Oldham West By-election: UKIP A Deserving Victim Of P-C Cowardice Collaboration

By Hogarth

Bickley-PALabour increase their share of the vote by 7.3% but a poor showing for Farage and his politically-correct fan-club in the Oldham by-election!  No surprise there.  What is surprising is the response of Farage:


“Mr Farage said Oldham’s Asian population had voted for Labour in large numbers, even though, he claimed some did not speak English but were signed up for postal votes.


He claimed to have seen ballot boxes in which “99% of the votes were for Labour”

and “this does not seem to be consistent with modern liberal democracy”.”


What did Farage expect?  This is the reality of multiculturalism.  It is how ethnic elements from the Indian sub continent, which includes Pakistan, vote.

They sensibly form a solid bloc along ethnic and religious lines, usually according to the requirements of their community leaders.  That is why multiculturalism will never work.  It is why democracy can only exist amongst a people and not amongst many peoples.  When applied in the latter instance, it is performed as a battle of conflicting cultures for supremacy and self-interest.


In these circumstances, the existence amongst the host population of a plethora of parties plays into the hands of the newcomers, because it weakens and divides the voice of the indigenous population.


In many constituencies, where they have not yet gained majority status, the non indigenous ethnic population provides the balancing factor.  That balancing factor, during a General Election, is sufficient to determine the outcome and the Government, all other things being equal.  This condition will become more marked in future, as the alien population rises both naturally and as a consequence of further immigration.


Farage and his ‘multiculti’ collaborators want to stop immigration from Eastern Europe.  They favour ‘traditional’ immigration from Africa/Asia/West Indes – about which they never complain – and they have claimed that European immigration discriminates against our ‘traditional immigrants’ from the developing world.


Now that Farage and his cowardly fan-club have experienced the consequences of their multicultural policies in Oldham, will they alter their political perspective with regard to immigration and multiculturalism?  Will they focus their spotlight on the costs and consequences of ‘developing world’ immigration?

Not a hope:  ostriches, multicultural Quislings and collaborators do not change character, especially when they have been backed by the BBC and former backers of the multi-cultural, pro-EU Labour Party, such as the owner of the Express.


Impartial analysts of the political scene will have realised, years ago, that Ukip is a licenced safety-valve party, lacking in any ideology, devoid of any loyalty towards its nation (as defined by the indigenous people who comprise the nation, rather than the geographical boundaries in which the nation is located) and employed to neutralise patriotic sentiment and resources.


What is the purpose of wishing to preserve the integrity of the nation state, as Farage and his politically-correct fan-club claim they wish to do, when there will be no nation within the state within 50 years?  By that time, it will not matter if Britain is governed from Westminster or Brussels, for the simple reason that those running Westminster will no longer be of British descent.

11 thoughts on “Oldham West By-election: UKIP A Deserving Victim Of P-C Cowardice Collaboration

  1. ( Party Member ) Traditional White Working Class Voters did not in the main , Vote for the Marxist Labour Party . Immigrants , particularly Asians , organised by the Mosque , did ! Without the Immigrant vote Labour would be down to about 48 seats in Parliament.

    1. They would have more than that. It is true to say many of their traditional working-class voters have been moving away from Labour (more towards abstention than to other parties) but they still have many white working-class supporters and certainly enough to hold more than 100 seats in parliament. Yes, the immigrant vote has meant their support is higher than it would be without it. Makes you think why Britain’s famous ‘stupid party’ ie the CONServatives continues to support mass immigration when it can only lead to them having fewer and fewer supporters!

      1. ( Party Official ) Times are changing rapidly in Politics in Britain and our Party can ‘ take off ‘ with effort ! Amazingly for instance Gays are graduating towards us NATIONALISTS ( LIKE IN Holland ) because they have realised that voting Labour hastens the day ISLAM takes over Britain ! The KORAN is very clear about what it will do to Gays when they are in POWER. It will mean death according to them ! Hence the about turn !

        1. In France, many gays are now voting for the French National Front (Front National) because they rightly fear what will happen to them should radical Islam come to dominate France even more than it has done up to now. Indeed, in an article about French politics I read about a year ago on the web it said the gays in Paris now vote for the French FN MORE than they do for the French Tories (Sarkozy’s party) AND the Socialists)!. Unfortunately, I can’t see that happening in Britain unless British nationalist parties stop living in the 1970’s and update their attitudes using SCIENTIFIC FACTS and logic/rationality towards the 6-7% of the BRITISH people who just so happen to be members of the LGBT community THROUGH NO CHOICE OF THEIR OWN!

    1. Good point but UKIP shouldn’t really mention it as a problem because being a non-nationalist party they are supporting the policies which successive British governments have followed for decades whereby this problem has become an inevitability. Can you really expect to import vast numbers of Third World immigrants (particularly from the Indian Sub-Continent) and think this was not going to ever happen? In places like Pakistan, this is entirely normal behavior!

      1. As an interesting aside to this, postal voting with few checks on demand (it was previously only avaliable to people who had GENUINE difficulties in exercising their right to vote) was SPECIFICALLY introduced by Labour from 2003 onwards to stop the BNP from gaining too many councillors in by-elections and any MEPS in the EU Parliament elections of 2004 through low turnouts and traditional Labour Party voters not bothering to turn-up. Needless to say, the Tories under Michael Howard FULLY BACKED Labour in doing this whereas before they would have been reticent about supporting posting voting on demand.. The Tories were very lucky in May of this year that this stance didn’t backfire on them and prevent them from holding vital marginal seats.

  2. “They sensibly form a solid bloc along ethnic and religious lines, usually according to the requirements of their community leaders. That is why multiculturalism will never work.” True. But what do you suggest in order to solve the problem?

    1. ( Party Official ) Well , paulorod , the best thing to do is read our wonderful POLICY DOCUMENT and bearing in mind that , unlike many others , we mean what we say and then APPLY TO JOIN.

  3. ( Party Official ) I urge all Ukip MEMBERS , who joined because they believed the Party was AGAINST IMMIGRATION , to join the British Democratic Party. WE ARE what you thought Ukip stood for and we too have a respectable NAME but WE mean what we say. Ukip will cease anyway after the E.u. REFERENDUM and we will not ! Simon Fairbairn , B.D.P. Dorset County Organiser.

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