No Place Now For ‘Tolerance’ of hostile Cultures

says John Bean

Andrew Brons has stated in his latest article defining the reasons for the existence of the British Democratic Party, a homogeneous community is more stable, more tolerant of dissent and more altruistic than a heterogeneous one. Furthermore, the survival of our people and the wider European people is vital for the continuation of our civilisation. Dilute or destroy the civilisation-creating and civilisation-maintaining population and you destroy the civilisation that is dependent on it.

Douglas Murray author of ‘The Strange Death of Europe’

 For too long writers and journalists who contend that the rising tide of Islam threatening to swamp our homeland– and now not solely composed ‘Islamic extremists’ –   have been methodically ignored  by all the national press.  One notable sign of this ban beginning to weaken is the publicity aroused by the excellent writer Douglas Murray with his exposure in The Strange Death of Europe of the reasons behind the continued mass influx of followers of Islam in Western Europe. It is significant that the nations most affected by this are Britain, Germany, France and Sweden. Today’s modern Italy and Greece have been so affected by the economic destruction inflicted by the EU  and put into action  by Merkel’s Germany.

The attack, particularly against our women and children, by the  Islamic Terrorists in the butchery enacted in Manchester and the London Bridge area appears at long last to have awakened many of our people.  It must surely show them that we can no longer  be ‘Tolerant of Dissent.’

Manchester Attack

 Unfortunately our Nationalist groups, even UKIP, are still ineffectual at this stage to mount a dominant political answer. It is not the point at this stage to divert into a lengthy dissertation on why we do not support the Conservative Party’s views, but at least an outcome of the Manchester and London Bridge massacres is that the Marxist pro further immigration Corbyn will not become our Prime Minister on June 8th.

London Bridge Attack

 Having given a plug to the value of writers such as Douglas Murray,  I hope readers might look at the lower grade writers such as myself.  I am not really sure why, but since June 1st several book sellers, including Waterstones, Amazon and Troubador Publications have suddenly started publicising my latest book, Trail of the Viking Finger.  This followed YouTube putting up my short delivery of  explaining the content of my historical novel.


11 thoughts on “No Place Now For ‘Tolerance’ of hostile Cultures

  1. I bought four copies of the trail of the Viking finger and myself and others thoroughly enjoyed it ! The fact that they were bought from a Gentleman who has fought the Nationalist cause for decades , was a bonus.

  2. the time is now to step forward and save Our Great Country from these animals and our treacherous LibLabConGreenSNPUKIP rabble Corbyn is a joke and will thankfully will never be Prime Minister despite My mistrust of the Conservatives May will be Prime Minister on Friday Morning all terrorists and traitors should be executed

  3. John Shaw Given the breaking news story of the French Policeman who was attacked suddenly by a person with a hammer , it occurs to me that it might be a Muslim Immigrant , with no connection to any terrorist organisation , who just got out of bed this morning and thought ‘ I hate Christians ,France and the French People. I have had enough , I will kill one of them if I can and then go to the Islamic Paradise. TERRIFYING ISN’T IT ! Imagine if that started happening from Bradford to Birmingham to London , on a daily basis.

  4. John, I am pleased to hear that the public are reacting to terrorism by buying your books – who would have thought it? But I don’t understand your reference to Marx when discussing immigration. Marx was opposed to immigration as a capitalist tool of exploitation –
    Whoever wins the general election will have to tackle the problem of terrorism with all means at our disposal, including immigration control.

    1. John Shaw , it is very easy to understand , Bill Baillie. It has always been the violent Marxists who , demanding mass immigration , have always attacked any Patriot who was opposed. As for Marx , lots of people with different opinions to him , call themselves Marxists. The proof of this comes from Marx himself , who frustrated at the routes of opinion that his supporters were taking , famously said ” I AM NOT A MARXIST “. LOOK IT UP !

  5. Savages atack peaceful Citizens resulting in Death and Carnage on the streets of our Capital City they also bomb innocent young people enjoying a pop concert and the establishment goes into ” damage limitation mode” hand wringing spokesmen desperately try to convince us that ” they are not all bad its only a minority”.I for one cannot agree in my opinion I believe these pigs have a lot of deep seated support in effect a Fifth Column ready to be called to action.

  6. John Shaw , Also , just for the record , the trail of the Viking finger has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism , but everything to do with where we come from and who we are !

  7. Bill, I agree that Marx opposed immigration. However, Lenin supported immigration of ‘backward’ people to the U.S., Britain and Germany hoping most would support the rise of Communism. Stalin was more direct. He wanted to “kick immigrants out of Russia”.

    1. Certain politicians have ideological reasons for promoting immigration but cheap labour is the main attraction. The most damaging laws enacted against British patriots were the Public Order Act of 1936 and the Race Relations Act of 1965. The first was introduced by Stanley Baldwin, a Tory prime minister in the National Government, and the second by Harold Wilson, a Labour prime minister. Neither of them were Marxists, they both believed in market economics. Communism collapsed in Russia a quarter of a century ago and represents no threat to Britain. The real enemies of our race and nation are the mass media and the Westminster consensus. Blaming ‘Marxism’ for our troubles is pointless. Hardly anyone knows who Marx was and even fewer have read him. By the way, he was very critical of the Jews and positively disliked Blacks.

  8. I ordered a copy of the Trail Of the Viking Finger for my father last Christmas… Have not read it myself yet. Just wondering if Bill Baillee could reveal the source of Marx’s racial views. I am aware some people revered by the Left held similar opinions, most notably Che Guevara and Ghandi.

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