Mass Immigration, Public Opinion and the ‘Racism’ of Johnson, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband


By Tim Haydon.

Boris Johnson, the Tory Mayor of London, is reported as saying that he is the ‘only British Politician who will admit to being pro-immigration’.

It seems that our so-called representatives are at last getting the message from a furious electorate that the transformation of this country through mass immigration is not just unpopular; it is hated by vast swathes of the population and that they simply can’t go on ignoring it as they have been doing for decades, either for ideological reasons or because they are scared stiff of the BBC and the rest of the left-liberal media.

Searchlight’s Populus Poll

In February 2011, the far- left Searchlight Educational Trust organisation published the results of an opinion poll on immigration and related matters. The  Populus poll which was said to be the most wide-ranging ever, involved 5,094   respondents who had been asked 91 questions about identity, immigration, multiculturalism and race.

It revealed that, as a Guardian headline put it, there was ‘huge support for far right if they gave up violence’. (Thanks to media-wide biased reporting, it is the ‘far right’ which has the image of violence, not the left which tries routinely to provoke it with violence.)

The poll demonstrated that half the population of the country (48%) would welcome a new, non-violent, ‘far right’ anti-immigration English nationalist party which eschewed the trappings of ‘fascist imagery’. (Has anyone seen any real ‘trappings of fascism’ lately?) and was committed to challenging Islamic extremism. This opinion would want English identity to be asserted by requiring  all public buildings to fly the flag of St George. (Some people think that the Cross of St George is ‘fascist’ apparently).

If 48% of the population  would reject the present political parties if a ’far right’ alternative was available and since the immigrant population is now in excess of 12 % (officially at least. It is probably in excess of that), one may reasonably deduce that a good majority of the native British, around 55%, are strongly opposed to immigration and related issues and so would consider voting for a nationalist party which would reflect their views. And if something like 55% feel strongly, one may rest assured that there are a good many others who have at least adjacent but less marked  opinions and who for reasons of little more than ‘brand loyalty’, or the state hand -outs they expect from them, would prefer to stick with the parties they have always voted for.

The Sky News Opinion Polls

The ‘Searchlight’ poll did not reflect mere transient opinion; some flash in the pan. A poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of by Sky News in 2008 ( ‘revealed widespread public support for many of the BNP’s policies – but less backing for the party itself’ as Sky News put it. ‘The internet pollster YouGov questioned 1,841 people between last Friday and Monday. They were asked whether they supported halting all further immigration to the UK. Nearly six out of 10 – 59% – who did not know it was a BNP plan, said they would back the idea. But among those who were told it was BNP policy, the level of support was 48% – a drop of 11% . More than half of those surveyed agreed all immigrants should be denied the right to bring further members of their family into this country. However, the number fell by 9% among people who were aware it was a BNP policy.’

The latest poll was conducted by Sky News. Its results were revealed on 14thOctober 2013 headlined Immigration: Britons Want ‘Drastic Action’ ( ). This poll continues to show majority disapproval of immigration. The spin Sky News puts on this poll was that people who lived away from immigrant centres are more likely to be opposed to immigration.  It tries to say that those people in urban areas who know immigrants well  are more disposed to accept them, but was still stuck with the statistic that ‘only’ 53%  think that drastic action is needed to curb immigration as opposed to 71% in more rural areas and that what the government is doing to cut immigration is not nearly drastic enough..

We are not told that the ‘British public’ who were questioned comprised only the native British. That being the case, it is highly likely that what is being referred to is the whole population, including immigrants.  If this is so, the fact that more people in urban, more immigrant-areas are more tolerant of immigration is hardly a surprise, especially given the mass exodus of the native British from such areas as a result of ‘white flight’ and ethnic cleansing due to housing policies favouring immigrants with large families.

If in general one got one’s news solely from the BBC and other media outlets, one would never guess that rejection of immigration and all its works by the British people existed on this scale and intensity. The results of polls such as those mentioned are published and then disappear without trace. Those opposed to immigration and the multiculturalisation of Britain, ie the bulk of the population of the country, continue to be treated like pariahs or freaks by an almost totally unrepresentative left-liberal media and political class.

Their Racial Background Drives the Politics of our Leaders

The debate so far centres around economic matters.  There is still no discussion of the wrecking of the community, cultural and religious fabric of this country and the foreseeable serious racial and religious conflicts likely to be in store for it in the future.  For example, when asked to comment on the latest Sky Poll, Nigel Farage of UKIP merely said that ‘immigration levels in Britain had been too high for the past 15 years’ and there were currently “too many people coming into the country for too few jobs”. But ethnicity issues are fundamental to the discussion, not economics, although these are every important. And that includes the attitudes of our ‘anti-racist’ leadership

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson , who celebrates the ‘diversity’ of the erstwhile Capital City of the British, unwittingly gives us an insight into the real reason as to why he is quite happy for multitudes of immigrants by virtue of their sheer numbers to destroy the character of this country for its native people. It is because, he tells us, he is the descendent of Turkish immigrants. In short, he is in favour of dispossessing the British people because it chimes with his own personal family circumstances. In other words his politics are founded on selfishness and narcissism.

