Nick Clegg misses the Point about the Best of Britain

By Tim Haydon.



The Feeling of Freedom, the BBC, the NHS, a cup of tea  –  these are among  the things about Britain that Nick Clegg says he loves.  There is of course, a significant omission from his list.  It is the British people. Yes, the people who made what is truly admirable about Britain are not mentioned.

Nick Clegg is MultiEthnic

Clegg’s list is one of symptoms, not of underlying causes. These symptoms include the anti-British BBC. But then Clegg is not an ethnic Briton.  We learn from Wiki that though his father he is ‘related to Kira von Engelhardt, daughter of a Russian Baron of German, Polish and Ukrainian  origin  and to  Ignaty  Zakrevsky, a Russian politician in Czarist times.  His mother was a Dutch woman . It is likely that  Clegg , who is multilingual thanks to his multiethnic background, spoke Dutch,  not English at home when he was growing up.  His  background has informed his politics. He says, “There is simply not a shred of racism in me, as a person whose whole family is formed by flight from persecution, from different people in different generations. It’s what I am. It’s one of the reasons I am a liberal.’

Clegg:   The Selfishness at the Heart of Left-Liberalism

We have in Clegg  a classic  case of someone who is liberal because it suits his personal  background, essentially as an ethnic alien.  He sees himself as an outsider and wants  to make himself feel more at home, more at ease here, by advocating the importation of floods of other aliens so that the whole country is full of them and it  is no longer the land of  those who created it ; the native British.

Clegg couldn’t give fig for the rights or feelings of the native British, whose ownership of the land of their ancestors he conveniently denies.  Their dispossession and the heartache it brings them mean nothing to him so long as he personally feels happier. That’s why, in his list of what is wonderful about their country, he includes ‘multicultural cities’.  Clegg is happy to  emphasise his  own ethnic background  as  forming his political outlook, but if the native British do the same, they are  ‘xenophobes’ whose attitude will destroy the things about their country that he admires.

A Shallow View of what makes a Culture

Clegg seems to think that the freedoms and other aspects of Britain sprang into life of their own accord without the assistance of the people of the country. Actually, these freedoms are the result of the ancient traditions of the   British, stretching  back  into  Celtic and  Saxon times and the fact that Britain is an island that hadn’t been invaded for nigh on a millennium.   We are told by leftists like Clegg who are anxious to dismiss fears about mass immigration so that the expropriation of Britain can proceed apace, that we are ‘a nation of immigrants.’ In fact our geographical isolation for a thousand years was instrumental in melding  the various tribes of  our country, in any case closely related  ethnically, into what was until within living memory  one of  the most racially, religiously and culturally homogenous societies on earth.

Clegg also seems to think that  these characteristics of the British can be reversed overnight and that life in Britain will somehow sail on unaffected, or actually improve, as if the culture of the country is somehow a free floating phenomenon, distinct from the very specific  people who created it.

As it is, the freedom which he and his wife admire so much is already a sickly remnant of what it once was. Within living   memory, a saying often heard when someone did or said something publically that others found s found offensive was ‘well, it’s a free country. ’   One never hears that said nowadays. That’s because people know in their bones that Britain is no longer a free country.   Cultural Marxism and the oppressive, freedom-denying laws that go with this ideology of forced equality have seen to that.

George Orwell and the Characteristics of the British

In 1941 at the height of the Second World War, the leftist writer George Orwell could say (England Your England’) that ‘The gentleness of the English civilization is perhaps its most marked characteristic. You notice it the instant you set foot on English soil. It is a land where the bus conductors are good-tempered and the policemen carry no revolvers. In no country inhabited by white men is it easier to shove people off the pavement. ‘

Is any of that true today?

Orwell also said, ‘One must admit that the divisions between nation and nation are founded on real differences of outlook. Till recently it was thought proper to pretend that all human beings are very much alike, but in fact anyone able to use his eyes knows that the average of human behaviour differs enormously from country to country. Things that could happen in one country could not happen in another.’

As thanks to mass immigration national differences in the West continue to disappear, which is the agenda of utopian liberal ‘one worlders’ like Clegg and Cameron, so too will the distinctiveness of Britain that Clegg admires.

18 thoughts on “Nick Clegg misses the Point about the Best of Britain

  1. Clegg (and Cameron) only PRETEND to be liberal. John Stuart Mills is turning in his grave at the thought of these intolerant cunning Marxists posing as liberals and conservatives.

    Deep-down they are genetically mixed and subconsciously hate and despise Celto-Saxon-Germanic-Scandinavian Christian civilization, and are hell-bent on mixing up and destroying it – and are highly successful, so far. Of-course the Casino Capitalists and Global Banksters are financing this quiet genetic race war.

  2. (Party Member) Liberalism is a way of thinking and indeed life. It is the exact opposite of everything we stand for and cherish.

    1. There are a few minor points that are good like the government getting off people’s backs in certain limited areas. In the distant past, the Liberal Party as it then was would have strongly defended democracy even for people it violently disagreed with ie anti-globalist, anti-one worlders like us but not nowdays. Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats are, in many ways, a repudiation of old Liberal Party ideals eg they are the most fanatically pro-EU ‘mainstream’ party yet it is hard to conceive of a Lloyd George or a Gladstone giving away Britain’s national sovereignty to a supra-national organisation like the EU.

