More Brits Pushed Out of Work by Foreign Labour

By Southwest Nationalist. According to new figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the number of Britons working in the building industry dropped last year – whilst the number of foreigners working in the industry increased.

59,000 Brits left the building trade – whereas the number of those in the trade who list their nationality as non British actually increased by 36,000.

The rise in foreigners in the building industry now means that there are 153,000 foreign nationals officially working in the industry.

Care to hazard a guess how many more foreigners are working off the books?

Brian Berry, from the Federation of Master Builders said that “Lots of foreign workers are able to undercut in terms of the hourly rate they charge”.

The manufacturing sector too showed a marked increase in the number of foreign workers, whilst the number of Brits dropped.

32,000 extra foreigners were working in the manufacturing sector, whereas 29,000 Britons left the sector. There were a total of 289,000 foreigners working in the manufacturing sector.

“It is now surely undeniable that British workers are losing out to immigrant workers” said Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch.

The pattern is one we see repeated in industry after industry – the number of Britons employed falling, whereas the number of foreigners is increasing.

The British worker is being forced out of the British job market by a tidal wave of cheap imported labour.

Free movement of labour is destroying the bedrock upon which our nation is based, the British worker.

We have Britons stuck in the dole queue, and foreigners snapping up increasing numbers of jobs in all sectors.

Can anyone – other than the few who will see huge profits from driving down wages – honestly say that makes sense?

We do not need this huge flood of foreign labour. Britain has workers enough, and it is high time we put them first instead of throwing them into some global jobs marketplace where the playing field is anything but level.

3 thoughts on “More Brits Pushed Out of Work by Foreign Labour

  1. There is a kind of madness at work where we give aid to foreign countries and then suck from them the skilled and trained workers that they so badly need but who, when they come here, put our own folk out of work!

    You just could not make it up, could you?

    Yet when you mention this, people are too frightened to admit it due to another ‘insanity’ called “political correctness”.

    For the moment a lot of political discourse has lost its grip on both reality and the obvious.

  2. And so, it seems, the only future true Britons and their children have is to be thrown onto the scrapheap so that the invaders and THEIR children can steal our country from us, all with the blessing and encouragement of the quislings in westminster that hold sway over us.

    The half-asleep indigenous British people have been massively BETRAYED and are now having their homeland, the country they and their ancestors have lived and toiled and shed their blood in for many many thousands of years, literally stolen from under their noses!

    The greedy, corrupt out-and-out traitors who are committing this nightmare folly on our countrymen need a good horse-whipping before we even start to deal with them properly and appropriately, and God willing – one day the scum will pay handsomely for this nightmare they have put us through.

  3. Since this superb article was first published elsewhere, we have formed the British Democratic Party. the slogan by the way was devised by Martin Webster of the National Front. I remember the hostile journalists asking him what it actually meant. they truly did not know. As the article makes clear people know now, thirty years later. just another good reason to join the British Democratic Party. You know it makes sense.

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