Mr Justice Sweeney: Lee Rigby and the ‘Betrayal of Islam’

By Tim Haydon.



Mr Justice Sweeney, the judge in the trial of the killers Lee Rigby, opined when concluding his sentencing of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale that the pair were guilty of ‘the betrayal of Islam’.


The Global Betrayal of Islam

There does seems to be a lot of ‘the betrayal of Islam’ going on across the globe, doesn’t there. Indeed, everywhere one looks, the ‘Religion of Peace’ is being ‘betrayed’.  It’s not just 7/7, 9/11 , the mass vehicle burnings and general mayhem of rampaging ‘youths’ from the banlieus in France, most recently shouting ‘ We hate France’ (Dripping wet BBC ‘experts’, ever eager deflect blame from  ethnic minority perpetrators to evil whites, said they were suffering from ‘colonialism’- BBCR4 10th March), the riots in  Gothenburg in Sweden, Bradford, Sydney Australia and so on.  These are minor incidents compared to ‘the betrayal of Islam’ elsewhere.

Betraying Islam in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine,

Let’s see:  There is gross ‘betrayal of Islam’ in Pakistan, where assassinations are  unexceptional and where the civil peace  is punctuated with bomb explosions such as that which  murdered 85 people at All Saints Church in Peshawar in 2013.  In Afghanistan, as in Iran and Saudi Arabia, Christian converts face the death penalty.

In India, there have been ongoing Muslim / Hindu incidents since the massacres involving hundreds of thousands which accompanied Partition in 1947. Some of these have been very major, such as the Nellie riots in Assam in 1983 (Estimated 5,000 dead), the 1969 Gujarat riots (Estimated 630  dead), the 1980  Moradabad riots (Estimated 2,500  dead), the 1989 Bhagalpur disturbances (Estimated 1,000 dead), the1992 Bombay riots (Estimated 900 dead and the 2002 Gujarat riots (Estimated 1044 dead).

A major driver of Hindu violence and a reminder that people do not forget the  wrongs done to them has been resentment and desire for revenge for the  history of Islamic conquest and rule of Hindu India, described by the historian Will Durant as the bloodiest in history. There has been retaliation for other acts of Islamic violence. Thus the starting point for the 2002 Gujarat riots was the attack on a train, which was blamed on Muslims.  During the incident, young girls were sexually assaulted, burned or hacked to death.

Very reminiscent of Britain and other western countries, there has also been resentment of muslim immigration into non-Muslim areas and  fear of the takeover of Islam due to the higher birth rate of muslims.  The higher fertility rate among Muslims has been a recurring theme in the Hindu rights rhetoric. They claim that the higher birth rate amongst Muslims is part of a plan to turn the Hindus into a minority within their own country.

In Iraq, Shias and Sunnis, each of them thinking the other is not Islamic continue to butcher one another. Priests of the Assyrians and Chaldean Christians have been murdered and their churches pillaged.  The 140,000 dead so far in the religious / ethnic Syrian conflict speaks for itself.

Sharia law is being enforced across the Middle East, as Christianity which was old in those parts centuries before the birth of Mohammed is driven out of its birthplace.

The betrayal of Islam in Syria has spilled over into Lebanon, where Shia Hezbollah has allied itself with Syria’s Assad and controls the south.

Islam is of course grossly ‘betrayed’ in the Israeli / Palestinian confrontation where followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ routinely shell the  villages  of the Israelis, themselves not slow to use violence, or target them with rockets.

Betraying Islam in the Horn of Arica

In Somalia and adjacent parts, Islam is being betrayed as various Islamic groups’ religious / political differences and clan rivalries have played out in a maelstrom of Civil War and ongoing blood letting..

Betraying Islam in the Sudan and the Maghreb

In Sudan, as in Mauretania and across the Maghreb, despite the claim that Islam is free from racial prejudice, the mixed race, soi-disant Arab muslim population of the north treated their completely black southern, Christian or animist population with gross racial disdain. In 1983, the Arab-controlled government in Sudan enforced Islamic law on the entire population. A Fatwa was issued in 1992 giving religious justification to the military subjection of non-moslems. The result was a war of genocidal attrition against them in which millions of Nuba died by means of systematic starvation or plain mass murder or were enslaved. The country has of course, since disintegrated into its ethnic parts and continues to do so.

