Net migration to the UK rose to 260,000 in the year to June

by Leicestershire Correspondent

According to the Office for National Statistics, ‘net’ migration to the UK rose to 260,000 in the year to June – an increase of 78,000 on the previous year.

583,000 people immigrated into the UK in the last year – an increase of 45,000 from the EU and 30,000 from outside. An estimated 323,000 people emigrated from the UK in the year ending June 2014. Long-term emigration has been relatively stable since 2010.

The statistically significant increase of 30,000 in immigration of non-EU citizens to 272,000 was in part driven by an increase in immigration to accompany/join others – up 19,000 to 54,000.

32,000 Romanian and Bulgarian (EU2) citizens immigrated to the UK in the year ending June 2014, a statistically significant increase from 18,000 in the previous 12 months.

Some 228,000 EU citizens came to the UK in the year to June 2014, according to the Office for National Statistics, while the number of people immigrating from outside the EU rose to 272,000 a rise from 242,000 from the previous year.

The key point here is that in the last year there has been more immigration into the UK from non-EU countries – and remember that Ukip appear to be quite happy with non-EU immigration.

Under a Ukip government the figure of 272,000 people coming into the UK from non-EU countries could still happen as a part of their net migration of 50,000 a year policy.

Further points

Accompanying or joining others

Estimates show that the third most common reason for migrating to the UK is to accompany/join others. In the year ending June 2014, 84,000 long-term migrants arrived in the UK to accompany or join others, a statistically significant increase from 60,000 in the previous year.

Family visas (Non-EEA nationals)

In the year ending September 2014, 34,747 family-related visas were granted. This is an increase of 5% compared with the year ending September 2013 (33,240). There was a 2% increase in the number of visas granted to all other dependants (excluding visitor visas) joining or accompanying migrants in the UK (76,658) compared with the previous 12 months (75,172).

13 thoughts on “Net migration to the UK rose to 260,000 in the year to June

  1. According to today’s MSM, Next the clothing retailer has advertised in Poland to staff its new warehouses. Done and dusted while here in Britain no advertising happened.

    So we now know about Next. But how many others are doing the same?

    Cameron has told us non EU Immigration is significantly down but the figures we are working on hail from a Government quango. Therefore it would be no surprise if the figure were more than those published. I mean truth and government quangos are never mutually inclusive.

  2. “The key point here is that in the last year there has been more immigration into the UK from non-EU countries – and remember that Ukip appear to be quite happy with non-EU immigration”.

    I think that the main object of UKIP concerning all immigration is to restore total sovereign power on the issue to Westminster. Assuming there to be responsible MPs thus in such a position, then to control immigration in terms of quantity AND ‘quality’.

    Now, it is a clever use of words but ‘quality’ could be interpreted in various ways. The perception of many is that UKIP would be hardline on all immigration, whereas their public rhetoric suggests they are only concerned about immigration consequential to EU free movement of peoples.

    As nationalists, rather than nitpick about the shortcomings, we should welcome the fact that the number one issue in British politics is immigration. UKIP has not got where it is by being ‘hardline’ and dogmatic. That line has proven fruitless electorally, or let us say, it has at least a ‘ceiling’.

    Winning elections is ultimately about building ‘coalitions’ around areas where you can get common agreement. UKIP has got all the main parties on to their ground – immigration, the EU and ultimately sovereignty/independence. These are all OUR issues as well – as Nationalists.

    If UKIP gets power, they will be held to account by an electorate that has finally become educated out of its previous automaton like support for LibLabCon and more readily disposed to support alternatives in the event of UKIP not measuring up.

    1. So we should simply ignore UKIP’s shortcomings David? Shut up shop until they get power and see what they do? Hold them to account once in power? How if there is no political movement opposing them?

      Your plan appears to be to shut your eyes and hope for the best like a game of Russian roulette. Ours is to plan for all eventualities and to point out where hopes are not firmly based. Responsible and rational politics.

      Holding those in power to account once there is extremely difficult. They hold all the cards.

    2. The problem with the “suck it and see” option is that once a party is in power our outdated “first past the post” system makes it incredibly difficult to remove them.