Nick Clegg

Johnson is not alone in this among the political leaders of this country. Nick Clegg is half Russian on his father’s side and Dutch on his mother’s. He speaks Dutch fluently and quite likely spoke it at home rather than English, at least at times. He is married to a Spanish woman. With a background like that,  The surprise would be if he had not been keen to strip the native British of the homeland of their ancestors.  After all, if more people in Britain were strangers to it like himself, he personally would feel less of an outsider here, wouldn’t he?  In Clegg we see a true deracinated cosmopolitan who is careless of the rights and feelings of those he lives amongst whilst on the surface defending them. Walking, talking selfishness indeed, masquerading as moral nobility. Clegg thinks that there isn’t a racist bone in his body. He doesn’t know himself. His whole politics are based on a desire to destroy the English as a people.

David Cameron

Then there is David Cameron.  If Boris Johnston can boast of his immigrant Turkish roots, Cameron can equally as well boast of his immigrant Jewish ones, which are very important in the family (Cameron’s middle name is Levita, the surname of a Jewish forebear). His family had intimate connections over generations with such strongly Jewish firms as Panmure Gordon, Stockbrokers, the Estate Agents John D Woods and the Bankers, Rothschilds.  His mother-in-law married into the Jewish Astor family when she divorced his wife’s father. What has been said about Boris Johnston and Nick Clegg equally applies to Cameron.

Ed Miliband

Nothing much further need be said about Ed Miliband, the son of  an immigrant Belgian Jew of Polish origins, whose background and attitudes speak for themselves.  If ever an individual demonstrated a drive to defend his own ethnic interests at the expense of those of others, it is he.

Not being willing to admit that one is in favour of immigration does not mean that it will not continue. And it is continuing, despite the Coalition’s apparent desire to cut down on the benefits which immigrants can too easily access. Romanians and Bulgarians are going to arrive in hordes very soon and only leaving the EU will stop such movements. Muslims will continue to import spouses from the Indian sub-continent and elsewhere.

Racism is only racism when it is the people of the country try to defend their ethnic interests, not when their ‘leaders’ defend theirs.


21 thoughts on “Mass Immigration, Public Opinion and the ‘Racism’ of Johnson, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband

  1. A lot of that ‘if it were not for the violence’ stuff is duplicitous. They know it’s not the case most of them except to a miniscule level provoked by the left and that has tailed off.

    It’s an alibi for doing nothing and hoping someone else will.

    The press does the violence tale and the population eagerly seizes upon it to excuse themselves..

  2. Searchlight is not a “far-left” organization – it is Zionist. Yes it started out as “far-left” but has been Zionist for at least the last twenty five years! This is also the reason why some far-left outfits will not work with it as they equate Zionism with “racism”.

  3. Yes, that is right Jim. Gerry Gable of Searchlight is a contemptible hypocrite. He is against ‘racism’ ie awareness of ethnicity on the part of the British people but fully in favour of it when it concerns Jewish Israelis and he is on record as saying he is “very proud” that his son served (or is still serving?) in the Israeli Defence Forces and thus helping to repress non-Jews in Israel.

    1. Perhaps the greatest injustice of the last decades is the fact that if any group which is anything but white organises to advance its interest this is applauded. But if white people do the same they are ‘racists’.

      The double standard is glaring. How do they get away with it?

  4. Just looked at Newsnight and heard someone from The Times say that on all the big issues of the last decade like immigration the right was right!

  5. Here’s Farage on immigration. Judge for yourselves whether he answers preventing our destruction as a people.

    At 58.12 on.

    When people come up with this seductive line about importing the ‘brightest and best’ my answer is that if they are so clever they’ll take our country off us all the faster!

    And who would anyone think that they would wish to integrate when they can take the lot and retain their own identity? There is a sneaky claim hidden in there that clever people are keen integrators. It’s all meretricious trash.

  6. Farage supports balanced migration or net migration. This is sneaky. As far as he’s concerned, if the entire indigenous British population left, he’d be perfectly happy for us to be replaced by Africans. In other words, the British people mean nothing to him, we are simply a passport.
    There is something deeply wrong with our politicians. They are like a mother who ignores her own children in favour of others.

    It’s very disturbing to see and, were a mother to do that, people would rightly suggest she is neglecting and emotionally abusing those children.

