London Regional Meeting – Thursday 30th May

bdp-london-meet-30.05.13There will be a meeting in London on Thursday 30th May at 7.30 pm.

Contact Julian Leppert on 07929 294578 for more information.

6 thoughts on “London Regional Meeting – Thursday 30th May

  1. Great to see our Capital City organising a meeting good luck and please all of you Patriots who view this website spread the word. The horrific events of the past week has validated the BDP message “NO SURRENDER”.to murdering Islamic scum.

  2. having just joined,i am full of optimism for our new party.recent events have blown away the myth of multi racial Britain.our commonsense approach ,without idiots and baggage,will see us build the british democratic party in to a stable,respected and indeed successful party. great to hear of the London meeting.onwards and upwards.

  3. Something drastic needs to be done in London following the appalling results obtained by what remains of the BNP – these must be the worst ever results ever for nationalism in London. Good luck to London Brit Dems.

  4. The BNP package is dead,and a new democratic nationalist party must start to fill those shoes. Lets get a facebook page/twitter if we have not already as social networking is the way forward.I am looking at joining but would like to know how we are in Kent as we need to tackle farage and his illusions of a united party.He is the same as griffin a dictator.

  5. To fellow Patriot Graeme above, worrying about how many there are of us in Kent. Send for an information pack and see the common sense of the constitution which is designed to avoid dictators. Also the superb policy document that was included. I resigned my membership of the old party after just under ten years. I was in total despair about how things were run. I joined the British Democratic Party and I am now very pleased and proud to be a hard working early member.

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