Betraying Islam in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the ‘betrayal of Islam’ proceeds apace. Considering the extent of this violence, there is precious little notice taken of it in the West. The group known as ‘Boko Haram’ (an Arab-Hausa word meaning ‘Western education is religiously proscribed’) has been responsible for well in excess of 10,000 deaths as well as arson attacks, often on Christian places of worship. Most recently the village of Mainok in North East Nigeria was completely wiped out, shortly after two bomb blasts killed at least 50 people in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State. In recent weeks the group burned to death 43 boys as they slept. (A further 40 intended victims managed to escape).

Apart from religion, Boko Haram is also said to have an ethnic element in that it is claimed to be a movement against attempts at the ethnic cleansing of the Hausa and Fulani peoples by Ibo / Yoruba elements in the administration.

There have been hundreds of murders in the middle belt of Nigeria where Islam meets the non-Islamic south.  Religion is mixed with disputes over land between the herding Muslims Fulani and Hausa, and the settled non-Muslim villagers.  Herding Fulani gunmen, not necessarily connected with Boko Haram murdered 100 villagers in Central Nigeria in mid-March.

Although Christians are the main targets, Muslims themselves have not been immune. (The BBC typically reported that there many attacks on Moslems and Christians, in that order.) Many Muslims thought to have strayed from the purity of Islam demanded by the group have been murdered included scholars.

Betraying Islam in the Magreb and Sahel

Boko Haram may well have connections with Al Quaida, but is certainly influenced by Salafist doctrines coming out of Saudi Arabia. This is also true of  other movements across the Sahel and the Magreb. Here the ‘betrayal of  Islam’ has involved the attempted takeover of Mali  and The Central African Republic by jihadists armed with Libyan weaponry, available after the fall of  Gaddafi. The Ansar Dine destroyed the Sufi shrines in Timbuktu, matching the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Betraying Islam in Egypt

There is much ‘betrayal of Islam’ in Egypt, where the attempted imposition of an islamist regime and Sharia Law by the Muslim Brotherhood was only recently thwarted by the army. The Christians Copts continue to be threatened, persecuted and murdered. Alexandria in Egypt was, with Antioch  one of the first cities in history with a  Christian community.

Betraying Islam in Indonesia

Over in Indonesia, Islam is being ‘betrayed’ as Christian churches are shut on the demand of Muslims.  The terrorist network Jemaah Islamiah is suspected of being behind several bombings in Indonesia aimed at Westerners, including the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing, the 2003 Marriott Hotel bombing and the 2004 Austalian embassy bombing.

Indonesian Genocide rivalling Pol Pot

Indonesia has a long record of the ‘betrayal of Islam’ involving the persecution and murder of Christians and non-Indo-Malays, including huge massacres of Chinese, on a scale rivalling that of Pol Pot. With American support, President Suharto annexed East Timor on the fall of the Portuguese administration and proceeded to wipe out one third of the Christian population of 600,000. While not himself a devout Muslim, Suharto harnessed those who were. The soldiers who were sent to East Timor were told they were on a Jihad. Similar methods had already been used in ex-Dutch New Guinea, whose Melanesian Christian and animist population was terrorised by the Indonesians with an estimated 100,000 being killed by 1990.

Betraying Islam in Uzbekistan Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Turkey, China South Thailand and Myanmar

There have been Muslim uprisings in Uzbekistan Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia.  Turkey, of course, has reduced its Greek, Assyrian, Chaldean and Armenian Christian populations to shadows of their former selves through genocide and persecution and there continue to be sporadic outbreaks against the pitiful remnants of these populations from time to time. In China, Muslim Uighurs are fighting to drive the Han Chinese out of Xinjiang and to create an East Turkestan. Muslim Malays in south Thailand have fought a decade-long war of secession and there are ongoing problems in Mayanmar.

