Now Is The Time To Re-organise The Misnamed ‘Commonwealth’

By Anglo Saxon

Most people now accept that Britain is sinking under the social and economic effects  of mass immigration.

So called ‘commonwealth citizens’ have destroyed Britain’s social fabric, ruined the religious tolerance and harmony that we have enjoyed and stretched our country to the limit in relation to unemployment, housing, health service much more besides.

The 12th March was officially ‘Commonwealth Day’ and it was almost totally ignored by the media! It should have been a day when Britain announced that we will be creating a trading deal for all so called Commonwealth countries, that included generous payments for taking back their citizens as was outlined by Enoch Powell years ago.

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  1. I would suggest moving it to April 1st seems more appropriate.

  2. the Commonwealth our real allies but set up a small group of Nations within it Great Britain New Zealand Canada Australia and South Africa as a core group

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