More Marxist Watch As Comrade Corbyn’s National Executive Committee Hide The Truth

by Anglo Saxon

The comrades on Comrade Corbyn’s National Executive Committee have defeated adopting the slogan ‘The Tories Are The Real Extremists’ and decided against it, according to the Telegraph, so called newspaper!

The reason was they feared it would raise awareness of Jeremy’s friendship with the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah, all of whom he has previously declared to be his friends.

Although two of the three groups hate Jewish people and the State of Israel, I wondered what they all had in common that attracted Jeremy to them. Then it came to me, they all hate the British and our Christian,  democratic way of life.

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  1. Corbyn McDonnell and that Ape that Corbyn used to go out with are a dangerous bunch who cannot be allowed anywhere near Government the Tories Lib Dems UKIP SNP and the Greens must all must got rid of

  2. unite now get rid of the Lib Lab Con Green SNP UKIP trash We don’t need to keep voting in criminals who then steal from us and our Children there must be a movement to get rid of the above Parties

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