No Go Zones are Nothing New

By Southwest Nationalist. God bless Labour Leader Ed Miliband, he’s one sharp character full of political insight and ideas to make our country better. Well, at least until he wakes up.

On a visit to riot torn Peckham he took the chance to tell us that we need firm action from the police, and that there must be “no no-go areas” in Britain. Sounds almost like a line from a one hit wonder dance track that might make number one for a week, if he grabs a bunch of ethnics as backing singers then there’s a new career for him once his brief stint as Labour leader ends in fitting obscurity.

C’mon Ed, that sinus operation couldn’t have addled your brains too – unless you were unlucky enough to get a foreign surgeon with a postal degree from Karachi – we’ve had no go areas here for years before these riots happened.

Areas like Peckham from whence you spoke, where Harriet Harman wore a stab proof vest and took an army of police with her back in 2008? That’s not really an option for the rest of us, it would take the police thirty minutes to arrive, and that’s if they weren’t busy nicking speeding motorists somewhere else.

Try being homosexual and happily skipping through some Muslim dominated area of Tower Hamlets, pausing only to kiss another man once in a while. You’ll soon find out what a no go area is, even Pete Tatchell has spoke of being beaten around Brick Lane by Muslims.

What about the elderly on some housing estates? Old Mrs Jones knows full well that after dark it’s a no go area once the feral ‘yoof’ are about and the police do their best to avoid.

The parts of our cities that everyone local knows are best avoided unless you want an up close and personal meeting with muggers, and to consider yourself lucky if they have only knives and not guns?

Those wonderfully inclusive communities where being white and happening to wander through is enough to land you in hospital, or worse?

Wake up and smell the coffee Ed, grab those binoculars and take a look out from your ivory tower.

We’ve no go zones aplenty thanks to decades of mismanagement, social engineering, and outright lunacy from successive governments of career politicians, no go zones for which Labour with its let everyone in and anything goes policies must share a large part of the blame.

There was, once upon a time, many liberal thinkers with a dream of some all inclusive, multicultural paradise, a society where all are welcome and who, in turn, will make all others within that society welcome.

Around us today we see the reality, and that reality is no go zones.

Rioters may have created no go zones that make the news, but the truth on the ground is that such zones have existed for a long time, it’s just that the politicians and the media would rather that we did not know about them.

Of course these riots are bad, but all they really are is a headline grabbing explosion in a society shattering series of events that has been going on for a long time.

No go zones are the norm now, there is no equal and inclusive Britain, there is a divided nation.

People like you, Ed, with Blair before you, and Cameron, Clegg, and the rest of the political elite, made it so.

You and your ilk did not create some harmonious Utopia, rather you created the discordant howl of a society in pieces where the divides – or no go zones – are more pronounced than ever.

Yes Ed, there should not be any no go zones in Britain – but there are, and it was the politicians with their softly softly, allow millions of foreign people to settle here, we must preserve some illusory community cohesion approach, who made them.

More frightening yet, things will only get far worse, no career politician in the big three parties will do a thing about it other than to try and apply a fresh coat of paint and hope to cover up the cracks in our broken society.

No go zones are here to stay until we elect politicians with the courage to try and fix Britain, instead of carrying on electing those who not only made the mess, but who will also continue to allow it to fester because they’d rather we suffer than their having to admit that they lied to us and got it so wrong.

6 thoughts on “No Go Zones are Nothing New

  1. Every city has no go areas what are swarming with enrichers , wake up Ed and get real.

    The trouble with the Ed’s of this country is they do not have to live in these cess pits.

  2. All the left wing policies that have been implemented over the past 40 odd years, whilst on the surface may appear to be good n decent, have left our society becoming more and more violent. I’m becoming mighty tired of it… Fast.

  3. I lived in the middle of Peckham for 12 years and worked with ‘young offenders’ for about 19 years including many of the most high profile young rapists, robbers and murderers liberal multiculti Britain has produced. I could write several books on what I have witnessed and experienced. There is no way you can exagerate the violence, aggression and bloodshed and hostility which anyone unlucky enough to spend much time there will regularly witness. The vast majority of it never makes the news even when people are killed in the most brutal circumstances. It is like a foreign occupied war zone with a population composed bizarely of immigrants and middle class liberal yuppies.

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