No longer 'out of sight and out of mind'!

immigration-ukby Mike Newland.

Immigration has been splendidly arranged for many years so that the rich and powerful were only favourably affected.

Their cleaners and other skivvies would appear at the servant’s entrance before dawn after long bus trips from poor areas. Then disappear again when the work was done. Not quite as good as the tunnel one rich home owner had built a long time ago to make the servants largely invisible in their comings and goings but near enough.

It was the poor British worker who found himself increasing marooned in a place he no longer recognised as British.

But one group of migrants have now struck out for equality after being ‘out of sight and out of mind’ for too long. Why should migrants not live too in rich areas? A truly democratising bunch. Not for them the ancient burdens of ‘respect for their betters’ too many of us in Britain find difficult to shrug off.

Salute the Roma! Not for them the illegally sub-rented corner of a council flat in East London. For them their residence is to be – Mayfair! The ‘eternal parallelogram’ it was dubbed in the 18th century. Everything good in the universe was to be found there. And a part of it with a relaxing rural flavour you would never expect in central London on road verges and reservations. Nothing is too good for the workers. Hard by where my Great Aunt Eliza slaved in Sir William’s Hertford Street kitchen a century ago. But raised up now into a life of comparative leisure thanks to donations from well-wishers offered in the streets.

A contingent have set up home around Park Lane sleeping in a manner called ‘rough’ in lesser areas. In Mayfair it’s called ‘al fresco’. Such fun. Handy for Fortnums too.

During the summer heat their thoughts turned to summer holidays like many of our better-off citizens. The local council and a taxpayer funded charity stood ready. Transport was arranged to Romania for some. Now quite a few are back again, their holidays over.

The miserable Westminster Council is up in arms calling for something described as ‘border controls’. These Tory Alf Garnets have apparently never heard of ‘enrichment’. Don’t they know that European unification makes us all proud citizens and has prevented WWI breaking out again as our Great Helmsman Mr Barroso has explained?

One hopes there will be vigorous police activity to round up anyone in the area displaying prejudice against the vanguard of the proletariat. Like an Asian shopkeeper quoted in the press as having unfavourable views. It was even said by an Asian that our new citizens ‘stank’. I rest my case but our legal officers must not.

If only the Great Duke of Wellington were still here living in Park Lane. What would he have thought? “The Roma may not frighten the French but they certainly frighten me”. Sturdy folk to put our enemies to flight.

Next year there will be many more thanks to enlightened government. Mayfair will at last become a paradise not for the few but for the many.

And why not?


6 thoughts on “No longer 'out of sight and out of mind'!

  1. Indeed, I am glad that the wealthy and privileged will also share the blessings of diversity! Now if some of the Roma were to make use of the grand entrance to the Blairs’ house for, shall we say, necessary purposes, Tony and Cherie might get a flavour of how the other half (in their case, the other 99%) live!

    1. Hear hear! The middle and wealthy classes are finally being forced to wake from their slumber. They are now facing what ordinary Brits have faced for years. I bet they’re calling their MPs and friends in high places as we write. I am glad. There really is no place to escape from this ‘enrichment’. Join the political and cultural fight now or be slaughtered when the balloon finally goes up on this creeping genocide.

  2. (Party Member) With over half of the populations of Romania and Bulgaria saying they intend to come to Britain , things are looking good for us. They WILL BE ‘The straw that breaks the camel’s back’! ! !

  3. (Party Member) According to the Office For National Statistics Migration Quarterly Report, dated November 2013, we are being replaced at a rate of 250,000 per year. We need the British people to wake up to the mostly peaceful genocide TODAY.

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