Marine Le Pen surges ahead in French polls

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According to an Opinionway poll released today, Marine Le Pen will get 26 per cent of the first round vote, compared with Emmanuel Macron on 23 per cent and Francois Fillon on 21 per cent.

Marine Le Pen would however be likely to lose in a second run off against either of the other two front runners. It is thought Macron would secure 61 per cent in the second round, with Fillon securing 58 per cent support.

The French establishment are however up to their dirty tricks by bringing what appears to be politically motivated charges against Marine Le Pen and her Chief of Staff and bodyguard, just before the elections.

The charges relate to an enquiry into fake jobs at the European Parliament that could see Ms Le Pen jailed for ten years.  Catherine Griset, her Chief of Staff, was arrested on Wednesday along with Thierry Legier, Ms Le Pen’s bodyguard, who is nicknamed ‘The Gorilla’.

Marine Le Pen, who denies all allegations, immediately said the move was part of a ‘political dirty tricks’ campaign involving a corrupt judiciary and media.

Geert Wilders political campaigning in the Netherlands was also interrupted by government charges of inciting racial hatred being brought against him.  Additionally, one of his security officers detailed to his protection, by the Dutch police, was found to be a security risk leaking information as to Wilder’s whereabouts.

The British Democrats wish both Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders the best of luck in the forthcoming elections and hope they are both able to beat the political motivated obstructions being thrown at them by their respective governments and political opponents.

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  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) There has always been something refreshing about the open and honest swashbuckling style of the Front National and its ‘ first French Family , the Le Penn’s. Right from the beginning , they have had a CLASSLESS APPEAL that sends a shudder of apprehension through the establishment parties in France . Just as in Britain , these Parties controle their sections of the Media and indeed narrow parts of society. They will do anything to maintain the status quo that gives them their power bases and to hell with the Nation. Good Luck indeed to the Front National , who truly want the best for France and the French People. WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON.

  2. Well said John Shaw. We wish the FN all the very best.

    The second round allows the Leftwingers to vote for the ”centreground” candidate, thus making a mockery of the democratic process. You are supposed to vote for who you want to win. The anti French block vote will be a great convenience for the establishment.

    Though the second round is effectively anti democracy and a con, the dignified patriotic voters of FN will not take to the streets attacking people, damaging property and rioting… that is what the selfish spoilt brats of the libtard Left engage in when they don’t get their way. The FN will march on and the truth will prevail as it will in all our nations.

  3. The result should stand from the first round. Marine le Pen is the only chance of real change. The rest are all the same, puppets like Hollande and Sarkoszy before him. I was in Paris last year, such a beautiful city with many fine buldings, shame that it’s being taken over by the muslims and afros. If they are not repatriated, they will turn lovely Paris into a slum.

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) What really upsets me is the way the E.U.SUPERSTATE have positioned themselves to PERSECUTE HER IN THE COURTS . They have also done this against the Conservative type Candidate. Soon it will be against the law to stand in elections if you are not a demented type of LEFTY or some sort of twisted Liberal attitude creature.

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