No Place for Islamism

John Bean

by John Bean


The fight to defend the right of those living in Britain to be active supporters of the religion of Islam, as long as they reject violence, is led by two contrasting thought groups. The less significant at the present time are the anti-Zionists, which includes basic anti-Semites as well as those who recognise the significance of international Jewish power in the formation and existence of the state of Israel. Whether you, as readers, supports or opposes this view is at present insignificant.


The most important of those defending and promoting the rise of ‘peaceful’ Islam in Britain and Europe are the spokespersons for the liberal-left establishment and its one-world devotion, led by the BBC, The Guardian and The Times. There is not room here to give a case by case example of this, but it is all so clear in the promotion of a thoroughly nice lady as a producer of the finest of cakes and the winner of the 2015-16 Great British Bake-off, Nadiya Hussain.


nadiya-hussain-talks-acceptance-fearsBorn to a Bangladeshi family in Luton, and married to Abdal Husssain in a forced marriage which she hated at the time, look at the promotion given to this charming lady since she had more success with cake baking than our King Alfred. The globalists chief multicultural mouthpiece, the BBC has made her a reporter for its One Show.  The Times newspaper has made her a columnist and she has signed book public details with Penguin Random House.


I was told by a person (male) who has recently retired from the BBC that if it was not for her religious dress they would have liked to get her on their high audience rating Country File.

My informant said that when they chose Anita Rani as one of their now regular presenters, they thought she was a Moslem. She was in fact born in Bradford of Punjabi Sikh descent. I will grant I may be prejudiced but I feel that she would be better used reporting on city life as opposed to the countryside, where she could well be reading a script as opposed to participating in rural life.


Deny Our Rights

islamTo return to Islamism and the threat this so-called ‘peaceful’ religion now poses – and we stress that we are just not talking about violent Jihadists – a most clear and determined attack on our civilisation. Whether it is from their Koran, or in lengthy explanations by an  Immam in a Muslim area of a once British city or an English small town mosque, its adherents make it clear they hate freedom, democracy, women’s rights, Christianity and Judaism. They deny the rights of anyone including fellow Muslims, who does not share their views. They recognise no law except sharia. All this must be noted, acted upon accordingly by halting further Islamist immigration and not evaded.


In an article in the Daily Telegraph (30.7.16) headed “Islamism is an Attack on our Civilisation”,  Charles Moore wrote:

“In a way almost unimaginable only 20 years ago Islamists kill and terrify. They can also, through mass immigration of Muslims, destabilise us, even though the great majority of those Muslims have no desire to kill their hosts. This is well understood by the anti-Western President Erdogan of Turkey. Who has now, thanks to Angela Merkel’s immigration policy, been given control of much of the migrant flow into Europe?  The effects of the Islamist presence in the West – attacks on free speech, radicalisation in schools, forcing more women to cover their faces, let alone jihadist violence – is wholly bad. It is a civilisational question to work out how to deal with it. We need a firmer idea of what our Western civilisation is. The murder of Father Hamel  (the French  priest) should surely be a reminder.”


VS Naipaul

With a return to pride in our own country and in our own history it is likely that many Moslems would prefer to be living in traditional lands. The Trinidadian writer V.S.Naipaul (a non-Moslem)  made this point in his book  back in the 1990’s  ‘Beyond Belief’.  He wrote:

“The believers in Islam honour Islam alone, they have nothing to return to. It requires the convert to accept that his land is of no religious or historical importance; its relics were of no account; only the sands of Arabia are sacred.”


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In an amicable arrangement with Ostara Publications, John  Bean has arranged that his two earlier political books are now available direct from him at These are: Blood in the Square, paper-back version, published December 2014 @ £6.95,  and Many Shades of Black, republished by Ostara November 2013 @ £8.95. Blood in the Square is a short novel based on the author’s own experiences inside the British Nationalist movements of the sixties. This is used to portray the lives of the fictional characters, including some of those who were strongly, and sometimes violently, opposed to the nationalists. Many Shades of Black could  be described as John Bean’s political autobiography up to 1999. From 1950 for the next forty years he led a very active political life, including working with Mosley, A.K.Chesterton and Andrew Fountaine. Any criticism he makes of these are only constructive. The same could particularly be said of his long-term friend John Tyndall. At the time of this 250pp book’s first publication the ‘anti-fascist’ Searchlight magazine said: “Bean wrote with wit and hate. He was also one of the best street speakers of the British far-Right after Mosley.”