Betraying Islam in ‘Advanced Islamic‘ Malaysia

Malaysia is said to be an advanced Muslim state, but is in fact a multiethnic country where Islam is in a minority However, Islam is advancing, sponsored by the State. It bans the importation of the bible. A non-muslim minor can convert to Islam, but It is almost impossible for a Malay Muslim to convert to Christianity, Hinduism or another religion and have his or her Identity Card marked accordingly. Once converts are found, they are sent to a re-education centre, where they can be held until they agree to reconvert.

Non-Muslim schools can only give religious instruction out of school hours, but a non-Muslim ‘may not object to his children receiving lessons in Islam in the public school system because in doing so they are instructed in the ideology of the state.’

The country seems to be moving to Islamic radicalisation with rising tension involving a growing number of sinister incidents including the throwing of bombs at a church recently.

This Judge’s view of the ‘Betrayal of Islam’ is the Betrayal of the Truth

Yes, the ‘betrayal of Islam’ is pretty widespread, is it not? No other religious group is anything like so identified with violence as regards its neighbours. So much so indeed, that it seems that ‘betrayal, so-called by  the Lee Rigby bien-pensant judge, so very typical of the Western liberal elite’s rose –tinted view of this malevolent religion /ideology, is in fact the heart and soul of that religion.

Violence towards non-Muslims is at the Heart of Islam

And indeed it is.  True, some of the movements are as noted above have other dimensions such as tribal, racial or ethnic preference, national sentiment, land disputes and political opposition. But the Saudi Wahabi  Salafist sect’s deadly antipathy to non–Muslims lies behind  much of what we see today. It can and does  easily explode into violence and bloodshed on a massive scale. And it   does indeed derive from the words of the Qur’an, just it teaches.

The overwhelmingly aggressive Teaching of the Qur’an

There are at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule, including those which demand that infidels’ heads and fingers be chopped off and that they be killed wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and are warned that Allah will send them to hell. There are few pacific verses that abrogate or balance the overwhelmingly aggressive, violent tone of the Qur’an.

Bien pensant Left-Liberals who close their eyes to the Reality of Islam

Those who claim that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’, like the deeply foolish Tony Blair, his acolyte, David Cameron and by implication Judge Sweeney, inevitably run up against those words which, let us never forget, and the Salafist ‘fundamentalists’ certainly remember, are  directly and unassailably those of Allah.

Apologists try to relativise them by setting them in a historical context. But the problem there is that such verses did not arise in a defensive context but in periods when Mohammed and his followers were in the ascendant.
Thus, Surah 2:191-193  of the Qur’an arose at a time when Mohammed had relocated to Medina and was an injunction to Muslims to drive Meccans out of their own city:

 “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out’… and  fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone.  But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)” 

‘Moderate’ Muslims betray Islam

‘Moderate‘ muslims are ‘moderate‘ often because, like the mystical Sufis, they have historically been deep within the House of Islam, far from the Infidel and / or because they want a quiet life and influenced by Christianity close their eyes to the possibility that the Qur’an means exactly what it appears to mean.  These Muslims  and Western apologists for Islam who are so ready to traduce Christianity, must then run up against the behaviour of Mohammed, the exemplar of the ‘perfect man’ in Islam who  executed by decapitation 800- 900 men and boys of the Jewish Qurayza tribe in Medina who had dared to refuse to convert. He enslaved the women and children. These actions were hardly ‘defensive’ and are impossible to relativise.

Dar al Sulh to Dar al Harb to  Dar al Islam

Islam divides the world into the House of Islam, Dar al Islam, where umma has been established, and the House of War, inhabited by Harbis, ie the rest of the world. The House of Islam is in a permanent state of war with the rest. This state of war can be interrupted by temporary truces, but there can only be lasting peace when the entire globe has been conquered.

Progressing from Dar al Sulh to Dar al Harb

There is a progression from Dar al Sulh, the state as in the West today where muslims are in a minority, and need to deceive their neighbours (This state is modelled on Mecca before Mohammed’s move to Medina) to Dar al Harb when the territory of the infidel is by definition a war zone. This transition occurs when Muslims feel strong enough to dispense with pretence.

