Nationalist Politics; Where Do We Go From Here?

Andrew Brons speaking at the Yorkshire Forum – 23 May 2015

Andrew Brons was one of the two representatives that were elected to The European Parliament for the British National Party. However most of the limelight was taken by his BNP colleague – Nick Griffin. Nevertheless, Brons's intellect and his record for integrity, honesty, fairness and constancy, together with his unswerving firm ideological stance have meant that he is a Nationalist leader that is almost universally respected – even by our ideological opponents. Aged now 68, he first became involved in politics in 1964 aged 17, went onto become a National Front directorate member in 1974, National Front chairman in the 1980's, and was elected to the European Parliament on the BNP ticket in 2009. He is currently President of The British Democratic Party.

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  1. This video makes some very good points about UKIP, that the masses need to be aware of. Outside of leaving the EU they are really Tory Party mark 2. Videos are an important tool in promoting and selling sensible policies, as they present a human face to the Party and counter-act the smears from parties like Labour. We have to be careful not to ensure we ‘lose’, which as found beyond 2010 can be quite easy to do!

  2. ( Party Member ) I hope therefore, that we decide to stand at least one candidate. From memory the deposit was high ( £ 5,ooo ) and the return threshold was low ( 5% ) With our Party obtaining mostly much higher than this and with a low turnout and being the type of election that favours small Party’s we have a Heaven Sent opportunity to get our GOOD NAME and POLICIES BEFORE THE PEOPLE. The CAMPAIGN could start NOW and should we go ahead I PLEDGE £500 ( IN INSTALLMENTS ) TOWARDS THE COST. Simon Fairbairn, Dorset County Organiser.

  3. ( Party Member ) Where does our Party go from here ? In May 2016 there are the Police and Crime Commisioner Elections. As this new democratic ideal was launched at the height of the ' old party's ' financial crisis, they rightly accepted reality and did not stand. They also wrongly condemned this wonderful opportunity to appose the Political Correctness forced upon the Police and our society by liberal types and Marxists.

  4. Where does the British Democratic Party go from here? A possible method to identify improvements to Party prospects could be to copy those used by my local Community Association to upgrade physical and social conditions in the neighbourhood. The technique involves investigating under four headings: Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities. For example:

    The Party is a conservationist organisation, patriotically defending the indigenous British people and seeking to preserve their cultural and ethnic heritage, while supporting diversity on a global scale. The Party is highly ethical and has every right to claim to occupy the high moral ground. The Party has a good website, a Facebook and Twitter facility and experienced patriotic leadership.

    The Party may lack the underhand and devious abilities of the mainstream parties, which unfortunately can win votes where wholesome honesty fails to excite the voters. Also, although the Party comes up with good policies, it requires sufficient money to effectively disseminate those ideas widely. The BDP could do with more funds and more hard-nosed professionalism.

    The Party’s biggest Achilles’s heel, as for any ethno-nationalist political party, is the threat posed by the powerful (albeit entirely unjustified) accusation of ‘racism’ in response to its policy of opposition to mass immigration/invasion.

    1. The accusation of racism is rather dying as a tactic. What the Tories are doing is admitting the need to control immigration while doing little about it – but with such a fake battle over fighting EU rules that it looks like they must be doing a lot. It's just political theatre. 

    The Party has been firmly established for more than two years and has a growing membership. There is space in the political spectrum for a respectable true patriotic party like the BDP. It has great opportunity to grow much larger, by raising its electoral profile and by addressing the concerns of groups often ignored by traditional nationalists, such as students and young people, women and mothers, the clergy, trade unionists, teachers, local authority employees, nurses, self-employed entrepreneurs, the unemployed, etc. To counter false accusations of ‘racism’ The BDP could at every opportunity justifiably accuse those who promote mass immigration of themselves being racists, genocidists and traitors.

    1. ( Party Official ) The biggest strength of our Party is our GOOD NAME. With most of us being ex B.N.P. Members of very long standing , we realise the mistakes of the past and are determined not to repeat them. With the Country showing many signs of moving towards Nationalism we have a wonderful opportunity to save Britain from the last forty years of the effects of no standards liberalism and Marxist destruction of everything we hold dear.

