Old Labour Was Not So Bad

by Jane Edwards

I have always liked the honesty and common sense – allowing for some of it being rather leftish for our tastes – of the Labour MPs Frank Field and Kate Hoey. They usually seemed to be genuinely interested in the problems facing ordinary people without resorting to the old Marxist ‘class’ terminology.

At one time Frank Field was even a former minister, until Blairism dumped him for his non-progressive views. He didn’t fit in with its multicultural opinions, which even went so far as touting in Afro-Asia for more immigrants to come to Britain.

Frank Field has now warned ‘New’ Labour that it faces defeat at the coming election because Miliband refuses to address working-class voters’ concerns about immigration. I think there must be two reasons for this. One is that his father was an immigrant himself, and two the old boy was a professorial Marxist teacher churning out little red sausages from the London School of Economics mixing machine for two generations.

Field added that there seems to be no appetite in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) for engagement with its own voters and their views. The programme Labour now have concerning immigration might have been adequate in 1997, he said, but the whole nature of England has changed with wages and living standards forced down. Labour is ‘p…ing while Rome burns’.

It is primarily for this reason that Labour was given such a shock in the recent Manchester by-election when UKIP captured nearly half of their votes – but leaving Labour with the overwhelming majority of the ever-growing immigrant vote. The shock is a realisation that so many people are no longer interested in their dream of a universal cosmopolitan world. This gives concern to all those liberal-left ‘high-status’ people who control New Labour thinking and dominate the media and academia.

My personal view is that I welcome the fact that the rise of UKIP is speeding up the demise of the established party system (and even any hope of a return of my old Labour Party).

Because of this, unless there is a British Democrat candidate standing at the next election. I will probably vote for them. However, people will soon realise that they are imagining things if they think that UKIP will take major steps to drastically cut immigration into Britain. They will not – as the wonder boy Farage himself and his new Tory converts have made clear.

Farage and the majority of UKIP’s top people all support the globalisation system which has given control of our economy and our very way of life not so much to the EU’s ex-commissars in Brussels but to a mainly US-based international power.

The BDP may be dwarfed in numbers by UKIP at present but it does have the answer to an establishment political system which is ruining us all in Britain and the West generally too.

14 thoughts on “Old Labour Was Not So Bad

  1. One of the great mysteries of British politics is how so many people still fail to notice that Labour is no longer there to support the working man. It’s essentially there to support what used to be called international capitalism.

    I was in Labour 50 years ago but goodness you don’t need that direct experience to see the obvious surely. Well you would not suppose so.

  2. New Labour has identified itself with immigrants, immigration and the multicultural agenda. This will see the end of it as the white workiong-classes increasingly recognise that, when it comes to a choice between their interests and those of immigrants, immigrants are preferred by this party.

    There will always be a sizeable number of whites who will continue to vote New Labour just so long as it keeps the benefits flowing in their direction. It’s when they realise that immigrants are getting the jobs and more benefits by way of housing etc that might have gone to themselves that they start getting restive, and this is increasingly the case as the immigrant flood continues.

    Whatever is done about EU immigration by the Tories, nothing is apparently being considered about non-EU immigration which is an even more serious problem.

    1. The Tories aren’t doing anything about EU migration because they can’t whilst we are still in the EU which allows Nigel Farage and his merry men to rightly make a fuss about the issue. However, the problem with UKIP is that as a silly LIBERTARIAN party and NOT a nationalist one (‘respectable’ or otherwise) it doesn’t think that Third World immigration is more damaging than EU migration when in a social sense it definitely is.

      Unfortunately, it looks likely that UKIP is going to cut quite deeply into the Tory vote next May and hand Labour victory which will ensure our country becomes even more of an outpost of the Third World than it already is.

  3. The Labour Party ceased to be the party of the “working man” years ago. It has conned the voters with its fake “working class heroes” message. I first encountered them as a young NF candidate in the early Seventies and they were a nasty bunch and at many elections since. They are still a nasty bunch.

    1. (Party Member) Well said Graham about many Labour Party members. Large gangs of Labour Party thugs attacking any patriotic people was normal in the 70’s to mid 80’s. To this day wearing a Union Flag lapel badge in some areas could get you into serious trouble. In the same party as you. I am very proud of us Nationalists. We have NEVER GIVEN UP.

    1. Indeed, it is. We could absorb waves of Germans for instance relatively easily without their being too much of a profound effect upon our national identity but non-EU migration is a different matter. That UKIP like the party most of them have come from ie the Tories think there is no fundamental difference between the two types of migration says pretty much all you need to know about both of them.

  4. The first-past-the-post system in the UK prevents small parties from getting elected, unless they have generous benefactors and the support of the popular press.

    But nationalists solidly voted against alternative voting in the 2011 referendum.

    We also need to know how many immigrants are in the country and where they are but nationalists were bitterly opposed to David Blunkett’s ID cards in 2003. These reactionary standpoints have helped to keep the Old Gang in power.

    If we want to be fairly represented we need a new voting system and if we want to control immigration we need proper documentation.

    1. The referendum on the Alternative Vote had it been successful wouldn’t have helped nationalists a great deal. In fact the only parties it helps really are those that are perceived as ‘centrist’ as it is those parties which will end-up getting most of the second preference votes and thus get elected.

      Because it was a PREFERENCE-based system it would also have led to EVEN GREATER landslides in certain circumstances like Mrs Thatcher’s huge win in 1983 and Tony Blair’s in 1997. You can’t have proportional voting in a system that is based entirely upon single member constituencies as AV is.

  5. I fully agree with Tim Heydon and John Shaw that non-Eu Immigration is our biggest problem. The BDP is the only democratic British party making this point.

    1. THe truth is that the immigration debate as seen on TV is all about EU immigration. Our spat with the lack of a border. Non EU immigration is still a no go area for the BBC.

      But they still do not accept that Islamics can and do get EU citiznship elsewhere and then have the right to join their extended family here. So if at all we can close that EU border to some extent it’s a good thing in the long run.

      I’m all for immigration if applied in a sensible way. When we need a certain skill . But the truth is skills can be taught. It’s just our very expensive schools dont bother. So in fact we do not need these skills what ever they be.

      Our kids are desperate to get on. It behoves us as Nationalists to make it happen.

  6. Immigration has ruined this country full stop. No matter what race or colour. After World War II the UK became Americanised. Look what happened to the American Indians living on reservations.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. To the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, AND Thatcherite Tory UKIP, Britain is just a globalized business park with no real culture or identity of its own. Indeed, we have become a ‘little America’ in this respect.

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