8 thoughts on “No Place for Islamism

  1. I think it is certainly possible to be Anti-Zionist but not Anti-Semitic. There is the Jews Against Zionism and Jews for Justice for Palestinians groups after all.

    1. Dear Robert. It is written that the Jews will return to the promised land . So Zionism is after all, the right choice especially if one regards the Bible as significant.
      Another point being if one cares to dig into all our politics . the Jews always represent both end and most times the middle as well.
      Its called hedging ones bets . I’m sure there are Jews out there that are trustworthy as the are Nigerians that are trustworthy. But would you give either your bank details. over the internet.
      That’s the problem. So call it what you will Anti Semitism which is basically ill will aimed at all of the Semitic races, or Anti Zionism which is ill will towards those wishing the Bible Prophesies to come true. Me I call it being cute and knowing ones history.
      PS Its strange how many Zionists are atheists, or at least secular So embarking on a blind rush to their ultimate demise.

  2. I don’t feel there is any place for Muslims, peaceful or not, within British society, just as I don’t feel there is a place for large swathes of non-Muslims in a Muslim Society.Muslims seem to hate ‘decadent’ Britain, and they may have a point, but it is OUR Britain – accept it or leave!
    Britons are told by the media how we should understand and trust Muslims and adapt to their way of life. There is never any mention of Muslims adapting to the British way of life.Many thousands of under-age girls were groomed by Muslim gangs resulting in a pitiful amount of convictions.Perhaps the ‘peaceful’ wives, daughters, sisters of groomers not convicted, should come forward with information showing their willingness to conform to British society. Such action would go a long way to earning the trust of Britons

  3. Whilst on the subject of the ‘peaceful religion’, we often hear stories of a 17 or 18 year old girl who has been stopped at some airport or other trying to join ISIS, but don’t worry,they are now back home in Bradford or wherever. We are at ‘high risk’ or ‘imminent’ as far as attacks are concerned and we bring them home! I would take their passports off them and let them go.For good measure I’d send their families as well, father,mother,brothers,sisters,aunts,uncles,cousins etc.It’s not worth taking the risk with the lives if innocent people in Britain, immigrants included.ISIS has declared war. In WW2 USA interned its Japanese citizens; Britain interned Blackshirts without trial under rule 18b (many Blackshirts fought and died for Britain,I’ll leave it up to the reader whether this sacrifice was worth it).Britain is at war and should act accordingly.

  4. If anyone has read Erving Goffman’s most popular work Stigma, a book which I think was written in the fifties, the author -in his inimitable and amusing style- describes the artificial and ”over the top” responses of those dealing with people who they view as stigmatised and puts it all under the closest scrutiny…

    We now have a collective media driven social engineering project of pandering to ”minority groups”, challenging ”racial stereotypes” promoting black/white and homosexual relationships… endless efforts are made to convey the stigmatised in only the most positive light. So phoney and staged it’s enough to make the toes curl.

    The ”Soaps” and ”Reality TV” are especially useful as a platform for what Goffman would refer to as the ”performance” or the ”fostered impression” …Of what went on behind the theatricals he would call ”backstage” or an ”incompatability with the fostered impression”….so true.

  5. Whilst I totally agree with this article , it has to be said that it will do the Party no good whatsoever. The people do not get up in the morning and worry about Jews ! Housing problems due to mass immigration would be relevant ! Unemployment due to mass immigration , low pay due to mass immigration , Bad service from the N.H.S. due to mass immigration , violence on the streets due to mass immigration , the list is endless. We need to focus on real life and become RELEVANT TO PEOPLE !

  6. It is claimed in this article that not all Muslims want us dead . A line I hear often. But as always it bears no scrutiny whatsoever. The whole religion / cult, regardless of its schisms, preaches world domination, either by the sword or their women’s wombs. Either way I fee its an option we in the west cannot take.
    So every Muslim here in Blighty, in my view is one to many.
    Another point, I find even here on this site, when typing Muslim it red lines if typed all in lower case . Thus appointing them as something significant in my view which they are no. Especially. in the English written word.
    Where as Blighty is not recognised and red lined however one writes it.

  7. Let’s HOPE there is no place for Islamism during a by- election in BATLEY AND SPEN , due to the foul murder of softly spoken , very hard left , M.P. for the Liebour Party , Joe Cox. Considering the Conservative , Liberal and UKIP Party’s are NOT STANDING , there is a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for NATIONALIST Party’s to GAIN PUBLICITY and hopefully a DECENT VOTE and MANY NEW MEMBERS.! On this occasion NATIONALISM is represented by the British National Party , who have gained 7 % twice in the recent past. GOOD LUCK !

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