    Without any doubt, they are poisonous abusive traitors to our nation and our people.

    1. Yes, UKIP supports this which proves beyond any doubt that it is just a Thatcherite anti-EU Tory Party and NOT nationalist in anyway at all. Their definition of Britishness is purely a civic passport one and means in Farage’s eyes we can all go hang. It is high time this media-puffed ‘bubble’ party was taken down a leg or two. It is up to us in the BDP to achieve that.

      Yes, what sort of mother or father would place other people’s children ahead of their own? A true nation is like a large extended family.

  7. It’s very noticeable that these ‘leaders’ vie in being as ‘immigrant’ as possible, not in being English or British.

    It just shows whose opinion they value more. They think they can take the native British for granted because this majority have ‘nowhere else to go’. What a travesty of democracy this demonstrates.

    They are beginning to find put that the patience of the British is not unlimited.

  8. I read somewhere Boris is the most popular politician in Britain today with over a fifty percentile response. Perhaps they never heard his pro-immigration invective directed against them.

    Either way its a non-story to most intelligent folk. Politicians lie not only when their lips move but in thought as well. So immigration is, as far as they are concerned, a fait accompli. And any talk just hot air.

    Plus any party with the slightest hint of national pride will be denounced by the media – of all stripes. That is certain.

    1. Exactly what Johnson said recently! Immigration was ‘something which had happened’.

      He’s now proclaiming himself as a descendant of Muslims.

  9. If Cameron lets in untold hundreds of thousands more Romanians and Bulgarians into this country come next year, at least one good thing will come out of it: The Tory party will be finished for good and all, opening the way to a massive shift to the right in Parliament

  10. (Party Member) Exactly Vita Brevis. The unholy alliance of ‘liberal types’ and international Marxists that run the LibLabCon HAVE FINALLY OVEREACHED THEMSELVES and OUR TIME HAS COME. The Romania / Bulgaria situation will be ‘The Straw That Breaks The Camels Back’. All the opinion polls show people believe this country has reached SATURATION POINT AND MASS IMMIGRATION WAS A MISTAKE. They also fear the proposed inclusion of the Turks into the disaster that is modern day Britain.

  11. (Party Member) Never in our history have so few been given credibility by so many. Reject the LibLabConKip and join the decent, patriotic British Democratic Party today!

  12. I see Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun today is questioning whether Question Time in Boston last week had a rigged audience supporting immigration.

    Of course it did! It always does. Funny how the mainstream media has only just noticed eh…..

  13. (Party Member) Sure they always knew but this is just more evidence of the media ‘changing their tune’. Things are moving our way at last and the coherent and dignified British Democratic Party approach will see us well-placed to be the very successful future of decent British Nationalism.

  14. (Party Member) You can smell the fear coming from 10 Downing Street and Conservative Central Office. Panic measures, in response to overwhelming public opinion, have been announced regarding IMMIGRATION. There is no need for anyone to discuss the measures announced regarding the ‘eastern Europeans’ as David Cameron , as well as the British Democratic Party, KNOWS the European Union will not let him implement them! However, claiming he ‘tried’ will not work as this highlights the power of the E.U. He is definitely ‘in between a rock and a hard place’ and, as predicted, the Romania/Bulgaria situation will be ‘the straw that breaks the camels back’. As the multi-cultural Utopia breaks apart the only other question is will it break up Cameron’s liberally-type Tory Party as well?

  15. (Party Member) Our Party is committed to ENDING ALL IMMIGRATION. As Britain’s multi-cultural nightmare has continued over recent years, British people have been fleeing our shores in desperation.

    As we start putting things right by making our country a decent place to live in and bring up a family, I hope we also adopt the policy of financial incentives for returnee Britons. Remember these people are as much victims of the LibLabCon’s multi-cultural disaster as those of us who have stayed!

  16. (Party Member) The ghastly story of Political Correctness and despicable behaviour by some immigrants, is now (27/8/2014) upon us regarding Labour’s ROTHERHAM. I hope there is a good old fashioned ‘ witch hunt ‘ for people who over the years, covered up the awful goings on for POLITICALLY CORRECT REASONS. They should all be prosecuted for their crimes. This story will continue for maybe years and is a SAD INDICTMENT OF SICK BRITAIN.

  17. (Party Member) The multi-cultural LABOUR PARTY Police Commissioner for South Yorkshire has resigned from his ghastly party. He was in charge of childrens services from 2005 to 2010 in Rotherham where, according to a report on child abuse, 1400 children were sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013. With mainly Pakistani men involved it DID NOT SUIT THE MARXISTS IN THE LABOUR PARTY to deal with this problem. Hence the appalling story.

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