New Year Message

From Andrew Brons (Chairman)

To parody the opening words of A Tale of Two Cities: “It is the best of times; it is the worst of times…….it is the spring of hope; it is the winter of despair. We have everything before us; we have nothing before us.”

Electorates throughout the White World have never before, at any rate in recent times, been so alert to the dangers or so aware of the opportunities. The vote to leave the European Union in the UK, the increased votes for the FN in France, the FPO in Austria, Alternative für Deutschland in Germany and the Dutch Freedom Party in the Netherlands and, of course, the election of Donald Trump in the United States are all graphic examples.

Nationalists can be sceptical about the soundness of some of these phenomena. We cannot really be sure of the extent to which Mr. Trump is simply using establishment figures for his advantage or is being used by them for its advantage. However, none of that detracts from the scale of the transformation of the mood of the electorate.

We can see the fundamental dishonesty of the UKIP leadership but the 3.8 million UKIP voters cannot be dismissed quite as easily. Many of them and many UKIP members would, in other circumstances, have been voters for, or members of, a genuine Nationalist party.

However, the Nationalist Movement is hopelessly fragmented. No single Nationalist party shows any sign of emerging as a serious electable Nationalist Party.

We have struck the right balance between adherence to principle and presenting policies in a palatable way. We have created a Constitution that provides checks and balances and, most importantly, prevents the security and disciplinary procedures from being used for factional purposes. However, we like all the others, have failed to inspire the thousands of disenchanted Nationalists to move in our direction.

This year must be the year in which Nationalists in all parties and none start to engage in dialogues and joint activities – as long as those activities are not likely to haunt us in the future. All parties and factions must drop the demand that everybody should move in their direction without conditions.

However, there are some minimum conditions that any emergent electable party must satisfy. It must be internally democratic without the concentration of power in one set of hands. It must be convincingly committed to respecting and retaining a democratic political system in the United Kingdom. It must be expressly observant of key Nationalist principles, whilst presenting policies in a form that does not repel potential voters.

It would be foolish to recreate a Nationalist monstrosity tailor-made for a megalomaniac to step into. It must have safeguards that would make that unlikely, if not impossible. Furthermore, we must create a political culture that fosters respect and restraint rather than unbridled aggression.

4 thoughts on “New Year Message

  1. John Shaw Well said Mr Chairman . I am Proud to have marched with you , from 1973 , when we were all a lot younger ! However , we were right about things then and we are right about things now ! It’s THIRD TIME LUCKY FOR NATIONALISTS AND INDEED BRITAIN. I urge all to make one last effort for the CAUSE AND OUR PEOPLE ! THIS TIME WE WILL WIN !

  2. An honest assessment. We have to face the facts rather than attempt to create unwarranted hype. Brexit indicates a gradual awakening, as does the victory of Trump…though -whether he keeps his promises remains to be seen- more support on the continent for patriotic organisations can only grow as the sobering realities of ”Diversity” become an increasing reality.

    White Flight continues unabated in the cities from both sides of the pond. Today it has been revealed that Knife Crime in London has increased by16% in the last two years, making the streets of our capital one of the most crime ridden places in Europe.

    Sharia Courts and barbaric practises like FGM also go unchallenged by members of the ‘religion of peace’…prisons are overcrowded and more violent, housing needs cannot be met and both the NHS and welfare state are under strain…the establishment have no viable answers, for now they can only try to ”contain” things…eventually they will not be able to cope with the many problems they created.

  3. John Shaw ( Party Official ) With our new , very recognisable , PARTY LOGO now imminent , I HOPE all members of our N.E.C. PROVIDE A NEW LEAFLET for THEIR AREA. Also , local issue leaflets will ‘ hit the spot ‘ as the OVERWHELMING TIDE OF OPINION IS DEFYING THE MULTI- CULTUARAL MEDIA AND TURNING OUR WAY , AT LAST !

  4. Right on the money, without dialogue we can’t move forward and we need unity in Europe too. I wish other nationalists would take an example from the BDP approach instead of trying to be big fish in their little ponds and not making any progress. United we stand divided we fall, an old saying but never more was it true true then now.

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