  3. (Party Member) When I was a child my grandma (from back st. Newcastle) told me a ‘liberal type’ was a person without any standards. Fifty years later it is still clear that she was right!

  4. (Party Member) When he has finished plaguing our people, sooner rather than later judging by recent votes, this very wealthy foreigner will retire to his luxury villa in Spain with his Spanish wife !

  5. What was said about Clegg could equally be said about Ed Miliband, the son of a Belgian immigrant of Polish background, and others on the left of British politics.

    1. Cameron has more British ancestry than both of them and is the leader of a party that is supposedly ‘Conservative’ so what is his excuse? The Conservative Party has more globalist elements to it nowdays than it ever did in the past and perhaps that is one reason why it finds it hard to win general elections now!

  6. “…It is likely that Clegg , who is multilingual thanks to his multiethnic background, spoke Dutch, not English at home when he was growing up…” Now he has grown up, he speaks Double-Dutch!

  7. The Liberal democrats are the most pro-EU party in Britain. That’s not surprising seeing that their leader Nick Clegg is more European than British genetically. Tim is absolutely right in his analysis of Clegg, who surely can’t have any affinity with the British people who can trace back their lineage way beyond the last two centuries. He is a foreigner who wishes to feel British but simply can’t unless he creates in us the belief that we are all immigrants too. This is the theme of the liberal-left, who have captured the media and directed them to pursue this same agenda. We are not a nation of immigrants. All the latest genetic studies of the people of Britain prove that the majority of ethnic Britons have genetic roots thousands of years old here. Clegg is another leftist agent of the EU who wants to help dismantle Britain and hand us lock, stock and barrel over to his beloved EU friends in Brussels. I look forward to seeing the Liberal Democrats wiped out at the next General Election, with any luck.

    1. Yes, Clegg is “more European than British…” etc, but let’s be honest. It is not his ethnicity that we have a problem with; it is because he is a ghastly multiculturalist, pro-EU liberal. That is why we don’t have any time for him!

      1. I disagree. Behaviour, culture and civilization is largely the product of our genes, just as much as our skin and eye colour. That’s why we must do all in our power to preserve our creative, broadly moral race.

        Tell Jack “Straw” we are prepared to preserve our Caucasian inheritance. This is a silent womb war! His corrupted genotype determines his hostile behaviour:– “The English are not worth preserving!”

        Some of us are proud race-realists. Jack’s hypocritical kinsmen in Tel Aviv, New York, N. London and Gateshead don’t like to talk much about it, but PRACTICE turbo-charged separation, segregation and APARTHEID. We should copy them.

  8. Nick Clegg is a rather stupid man, in spite of , or perhaps because of his education.

    Britain isn ‘t ‘tolerant’. Tolerance is about believing in something but allowing others who don’t agree to have their say.

    Britain Is now a country which doesn’t believe in anything , including Itself. What Clegg calls tolerance is just indifference.

    It’s because many people are now indifferent to anything their own well being that this country is disintegrating and will disappear, if nothing stops this.

  9. Clegg, like Cameron and Miliband, is a typical Europhile, Americanophile leftist clown. We can do well without when the non-entity Clegg if he gets thrown out of parliament next year but watch him surface again in an office in the dreadful European Commission.

  10. Clegg is an officious little twerp but there is a bigger appalling thought that could be sitting in Number 10 Downing Street next year. That is Ed Miliband.

  11. (Party Member) I am glad that the ‘ death throes ‘ of Clegg’s leadership of the awful, insidious Liberal Party is proving to be prolonged and painful. The harm to our people and thus our Country, that the no standards creed of ‘ anything goes ‘ liberalism has done to our society is Incalculable. The time when to be accused of being liberal about anything is something to be thoroughly ashamed of is fast approaching. Let’s get a decent society that we are proud of, with the decent British Democrats.

  12. john shaw ( Party Official ) Today , in many areas , there is the opportunity to vote in ‘ Council Elections ‘. Apart from being sad that our Party is struggling to make headway against the ‘ big three ‘ and the fact that we are victims of ‘ tactical voting ‘ as people vote for FALSE FLAG Ukip , I am enraged at the sheer deceipt exhibited by the Liberals. Round here they complain about the housing shortage and also complain when houses are built ! Considering their policy of MASS IMMIGRATION caused most of these problems , I really despair when people actually vote for them.

  13. Nick Clegg , who doubtless wants a thirty year disengagement period from the European Union , has sparked fury by suggesting that there should be a second BREXIT VOTE , because the older anti E.U. voters are dying off ! Well we British Democrats tell you Mr. OBNOXOUS CLEGG , THAT THE MAJORITY OF OUR PEOPLE WERE BORN BRITISH , FREE CITIZENS , NOT E. U. SUPERSTATE COMPULSARY CITIZENS. WE WILL DIE , FREE BRITISH CITIZENS , WHATEVER THE VILE , INTOLERANT LIBERAL PARTY SAY !

  14. I was delighted to see Clegg lose his seat at the election in May still the BBC gives him and the euro supporting lying traitors airtime

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