Moderation is Not Another Word for Muddled Thinking

A presentation by Andrew Brons to British Renaissance broadcast on Resistance Radio

I was once asked by a German MEP what was the difference between us and UKIP. I said that I would draw an analogy between our native country – the United Kingdom – and the family home. The United Kingdom is, if you like our family home, the family home of the British people’

I said that we, Nationalists, were attached to the family home, because our people, our extended family of the British people, lived there. UKIP, on the other hand, was attached to the family home regardless of who lived there.

Mr. Farage, the former UKIP leader, was once asked for his definition of a British person. He said it was somebody resident in the United Kingdom who paid his taxes. UKIP’s affinity (if it has a real affinity for anything) is for the geographical region occupied by the United Kingdom and anybody who happens to live there. For them, it would make no difference if the whole indigenous population were to move out and be replaced by Africans and Asians. The people living here would still be British, in their eyes.

Of course, this muddled thinking is not the exclusive preserve of UKIP. It extends across all of the Non-British Nationalist parties from Trotskyites, Communists, Socialists, Liberal, Conservatives to UKIP, including, it should be said, to the pretend Nationalist parties of Plaid Cymru, the SNP and Sinn Fein.

The key to the muddle is a confusion between nationality and citizenship. In Western Europe, in general, and in Britain in particular, they are seen as synonyms. In Eastern Europe – even in the Soviet era – (and to some extent in Germany) they seem to be distinct.

Nationality is the identity that you inherit from your parents and their parents and is not dependent on where you live, where you were born or on your legal status. Citizenship is a legal concept and is dependent on the legal relationship between an individual and a political state.

Even under the doctrinaire Marxist state, the Soviet Union, most residents would have been Soviet citizens. However, their nationalities, Russia, Ukrainian, Georgian, Jewish or whatever, would have been recorded separately.

The depressing thing is that muddling citizenship and nationality is seen as an essential mark of moderation. Making a distinction is seen as a clear sign of extremism.

2 thoughts on “Moderation is Not Another Word for Muddled Thinking

  1. It’s an imperative that we observe the lie that race is an irrelevance under all circumstances…with the exception of when we are obliged to make concessions to particular groups because of ”Racism”…there really is no paradox quite like it.

    For example, when the Police are held to account by ”anti racists” and liberals for Racial Profiling/Stop And Search(of those most likely to commit offences) they are accused of discrimination and there is much to be said about the issue of Race.

    By contrast, when the Met Police and the Evening Standard respond to the 42% rise in Gun Crime and the 24% rise in knife crime with a total of 12,074 offences last year compared with 9,742 in 2015/2016…we have the routine denial that toes the Politically Correct line.

    The following response evades the causative factor of continued rising violence and typically skates around the issue(From the Evening Standard Editorial Comment) : ”The challenge posed by knife crime, which the Met today blames partly on ”complex social problems” beyond it’s control, is well known and regrettably appears to be beyond its control, is well known and regrettably appears to be beyond the police’s ability to defeat on their own”

    So there you have a damning admission from the Media and Police Force…the situation of violent crime is so far gone that it’s completely out of control, nobody has any credible answers, and any question of acknowledging the glaring issue of Race would be ”racist” so let’s all continue to run around like headless chickens as each year the problems gets worse and worse.

    The Nation’s funeral pyre really is heaping up now.

  2. Nationality can mean whatever you want it to thesedays. UKIP would say anything just to appear moderate, as far as I’m concerned they have served their purpose and their new leader has been shown as a Walter Mitty character. UKIP should now do us all a favour and vanish to make way for something genuine.

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