      We all know that people do not decide elections the result is engineered by the mass media. Would UKIP really have been as successful if they had been subjected to the barrage of lies that Nationalist candidates have to endure. I think not.

      Whilst it is interesting to observe the ups and downs of the false flag candidates sadly for us time is ebbing away. Quite simply the Britain of the British people is running out of time. Street demos and marches are useless against the state’s draconian anti-British laws.

      Our small BDP offers a route to some success. I urge all Nationalists to join us.

  3. All parties (except the Greens) do at least acknowledge that immigration has brought major problems with overcrowding. These problems affecting housing, schooling, the NHS, forcing down wage levels, etc are all dealt with on the Brit Dems site. We could also point out that this overcrowding is another reason why travel on all UK motorways means you now face a ‘rush hour’ which extends from 7.0am until 8.0pm – non-stop.
    As a result of the absence of any border controls and the resulting inflow of at least ten million immigrants over the past 50 years England’s population density of 420 people per square kilometre is the world’s highest except for Bangladesh and city states such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Germany’s is 233, France, 111, Italy 192, Spain 92, Portugal 109, Poland 124, and India 368. West Africa 342, Central Africa 134, East Africa 342.

    Unless there is a halt to this flow we shall soon become another Afro-Asian third world country – and our brothers in Scotland, Wales and Ireland will be next.

  4. UKIP will do nothing on immigration if elected which is no chance.

    UKIP believes in immigration. Farage is using immigration to get votes as Thatcher did before the 1979 General Election.

    Farage makes a good living abusing the EU but takes their money and lots of it. He’s a sham.

    1. As far as I can see, all UKIP will ever ‘achieve’ is to help put Ed Milliband and his nation-wrecking Labour Party into office next year (is it any wonder the leftist globalists at the BBC love UKIP so much?)

      All they are is a economically-speaking Thatcherite Tory party with all that goes with it ie manic support for the worst aspects of economic neo-liberalism ie globalism which only benefits the ultra-wealthy. Their stance on immigration is weak, changes almost by the week, and is based-upon no coherent philosophy but is merely there to attract some cheap votes from voters who would be repelled by the REAL policies they stand for.

      All in all, UKIP are part of the problem rather than the solution.

  5. Illegal migrants at the port of Calais living in makeshift shelters and relying on a charity to feed them one meal a day are desperate to get to the UK to work. So they claim when interviewed by British news reporters who always seem to go against the UK indigenous

    What work? is it available for the British? Not if you look in your local newspaper vacancy section. They will have family and friends already living here then get accommodation, benefits and help they need while we UK citizens get sanctioned, put on a waiting list which grows longer, or sleep rough.

    Parliament supports it deep down but says otherwise. Where’s the fight gone in the Brits?

  6. UK Companies are still recruiting in Hungary and other Eastern European Countries because it’s hard to get local people to work?

    The Tory capitalism myth is once again trying to make out that the indigenous British are idle while a few are making lots of money out of it all. What and where are these jobs the British wont do?

    1. The British will do ANY job provided they get a decent level of pay for it. I think the REAL reason the Tories and the Tory press like to make out they won’t is because Tory-voting employers don’t want to pay decent wages so why not just paint a picture of the British being terminally ‘workshy’ instead? This country had people doing ALL sorts of jobs before mass immigration began!

  7. Happy New Year to all BDP Members and supporters.

    Whats in line for 2015?

    More migrants for non-existing jobs and more of a false economy from the Tory Toffs. New Labour Tory Mark 3 with no idea led by a migrant origin leader. UKIP Tory Mark 3 led by Thatcherite Farage with Thatcherite policies.


  8. Next election coming May 2015.

    Cameron former Bullingdon Club member setting fire to £50 notes in front of homeless people when an Tory Eton Toff it’s a joke to his ilk. More Americanisation as Blair’s Tory Mark 2 New Labour Party carried on with Tory Policies but gave a few less well off a bit back. Infamous Edwina Currie telling pensioners under Thatcher’s govt to wrap up warm, wear extra clothing etc. Rich socialists can afford to be New Labour.

    It will only get worse for the indigenous.

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