“Non-Refoulement”: Why Don’t We Just Bring All of Africa to Europe?

If Europe is to accept the principle that no “asylum seekers” can ever be returned to “countries that are dangerous,” then all of Africa should come to Europe, Andrew Brons MEP has said.

Speaking during a debate on immigration from North Africa and on the principle of “non-refoulement,” in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs subcommittee of the European Parliament yesterday, Mr Brons said the underlying concept of the EU’s asylum policy “means that nobody must be returned to countries that are dangerous.

“If that principle is accepted, it must follow logically that we cannot leave people in dangerous countries who have not shown the initiative to leave,” Mr Brons said.

“When are we going to bring the whole populations of Africa and Asia to Europe until we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder, literally as well as figuratively, until Europe sinks under the weight?” he asked.

Mr Brons went on to point out that the tidal wave of illegal immigration into Europe had not subsided despite the removal of “dictators” in North Africa.

“I thought that that nice Mr. Cameron and that even nicer Mr. Sarkozy had been bombing Libya into becoming a really desirable country of residence, so that people would not have to leave,” Mr Brons said.

“It seems that many Libyans and Tunisians wanted to come to Europe when their not-very-nice-at-all dictators were still in charge and still want to come to Europe or stay ion Europe now that their dictators have been made redundant and been handed their P.45s.

“Perhaps it has got nothing to do with the conditions in Libya and Tunisia. They just want to come to Europe and to stay in Europe because they will be better off financially.

“However, at least we shall have been true to the principle of non-refoulement, which must be a consolation,” Mr Brons added.

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  1. Well said Mr Brons, the EU’s Asylum policy is just illogical madness. Yes, surely those nice caring liberal politicians Cameron and Sarkozy have bombed Libya into being a paradise, why would anyone want to leave! Asylum is just a big con designed by the powers that be to help destroy the ethnic nation state and make it easier to establish a new superstate with a new mongrelised population!

  2. I suppose when you look at it logically, if the multitude swamping europe from the third world, are all permitted to stay.
    They will in time, turn western europe into the third world.
    At least when we reach that point – they’ll stop coming !

  3. The madness of allowing mass uncontrolled immigration from the third world,the doors of a small island nation left wide open to be consumed by a continent of parasites. The doors must be closed before we become extinct.

  4. Our govts. are our enemies seeking to destroy our future & extinguish our heritage. Where is the hope? Economiv meltdown so we are all jolted out of our comfort zones to face the present reality as it is DIRE. Our survival instinct will be regenerated and we must lead the resurgence

  5. Bit of a quick question, we used to see a few video’s of these (albeit one sided) sparring shots going on in the EU chambers. Are they still coming out somewhere?. Did we used to film them or are they part of the due process? I’m not really that sure why I am even asking to be honest, as I don’t know what I would do with it if there was a video – but I just remembered we did get a few clips from time to time. Cheers.

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