Oh Dear, Comrade!

By John Shaw

More Marxist Watch. The Marxist left Labour Party has been found guilty of election irregularities and although only fined £20,000 this is the maximum and highest levied against any political party so far.

Without going into details I find it interesting that not declaring the cost of bussing activists to other areas, no surprise.  In fact the Marxist led Party is facing many allegations of institutional criminality, from various quarters, ranging from financial corruption to election irregularities.

All this from hard core commies, surely not!!

Join the decent British Democratic Party today for a better tomorrow.

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One thought on “Oh Dear, Comrade!

  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Comrade Corbyn say’s the Brexit Deal will turn Britain into a ‘ Bargain Basement Economy ‘ . MARXISTS do not understand Economics and anyway , HE is the one who wants Britain to become some sort of large , MIDDLE EASTERN BAZAAR ! ! !

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