  7. The trouble has always been money
    our electoral base are the victims of immigration . lost jobs, reduced incomes. The well off generally think their well placed . occasionally a well off gets mugged or loses his job. then get his road to Damascus vision.
    Quite a few joined the BNP . but dear old Nick got up close and friendly. Took what he could and flittered it away.
    So where to go .Local politics always a good place to start. I was told that last century . Its a pity to have to do it again. Time is against us .But immigration is getting worse what with the north African boat people. They’ll be foisted on us that’s for sure.. So those million that once voted for the BNP could enlarge exponentially. Can the BDP get well known enough in the mean time.
    I bloody hope so.

  8. ( Party Official ) The AMAZING GENERAL ELECTION , Aspect One ; The Marxist S.N.P. Took all of Scotland , apart from two seats , apart from one Conservative and one Liberal , with the Labour Party wiped out ! Truly AMAZING !

    1. Labour still has one MP in Scotland in the Edinburgh South constituency which saw an INCREASE in the Labour vote probably by unionist Tory and Lib Dem voters tactically voting Labour to keep the SNP out. Labour also still has an impressive share of the vote in Scotland of 24.3% so the use of the absurd First Past The Post electoral system meant they were nearly wiped-out

  9. ( Party Official ) The AMAZING GENERAL ELECTION , Aspect Two ; Nearly Four Million People Voted against Immigration and European Union , tragically because Ukip are NOT what these Voters THINK they are !

  10. ( Party Member ) The Amazing General Election , Aspect Three ; With false left wing biased Polls trying to ‘ talk up ‘ the Labour Party , around two million disgruntled Conservatives lost their nerve and did not vote ukip , as they intended , fearing letting in Labour with s.n.p. support. This left much of Ukip’s vote coming from Labour areas. Amazing !

  11. ( Party Official ) The amazing General Election , Aspect Four ; Many traditional Labour Voters , in revenge for their Party actively bringing in Immigrants to take their Jobs , homes and much else , Voted Ukip ! Truly Amazing !

  12. After giving the matter a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that the BDP idea of building the party structure from the bottom up will not work. It might have worked four or five years ago when there were a lot of former BNP organisers and activists looking for a political home, they could have been the focus of growth all over the country, unfortunately these people are for various reasons not available. So we have the situation where say a youngster joins the party, he has enough confidence to do a bit of leafletting, let’s say he is organiser material, bearing in mind how rare activists let alone potential organisers are. He manages to get two or three people to join, then he wants to expand and maybe hold a meeting, he’s more or less on his own, and the party is in a position to offer him little in the way of help etc
    So what’s the answer? I think the first thing that should happen is that the party should have a contact / email for every region, these people don’t have to be super activists, maybe just people with political experience who could offer advice. Just some thoughts.

  13. ( Party Official ) The Amazing General Election , Aspect Five ; Only around four million whites voted Labour in England as they finally became the main ‘ Immigrant Party ‘.

  14. ( Party Official ) The amazing General Election , Aspect Six ; The ghastly , No Standards Liberal Party vote collapsed , as during the Coalition , People had seen the horrible outlook on life and things they believed in and realised their word meant nothing !

  15. The point made in a mailshot that the BDP is the most electable patriotic party outside UKIP is a very good one.

    The problem is that a large section of the nationalist movement has mostly specialised in making itself unelectable. Its supporters seem to love the ‘moral high ground’ of being powerless people railing against a wicked system. They run a mile from electability which seems to represent betrayal to them.

  16. ( Party Official ) With MILLIONS wanting to VOTE against Immigration , European Union and much else that we stand for , the FORMER leading Nationalist Party STILL FAILS to overcome it’s BAD NAME AND IMAGE. The Amazing General Election , Aspect Seven

  17. What is to be done?
    1. To expose, denounce and smash the power of Usury for the falsity and corruption it is.
    2. To liberate debt-enslavement with the “Third way” of social credit and achieve true economic and political independence whether independent of the EU or otherwise.
    3. To celebrate and promote cultural identity and individuality between peoples without racial hatred and division.
    4. To restore a sense of genuine national togetherness and pride to endure, to overcome and to achieve.

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