The model for this  strategy is again provided by the example of ‘the perfect man’. Mohammed accepted a truce with Mecca when he was in an inferior position, but broke it as soon as he felt strong enough. He then offered his non-Muslim opponents the choice between converting or death.

Britain is in Dar al Sulh

When one of Lee Rigby’s killers, Adebolajo, said at the scene of the crime that “to fight Allah’s enemies is an obligation” after having struck at the neck of Rigby as directed by Surah 47 :4 “So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks’, he was stating no more than the simple truth from the Islamic perspective, since Islam is constantly at war with non-Islam.  His mistake was to do battle with the Infidel when Britain is still in a state of Dar al Sulh and could swat away a claim of legitimate warfare.  But give it time….

Mystified Left-Liberals

The aggressive attitude of Islam must mystify left-liberal multiculturalists such as the BBC which depicts Islam in its soaps as loving and peaceable.  It contradicts their fatuous marxist notions about no one religion or culture being intrinsically superior to another and aggression between groups fading way when power is administered ‘impartially.’

Driven by the logic of their ideology, with its ridiculously simplistic view of human motivation, they think that the inherently aggressive characteristic of Islam is a myth and that if Muslims are indeed aggressive it is because they are ‘oppressed’ by  evil white society, the all-purpose excuse for the wrong doing and failures of non-whites. Sadly for the rest of us, reality may dawn when it is too late, for them and for us.

And it is liberals and leftists who would be the first to suffer under Islamic rule.

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  1. (Party Member) Whilst very depressing and indeed frightening, this article is a much needed dose of reality for some and is a credit to the author and Britain’s Premier Nationalist Party !

  2. Richard Franklin

    I agree with everything that Tim Haydon has written. I would only add that while the Learned Judge is entitled to his view (as are we all!) he should not pronounce it as part of a judgement on a subject of which he clearly knows little.

    Many Moslems are busy murdering other Moslems as I write this. No doubt they all think they are carrying out the will of Allah. They have already started murdering non Muslims in this country and others. There are others demanding that “Shariah” ( I will not dignify it with the title of law) should be imposed on this country and others. When their numbers reach a critical point I have no doubt that they will rise up and try to impose it by force. Then we will see many knives come out and the Thames and other British rivers foaming with much blood.

  3. Sweeney was following orders not to implicate the religion, but to refer to the killers as fanatical killers. He is after all a government employee direct from the school of lies and distortion based in Frankfurt.

  4. As Vic has pointed out, Mr Justice Sweeney is only doing what he is ordered by those above him who must obey the political forces that are so obviously interfering in the judiciary. That this is an affront to justice and to democracy doesn’t seem to worry them. It’s a pity that there is nobody brave enough within the establishment to tell the truth about Islam, and many other things. That, unfortunately, is a job left to the British Democratic Party and, as usual, our own Tim Haydon has written another exceptionally well researched article here.

  5. I predict that at some point, whilst in prison the two killers will attempt to achieve martyrdom by carrying out some act designed to provoke the authorities into killing them.

    This will probably involve taking prison guards hostage and threatening to kill them, or actually killing them.

    Martyrdom will ensure an eternity of access to beautiful virgins whilst being attended by young boys in the full bloom of their youth in a well watered environment very reminiscent of a desert oasis.

  6. Long ago the great J.E. Powell pointed out that these pronouncements by judges which are called by the Latin term ‘Obiter dicta’ or ‘passing words’ should be very much curtailed. The good judge is quite manifestly uninformed concerning the real behaviour of the followers of ‘The Religion of Peace’. In a nutshell judges should remain silent as these sort pronouncements damage the reputation of the judiciary.

  7. Sadly, David Cameron also claimed that Islam was betrayed by the murders.


    What gives them the right to do that? If stupid naive liberals think that won’t happen here they are deluded beyond belief. Lee Rigby being the first!!! Islam is Europe’s greatest enemy!!!

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