Muslim vigilantes are patrolling the streets of London

Police investigating a Muslim vigilante gang in London have made five arrests so far after investigating a string of incidents in east London last weekend where Islamists harrassed members of the public in the street and then posted a video of their efforts online.
A video posted on Youtube showed the Mulsim gang shouting anti-homosexual slogans at one man, whom the police have urged to come forward. In the video, they are also heard to shout at another man: “No drink in this area, it’s a Muslim area.” They then order him to pour his alcohol away in the street.

As a result of the Sharia-style bullying, additional police patrols are being amounted across east London.

Five arrests have now been made relating to the investigation. A 22-year-old man was arrested in Acton, west London, last Sunday, and a 19-year-old man was arrested the following Wednesday. The pair were held on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and public order offences in their efforts to impose Sharia law and both were bailed to return to an east London police station in February and March.

Predictably, apologists for Muslim colonisation in London have tried to blame “far-right” activists for the video and claimed the patrol was a stunt designed to whip up hatred against resident Muslims in the area.

You can watch the Muslim Patrol video here.

There is more on BBC News: Here

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  1. Meanwhile millions of our people actively embrace multiculturalism,drugs,pornography,cheap booze,the BBC,homosexuality,the rotten church and aliens dictating to them.These arrogant scum know they can do this on the streets of the nations Capital because they are above the law.

    • They also know they can get away with it because, in all probability, they are the majority in that area. They also know that the police will do absolutely nothing other than to ignore it for fear of provoking an incident.

  2. These muslims simply have to be removed from our country. It is crystal clear that they simply don’t fit in at all with British values and want to turn this country into a replica of intolerant and profoundly backward states like Pakistan.

  3. Can you imagine what would happen if white people went to, say, Pakistan and started laying down the law about who could go where and how people should dress?

  4. Is that truely correct, Graham? Yes, Britain did have a large colonial Empire but leglislation could and should have been introduced in the 1950’s to stop immigration from it. If Chuchill hadn’t been as ill as he was and had remained as PM into the mid 1950’s instead of resigning we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  5. Although this will horrify many people, it is really just another inevitable symptom of the problem.

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but to be honest, most white people out for a night out in London NEED to be told about their disgraceful drunken, promiscuous, disrespectful behaviour. It’s just a shame its Muslims taking it upon themselves to do it, in our country!

    Before anyone criticises me for that comment, why don’t you go for a night out in a Central London nightclub and witness the FILTH that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of our young people participate in, they aren’t like your ‘discos’ of the 1960/70s.

    Sadly I don’t think the older generations quite understand the depths of depravity many young people sink to on these nights out. Also, it isn’t the Muslims who are running these nightclubs, or promoting these degenerate lifestyles in the media, is it? #usualsuspects

  6. Brigadier; I must agree. Binge-drinking and associated anti-social behaviour; feral kids running wild due to irresponsible/absent parents, drug abuse, and the absence of work ethic are sadly the domains of the indigenous population. Those reality TV shows which purport to address such problems must make excellent anti-western propaganda when beamed out across the muslim world.
    Let us hope that a BDP government with the support of a responsible membership base will be able to promote and maintain a just and accountable society.

  7. ( Party Official ) With the Media keeping quite about the PROBLEMS outlined in the above older Brit Dems Article , it is not looking good for us British. Make NO MISTAKE , SHARIA LAW is slowly becoming popular amongst Britains Muslim population. Only British Democratic Party Decent NATIONALISM can SAVE BRITAIN from a NASTY FUTURE. Join us today in an act of SELF PRESERVATION.

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