate of 13 in every 10,000.

There are now 8,000 permanent and 380,000 fixed-term exclusions every year in England. Black pupils remain three times more likely to be excluded than white.

A 2004 report for the Prince’s Trust stated that half of unemployed young people said that a lack of qualifications had led to their unemployment.

In 2004, 80 percent of juveniles in prison had been excluded from school.

In London, which has the single largest black population of school-going age in the country, a recent set of reports by the London Evening Standard revealed that a third of all children in the city do not own a book and a quarter leave primary school unable to read or write properly.

One in three children in 11 council wards within Wandsworth, Haringey, Hillingdon, Bromley, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Brent started secondary school with dramatically impaired reading abilities, meaning they are on course to be “functionally illiterate”, according to government guidelines.

This is far higher than previous research which showed that one in four cannot read or write properly.

In total, 7,844 11-year-olds across the capital obtained Level 3 or below in their Key Stage 2 reading exams, leaving them with a reading age as low as seven.

But in 11 wards across London, one in three children is starting secondary school with a reading age of seven. The capital’s worst ward for literacy rates is Kenley in Croydon, where half of all 11-year-olds achieved only Level 3 or below.

The racial implications of these statistics cannot be ignored by any objective observer — and it serves no purpose whatsoever to continually blame whites for this state of affairs.

It is time that all communities started facing up to their own problems and seek solutions within themselves, instead of blaming others in the hope that burning issues such as academic underachievement will just “go away.”

Finally, the real lesson to be learned from the differing levels of academic underachievement is that mass immigration has clearly been highly harmful to Britain, and that the only answer to the issue lies in a firm but just policy of repatriation and the maintenance of social homogeneity and cohesion at home.

Anything less will inevitably lead to the destruction of our nation.

6 thoughts on “Once Again, Whites Blamed for Black Academic Failure

  1. Ive now been listening to Jeff Randal live Sky News, he says that in London the Education system results, are like 3rd World statisticts.

    London is full of 3rd World people and they are debating why illitracy levels are so high.

    Would you like to tell them Andrew, or shall I ;o)

  2. I remember reading a few years ago in I think it was the South London Press statistics showing that black kids were something like 3 times as likely to be run over in the roads as white kids. The excuses offered to try to explain their stupidity were quite amusing and included such reasoning as “blacks are more likely to live in socially deprived communities where there may be poor street lighting”.

    Liberalism has fostered animosity and post colonial resentment in ‘the black community’. It has undermined the values of the church, family and education which were evident in some of the first generation of West Indian immigrants and replaced it with a focus on American gangster rap, MTV promiscuity and hire purchase BMWs with lowered suspension, tinted windows and alloy wheels.

    It has undermined firm discipline in schools and prevented the firm policing policies necessary to prevent the gun and knife crime epidemic which is destroying that ‘community’.

    Liberalism has encouraged all to throw away British Western values and replace them with nothing.

    The welfare state started with good intentions but has become the main driver in the creation of an unemployable underclass, [black, white and Muslim] with generations dependent on welfare benefits and abdicating all responsibility for themselves and their families to the state. Nothing is the individual or family’s responsibility. If there is a problem it is the fault of the ‘racist police’ the ‘racist teachers’. You want to have 10 children by 10 women and be a father to none, then fine, go ahead and do it because the tax payers will house, feed, cloth, feed and educate them, [until the debt catches up with us].
    Why would a young Muslim kid want to integrate into the drunken X factor watching pool of the unemployable, semi literate, welfare dependent, morally and culturally vacuous underclass which hates itself?

    Liberals and commies with their Marxist, Western hating agenda are the enemy of ALL who live in Britain.

    1. Well said and all too true. The native British have lost respect for themselves, for each other and for their country. They have been encouraged in this by an education system designed to conceal and denigrate the magnificent achievements of the British and denies them any real appreciation of their own culture and the traditions of their people.

      People are encouraged to bring up their children with the laissez -faire approach of the slums, devoid of any moral compass because political correctness says there isn’t one (Except itself,conveniently).

      An overgenerous welfare state has infantalised large sections of the population making them dependent on the good will of Mummy State and voting fodder for the politicians in control. It has encouraged dishonesty and deception and crushed self reliance and self respect.

  3. Black children in Britain do not do well academically because they have an average IQ of 85 (whites 100).This is at the lower range of normal, bordering on ‘special needs’. Adult blacks have the IQ of a white 14-year old.

    All the blather about social deprivation and discrimination conceals this fact, the truth of which is rarely considered and never admitted .

    To acknowlege it as true would be completely to undermine the ideology and self-image of the leftists who utter it.

    1. That is certainly the conclusion of studies in the US. I am not certain if similar research has been undertaken here, although I cannot comprehend why the results would differ greatly. The age old excuse of slavery or ‘oppression’ are obviously flawed in relation to our negro population. When considering the US negro population, however, the slave trade apology is still a nonsense as, firstly, slaves were TRADED by elders of African tribes for commercial benefit. What reason is given for the remaining Africans not having invented the wheel or attempting to engineer even rudimentary civilisations? Secondly, white slavery was far more prevalent than black; poor white men, women and children in Britain and Ireland being readily accessible and costing nothing to ‘spirit away’. It was also far more economically viable to transport from the Old World to the Americas and West Indies. There are today far more descendants of white slaves alive in the US than black slaves. If anyone has any doubt over the slave status of destitute whites during the 17th, 18th and even 19th centuries, please refer to the voluminously well documented essay, They Were White and They Were Slaves, by Michael Hoffman II.

  4. Can someone tell me, do comments on this site make it onto Disqus?
    Having been banned from the BNP website (not bad for a life member eh) for I presume breaching the BNP version of what is politicaly correct or not (think deeply about this)
    I am looking for a new home that values humour as well as accurate, non discriminatory comment from a pair of alter egos of mine Evan and Dell (E&D).
    A bit to ‘out there’ for the BNP currently wallowing in all sorts of low tide muck
    Any way my disqus rating 220/1006 is going to suffer and I hate having to go on the BBC just to make a point to sheeple.

    Gareth AKA E&D.

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